The Meaning Of The Name Victor (Vitya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Victor (Vitya)
The Meaning Of The Name Victor (Vitya)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Victor (Vitya)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Victor (Vitya)
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The short form of the name is Victor. Vitya, Vityasya, Vitasik, Vik, Viko, Vityaha, Vityasha, Vityosha, Vityulya, Vityunya, Vityusya, Vita, Vityukha, Vityusha, Visha, Vishuta, Vika, Viktorka, Torya, Tora, Viktusya.

Synonyms for the name Victor. Victorin, Victorino, Vittorio, Vitur, Vihtor, Guitir, Viktoras.

The origin of the name Victor. The name Victor is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Victor, translated from Latin, means "winner". Several Roman cognomen (eg Victorinus, Victorianus) originated from the word "victor". Related names were also formed from them. These are the female names Victoria and Quiz, as well as the male name Quiz. Many of them were later included in the Orthodox and Catholic calendar.

Diminutive-affectionate expressions Vita and Torah are also independent names.

As a child, Victor is attracted by adventures and adventures. He is able to go on a hike with his best friend immediately after deciding to act, without even collecting everything necessary. But over time, he will become more realistic to look at the world around him, although the craving for adventure and everything new will remain forever. Victor has such qualities as patience, slowness, the ability to diligently do difficult and monotonous work.

Victor is unforgiving and very upset if he finds out about the deception. For a long time he will appeal to the conscience and prudence of the offender. But for his family and friends, he will stand up as a mountain, preferring their interests to his own.

Victor loves work related to something concrete and tangible. Being a salesperson is not his choice. But to produce furniture, clothes, cars, build roads, houses, grow vegetables and fruits - that's about him. Victor does not strive to be a leader, he is unlikely to be the first to offer something new, but he will always support someone who wants to introduce innovation into production.

Victor has a strong sense of duty, he is a good, but demanding, strict father. At home, he is an irreplaceable assistant, he will always help his wife, he will not forget about the mother-in-law and the test.

Victor's birthday

Victor celebrates his name day on January 21, January 30, February 13, March 3, March 7, March 23, March 30, April 2, April 28, May 1, May 2, June 1, July 19, September 2, September 8, September 15, September 29, October 10, October 21, November 11, November 19, November 22, November 24, November 29, December 8, December 31.

Famous people named Victor

  • Victor Hugo (eminent French romantic writer)
  • Viktor Vasnetsov (Russian artist, master of painting on historical and folklore subjects)
  • Victor of Damascus ((II century) - early Christian saint, martyr)
  • Victor Gusev (sports commentator)
  • Victor Dragunsky (writer)
  • Viktor Nekrasov (Russian writer)
  • Vittorio Alfieri ((1749 - 1803) Count, Italian poet and classicist playwright, "father of Italian tragedy")
  • Vittorio Brambilla ((1937 - 2001) Italian race car driver, participant of the Formula 1 World Championship)
  • Victor Goldschmidt (chemist and geologist, one of the founders of geochemistry and crystal chemistry)
  • Viktor Maygurov (Belarusian and Russian biathlete, Olympic champion)
  • Viktor Tsoi (leader and vocalist of the legendary rock band "Kino")
  • Viktor Korchnoi (Soviet, and today Swiss chess player, international grandmaster)
  • Victor Hess (Austro-American physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 1936)
  • Viktor Onopko (footballer, defender and midfielder)
  • Victor Erofeev (writer, author and presenter of the "Apocrypha" program on the "Culture" channel)
  • Victor Fleming (American filmmaker, author of the film "Gone with the Wind")
  • Viktor Sukhorukov (theater and film actor, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation)
  • Viktor Konetsky (Soviet Russian writer, screenwriter, sea captain)
  • Victorin Deryabin ((1875 - 1955) physiologist and psychiatrist, student and successor of I. P. Pavlov's work; published a number of works devoted to the psychophysiological problem)
  • Victor Avilov (theater and film actor)
  • Viktor Skornyakov (the first organizer of watch production in Penza)
  • Viktor Chernomyrdin (Soviet and Russian statesman)
  • Victor Borisov-Musatov (Russian painter)
  • Victor Pelevin (Russian writer)
  • Victor Astafiev (Soviet and Russian writer)
  • Victorin Strigel ((1514 - 1569) an outstanding Protestant theologian, student of Melanchthon)

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