The Meaning Of The Name Valery (Valera)

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The Meaning Of The Name Valery (Valera)
The Meaning Of The Name Valery (Valera)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Valery (Valera)
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The short form of the name Valery. Valera, Lera, Valya, Val, Valek, Valyukha, Valyusha, Valechka, Lerunya, Lerusya, Lerukha, Lerush, Vaka, Valyunya, Valyusya.

Synonyms for the name Valery. Valerian, Valerian, Averyan, Valerie, Valerius, Valerius, Valerio, Valerios.

The origin of the name Valery. The name Valery is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Valery is a form of the Latin name Valerian, meaning "vigorous", "strong." The name Valery has various interpretations, more details about which can be found in the description of the female form of this name, the name of Valery. Diminutive-affectionate words Valya and Lera are also independent names.

Valery is incredibly swift in his actions. He commits bold, sometimes even desperate actions. Communicating with him may not seem easy. Sometimes this man becomes caustic, like nettles.

In business, Valery persistently goes to the goal, not being afraid of the obstacles that arise. This man is proud, painfully transfers barbs to himself, especially from women. With all this, he is extremely attached to the family, it is unthinkable for him to cheat on his wife.

As a child, Valera was a cheerleader and a mischievous person. His agile mind quickly comes up with new pranks, and his organizational skills make him a leader in the company of boys. Pranks, an abundance of outdoor games in the life of little Valera bring a lot of excitement to his parents. Valera does not always obey his parents; self-education plays an important role in his life. Activity and sharpness are somewhat weakened over the years, but people still gravitate towards this man.

Valery has a rather strong psyche. He is able to easily get to know each other, not burdened by an abundance of complexes. An active life, requiring continuous action, for Valery is the norm, without which it may not be easy for him. It is important for Valery to feel needed, to give advice, to participate in all matters. In any society, a man must definitely please everyone, be recognized. There is some recklessness in Valera's actions.

Valery is characterized by an unshakable faith in the highest justice. He is uncompromising, loyal to friends, and has a hard time being deceived by other people. The man is optimistic and pleasant in conversation, but rather sharp on the tongue and in a quarrel may seem overly harsh.

In choosing a life friend, Valery is very scrupulous. He may not marry for a long time, but at the same time have many fans. He is attuned to pleasant communication with the opposite sex. Valery is a real connoisseur of women, loves relaxed beauties with a slender figure and attractive breasts. Sometimes he gets into difficult situations, but gets out of them thanks to a good sense of humor. Valery knows how to look after beautifully and easily makes women fall in love with him.

By nature, Valery is monogamous. Having met a deeply decent and spiritually developed woman, a man marries her and becomes an example of a spouse. He is faithful to his wife, attached to her, loves children dearly. On the other hand, he expects sincere attention to himself.

Valera's hobbies are greatly influenced by the fact that by nature he is a homebody. Therefore, collecting and reading most often becomes this man's hobby. However, he does not mind helping his wife with shopping and going to the market, as well as helping in the dacha economy.

The choice of profession determines Valera and his further success. Although optimism and energy will equally help Valera in any area, it is very important that the chosen profession be liked by the man. Valery is not devoid of acting skills, and can also be a good fashion designer or architect. This man can also achieve success in business.

Valery's birthday

Valery celebrates his name day on March 22, May 6, November 7, November 20.

Famous people named Valery

  • Valery Brumel ((1942 - 2003) legendary Soviet athlete (high jump), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1961). Olympic champion (1964), silver medalist of the Olympic Games (1960). European champion (1962, 2.16 m) Champion of the USSR (1961-1963). Set 6 world records (the last in 1963). More often than Brumel, none of the men did not set world records in high jumping. In 1961-1963 he was recognized as the best athlete in the world. For sporting success he was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner (1964). In 1962 awarded the "Helms Prize" and "Columbus's Golden Caravel." On October 3, 1965, he was in a car accident and suffered a complex leg fracture. He underwent 29 operations, then began to train again. In 1970 he jumped 2, 09 m.)
  • Valery Chkalov ((1904 - 1938) Soviet test pilot, brigade commander, Hero of the Soviet Union. Commander of the plane that made the first non-stop flight across the North Pole from Moscow to Vancouver (Washington, USA) in 1937.)
  • Valery Kharlamov ((1948 - 1981) an outstanding Soviet hockey player, forward of the CSKA team (1967-1981) and the USSR national team (1969-1980), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1969). 2-time Olympic champion (1972, 1976) and 8- multiple world champion. The best hockey player of the USSR (1972, 1973). One of the leading hockey players of the USSR in the 1970s, who gained recognition both in his country and abroad.)
  • Valery Bryusov ((1873 - 1924) Russian poet, prose writer, playwright, translator, literary critic, literary critic and historian. One of the founders of Russian Symbolism.)
  • Guy Valery Flaccus (ancient Roman politician, poet)
  • Valery Todorovsky ((born 1962) Russian producer, screenwriter and director. Son of film director Pyotr Todorovsky.)
  • Valery Nikolaev ((born 1965) Russian theater and film actor, director)
  • Valery Lobanovskiy ((1939 - 2002) Soviet footballer, outstanding Soviet and Ukrainian football coach. Long-term mentor of Dynamo Kiev, at the head of which he twice won the Cup Winners' Cup. Three times was the mentor of the USSR national team, with which he became vice-champion of Europe in 1988. Head coach of the Ukrainian national team in 2000-2001. Master of Sports of the USSR (1960). Honored Trainer of the USSR (1975). Cavalier of the Soviet Orders "Badge of Honor" (1971) and the Red Banner of Labor (1987). Cavalier of the Order of Ukraine "For Merit" II degree. Hero of Ukraine (2002, posthumously). Cavalier of the UEFA Ruby Order of Merit (2002).)
  • Valery Leontiev ((born 1949) Soviet and Russian singer, actor. Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1987), People's Artist of Russia (1996), winner of the World Music Awards, ZD Awards, Ovation, Golden Gramophone ", Practically the permanent winner of the nominations" singer of the year "and" show of the year "for 1980-2001 in Russian music ratings of that time. Has recorded more than 20 albums, many of which sold in millions of copies. In the press, Valery Leontyev is called" megastar of the Soviet stage ", "The legend of Russian stage," the music critic of India in the late 1980s called the singer the Russian Michael Jackson.)
  • Valery Obodzinsky ((1942 - 1997) popular Soviet pop singer, tenor. Honored Artist of the Mari Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1973). In 1960-1970s - a popular pop singer in the USSR. First performer of the songs "These eyes are opposite", "Oriental song", "Something Happened", "Witchcraft", "Organ Plays", "Eternal Spring", "Mirage", "Unsent Letter", "Your Day" and others.)
  • Valery Popenchenko ((1937 - 1975) Soviet boxer, champion of the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, two-time European champion, seven-time champion of the USSR. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1964). The only Soviet boxer - winner of the Val Barker Cup.)
  • Valery Borzov ((born 1949) an outstanding Soviet athlete - sprinter, statesman and public figure of Ukraine. President of the Ukrainian Athletics Federation, member of the IOC, vice president and member of the executive committee of the NOC of Ukraine.)
  • Valery Gazzaev ((born 1954) Soviet footballer (striker) and Russian football coach. Master of Sports of International Class (1980). Honored Coach of the USSR (1990). "Coach of the Year" according to UEFA (2004-2005).)
  • Valery Zolotukhin ((born 1941) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Artistic Director of the Taganka Theater.)
  • Valery Syutkin ((born 1958) Russian singer and musician, songwriter for the rock and roll group Bravo. Honored Artist of Russia (2008), artistic director of the pop department of the Moscow State University for the Humanities named after M. A. Sholokhov.)
  • Valery Kubasov ((born 1935) pilot-cosmonaut)
  • Valery Polyakov ((born 1942) pilot-cosmonaut)
  • Valery Fokin ((born 1946) Russian director, actor and teacher, chairman of the Commission on the creative heritage of V. E. Meyerhold (1988) and one of the founders of the Meyerhold Center. People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1996).)
  • Valery Kipelov ((born 1958) Soviet and Russian rock musician, singer and composer. Known as the vocalist of the rock group "Aria" for 17 years - from 1985 to 2002. Since 2002 he has headed his own group "Kipelov".)
  • Valery Nosik ((1940 - 1995) Soviet theater and film actor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.)
  • Valery Gergiev ((born 1953) Soviet and Russian conductor. Artistic director of the Mariinsky Theater, chief conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra. People's Artist of Russia (1996) and Ukraine (2003). Winner of two State Prizes of Russia (1993, 1998). Since 1996 - Artistic Director of the Mariinsky Theater; since 2002 - Artistic Director of the Moscow Easter Festival)
  • Valery Kukhareshin ((born 1957) Soviet and Russian theater, film and dubbing actor. Honored Artist of Russia (1995), People's Artist of Russia (2005).)
  • Valery Meladze ((born 1965) real name - Valerian; Russian pop singer, winner of numerous music awards)

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