The Meaning Of The Name Vadim (Vadik)

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The Meaning Of The Name Vadim (Vadik)
The Meaning Of The Name Vadim (Vadik)

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The short form of the name is Vadim. Vadik, Vadya, Vadimka, Dima, Vadimchik, Vadyusha, Vadimko, Vadimonko, Vadimochko, Vadko, Vadko.

Synonyms for the name Vadim. Wajim.

The origin of the name Vadim. The name Vadim is Russian, Slavic, Jewish, Orthodox.

The name Vadim has two versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Vadim refers to the ancient Aryan combination "sowing confusion", "to argue".

According to the second version, the name Vadim is of ancient Slavic origin. According to one opinion, this name was formed from two roots of the Old Slavic language. The first root is “vadit”, which means “to attract, attract, call,” the other is “ima, imati”, meaning “to have, to have”. It turns out that the name Vadim can be translated as “attractive, beloved, calling”. There is also a version of the interpretation of the Slavic "vadit" as "to argue; tame ", so the name Vadim is often translated in the meaning of" disputant, troublemaker. " According to the second opinion, the name Vadim comes from the word "volod", which is interpreted in the meaning of "ruler".

They also believe that the name Vadim is an abbreviated form of the name Vadimir, meaning "to sow confusion, to argue." The name sounds like the word "water", which happens in completely different states: calm or storm, calm lake or mountain river.

Vadim's behavior can be compared to water. This man can be completely different: he suddenly flares up, then instantly calms down. At the same time, Vadim does not remember offenses, he is quick-witted and not vindictive, all the stresses and emotions do not linger in him - everything is carried away like water. This is a very useful quality for Vadim - it is easy for him to establish relations in a new team, he is friendly and far from conflict.

It is typical for Vadim to root for the business he took on. He will make every effort to reach a successful conclusion. He is hampered by only one flaw - a lack of ambition and lack of obsession, which allow other people to achieve great success.

Vadim likes to speak the truth in the face, he is straightforward. And this is not from the desire to offend or deliberately offend someone, but only because he believes that it is better to be honest than to constantly dodge and change his point of view.

Vadim is a mysterious and secretive person. It is difficult to understand what he really thinks, and it is almost impossible to limit his freedom. Over the years, Vadim somewhat loses his masculinity, but gains stability and a tendency to permanence.

Vadim makes decisions very quickly and gets down to business no less quickly. He persistently goes to the intended goal, works until he gets what he wants. Vadim cannot be called a windbag. Everything that this person says and does is first thought about for a long time. Vadim is prudent and cunning enough, capable of taking risks.

Vadim is very sociable, able to infect others with his cheerfulness. He can be attributed to those men who do not miss a single skirt. A man is not at all shy about his desires. For friends, Vadim always remains gentle and caring, with women he is passionate and sometimes immodest. He's very good at understanding people.

Vadim is a fatalist by nature. It contains a large amount of internal energy, which finds a way out in restless behavior. At the same time, the man is very smart and resourceful. The ability to think one step ahead helps him achieve what others may not be able to do.

Vadim does not torment himself with arguments about good and evil or the meaning of his existence. He is more concerned with momentary problems. Vadim is always ready to help loved ones, generous with good deeds. All his life in the foreground for him will be the relationship with his parents, whom he values ​​very much. This is an active person, not indifferent to someone else's grief.

The woman whom Vadim chooses to be his spouse should not only have a pleasant appearance and a slender figure, but also have a lot of life experience. However, Vadim cannot find a life partner for a long time. Even in those moments when it seems to him that he is facing exactly the girl whom he would like to see as his wife, at one moment he is able to get carried away by another. True, if Vadim really falls in love, then he will not look at others.

Vadim is a gambler by nature, he loves risk. Often among his hobbies are cards, roulette and other gambling. A good treat gives him no less pleasure.

For a long time Vadim cannot choose a profession that would be to his liking. The qualities of this man allow him to become a good leader. He does not forget about his employees and is obligatory in business. If Vadim promised to do something, then he will definitely bring this matter to the end. This man can be entrusted with even the most important tasks, since it is not typical for him to commit unreasoned actions or give out someone's secrets. Vadim's sociability opens up new useful contacts for him, and perseverance allows him to achieve what is necessary.

Vadim's birthday

Vadim celebrates his name day on April 22.

Famous people named Vadim

  • Vadim the Persian ((IV century - 376) archimandrite, Christian saint, venerated as a martyr)
  • Vadim the Brave, Vadim Novgorodsky, Vadim Khorobry ((died 864) the leader of the Novgorodians who rebelled in 864 against Prince Rurik)
  • Roger Vadim ((1928 - 2000) real name - Roger Vladimir Plemyannikov; French film director, screenwriter, actor and producer of Russian origin)
  • Vadim Abdrashitov ((born 1945) Soviet and Russian film director, People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1992))
  • Vadim Delone ((1947 - 1983) Russian poet, writer, teacher, dissident, member of the human rights movement in the USSR (1947-1983))
  • Vadim Sinyavsky ((1906 - 1972) Soviet journalist, radio commentator, founder of the Soviet school of sports radio reporting)
  • Vadim Tonkov ((1932 - 2001) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, pop actor, member of the pop duet Veronika Mavrikievna and Avdotya Nikitichna (Veronika Mavrikievna), grandson of the architect F.O. Shekhtel)
  • Vadim Andreev ((born 1958) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor)
  • Vadim Samoilov ((born 1964) vocalist, guitarist, composer, poet, arranger, sound engineer, sound producer of the rock band Agatha Christie. Gleb Samoilov's older brother)
  • Vadim Zakharchenko ((1929 - 2007) Soviet and Russian actor, Honored Artist of Russia (1993))
  • Vadim Derbenev ((born 1934) Soviet and Russian director, cinematographer and screenwriter, Honored Artist of the Moldavian SSR (1962), People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1994), who worked at the Moldova Film studio and Mosfilm)
  • Vadim Evseev ((born 1976) Russian footballer, defender played for the Russian national team. Participant of the European Championship in 2004. Since December 2011 - Vice President of the football agency Prof-Sport Company, representing the interests of more than 100 Russian footballers.)
  • Vadim Kazachenko ((born 1963) pop artist, singer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2011))
  • Vadim Perelman ((born 1963) American film director of Ukrainian descent)
  • Vadim Palmov ((born 1962) Russian pianist)
  • Vadim Nabokov ((born 1964) Russian and Ukrainian artist, clown, member of the comic-trio "Shop Fu", was a member of the comic troupe "Masks Show". His most memorable image is the Sailor from the Village of Fools)
  • Vadim Kukushkin ((born 1956) Russian scientist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 2006 in the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science. Specialist in the field of reactivity of coordination compounds and organic synthesis with the participation of metal complexes. One of the most cited Russian scientists-chemists)
  • Vadim Osadchiy ((born 1971) Russian documentary filmmaker)
  • Vadim Gamaliya ((1935 - 1995) Russian Soviet composer, author of pop songs, as well as music for films and cartoons. Member of the Union of Composers of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Known as the author of several dozen songs, including the superhit of the 70s "Strict Corporal" (How good it is to be a general …), sung by Vadim Mulerman and Eduard Khil. V. Gamali's songs were performed by many popular singers of the Soviet and Russian stage: Iosif Kobzon, Lyudmila Zykina, Galina Nenasheva, Nina Brodskaya, Gelena Velikanova, Aida Vedishcheva, Vakhtang Likabid Levidzeva, Yuri Gulyaev, Yuri Bogatikov, Raisa Nemenova, Anna German, Olga Voronets, Vladimir Makarov, Valentina Tolkunova, Edita Piekha, vocal quartet "Accord", Yuri Nikulin, Irina Otieva, etc. Vadim Gamaliya - author of music for films and cartoons, among which - cartoon "Mitten" (directed by Roman Kachanov),won awards at several film festivals. Collaborated with the "Earthlings" group.)
  • Vadim Sayutin ((born 1970) Russian and Kazakh athlete. Champion of Russia in the classic all-around 1995, member of the Olympic speed skating team of the united team of the republics of the former USSR at the 1992 Winter Olympics, as well as the Russian team at the Olympic Games (1994, 1998, 2002 Bronze medalist of the European Championship in classical all-around 1998, silver medalist of the 1999 World Championship in classic all-around, bronze medalist of the 2001 World Championship at a distance of 10,000 meters.At the end of his sports career, he began to work as a coach. in Vancouver, appointed as the head coach of the Kazakhstani speed skating team.)
  • Vadim Brodsky (Soviet violinist. Pupil of David Oistrakh. First prize winner of all international competitions in which he took part, in particular the Wieniawski Competition in 1977 (Poland), the Paganini Competition in 1984 (Italy), Tibor Varga in 1984 (Switzerland)). Since 1981 he lived in Poland, since 1985 - in Rome. He is one of the few violinists in the world who played the Guarneri del Gesù violin by Nicolo Paganini (1998). Vadim Brodsky performed with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Mexican National Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Swiss Orchestra in Geneva, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Seville Symphony Orchestra,The Roman Radio Orchestra at the Vatican.)
  • Vadim "Dess" Sergeev ((born 1968) Russian musician and sound engineer; works in the field of studio sound engineering, specializing in studio recording of non-academic music, mixing, mastering)
  • Vadim Borisovsky ((1900 - 1972) Russian Soviet performer on viola and viola d'amour, teacher, professor of the Moscow Conservatory. People's Artist of the RSFSR. Stalin Prize (1946).)
  • Vadim Bochanov ((born 1958) Russian theater and film actor, screenwriter)
  • Vadim Vasiliev ((born 1972) former Azerbaijani footballer, national team player, striker)
  • Vadim Galygin ((born 1976) is an actor, an artist of the spoken genre, performs in the Comedy Club program on TNT TV channel, was a producer and host of the Very Russian TV program on STS TV channel. Stage name - Vadik Rambo Galygin. Previously participated in KVN, worked on Belarusian television. Actor and author in the third generation.)
  • Vadim Nikolsky ((1886/1883 - 1938/1941) Russian and Soviet engineer, popularizer of science, Russian Soviet science fiction writer)
  • Vadim Yepanchintsev ((born 1976) former Russian hockey player, forward. Trainee of Orsk hockey. Currently acting head coach of the Atlanta club, playing in the MHL.)
  • Vadim Kozovoy ((1937 - 1999) Russian poet, essayist, translator and interpreter of French poetry of the 19th-20th centuries. He wrote in Russian and French.)
  • Vadim Karlinsky ((born 1966) player of the TV program "What? Where? When?")
  • Vadim Mesyats ((born 1964) prose writer, poet, translator, head of the publishing project "Russian Gulliver")
  • Vadim Mass ((1919 - 1986) Soviet, Russian and Latvian cameraman and film director)
  • Vadim Ruble ((born 1966) Ukrainian scientist, historian, specialist in the history of Japan, civilizations of the Classical East and Pre-Columbian America, political history of the Far East. Doctor of Historical Sciences (1999), Professor (2002). Author of scientific publications in the field of Japanese studies, Korean Studies, Chinese Studies, Arabic Studies, African Studies, Amerindology (Indian Studies). Author of a new transcription system for writing Japanese words in Ukrainian Cyrillic.)
  • Vadim Shipunov ((born 1953) heraldist artist from the city of Mariinsky Posad of the Chuvash Republic. Honored Worker of Culture of the Chuvash Republic (2004). After graduating from the Cheboksary Art School and military service in 1973, since 1975 he worked in the culture department of the Mariinsky Administration. Posad district as a senior artist of the design workshop, he was engaged in wall painting of interiors until 1990. Then he became interested in the development of symbols of Chuvashia and other regions of the Russian Federation. Holder of titles and awards: heraldic title "Full member of the All-Russian Heraldic Society" (1999), gold medal “For contribution to the heritage of the peoples of Russia” (2002), “Honored cultural worker of the Chuvash Republic” (2004).More than 30 coats of arms developed by Shipunov passed the state examination at the federal level and were highly appreciated by the heraldry community, including the Chief Heraldry Master of Russia G.V. Vilinbakhov - Chairman of the Heraldic Council under the President of the Russian Federation. Although earlier many cities had and still have their own coats of arms, they, as a rule, do not comply with the strict centuries-old international and federal Russian heraldic rules and norms and often contradict them.)do not comply with the strict centuries-old international and federal Russian heraldic rules and norms and often contradict them.)do not comply with the strict centuries-old international and federal Russian heraldic rules and norms and often contradict them.)
  • Vadim Pchelkin ((born 1972) Russian choir conductor, teacher. In 1992 he founded the Choir of Boys and Young Men of St. Petersburg, which he directs to the present. In May 1997, the choir won the "Grand Prix" at the open choral competition of choral groups in Petersburg. The ensemble recorded several CDs, toured Holland, Switzerland, France, Germany. In 2007-2008 - conductor of the State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg.)
  • Vadim Sivkov ((1925 - 1944) participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union, tank commander of the 212nd separate tank regiment of the 4th Guards Mechanized Corps, 3rd Ukrainian Front, military rank - junior lieutenant)
  • Vadim Chernobrov ((born 1965) coordinator of the International Movement and the All-Russian Public Research Association (UNIO) "Cosmopoisk", cryptobiologist, speleologist, futurologist, ufologist, writer, researcher of anomalous phenomena)
  • Vadim Virny ((born 1965) Soviet and German checkers player (specialization - international drafts). International grandmaster. European champion (1983), vice world champion (1984) in international drafts. Three-time (officially - two-time) world champion in the national team USSR (1985), Zonal Team World Cup (1985), Olympiad among national teams (1986), Team World Championship (1989)).)
  • Vadim Levin ((born 1933) is a well-known children's poet, teacher, candidate of psychological sciences, a member of the Moscow Writers' Union, co-author of the modern "Primer" (the system of D.B. Elkonin - V.V. Davydov) and textbooks on the Russian language, author of numerous books on pedagogy.Scope of professional interests: developmental psychology, pedagogy, methods of forming bilingualism, methods of forming artistic perception of literature.)

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