The Meaning Of The Name Valdemar

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The Meaning Of The Name Valdemar
The Meaning Of The Name Valdemar

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Valdemar
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Synonyms for the name Waldemar. Vladimir, Valto, Wlodzimierz, Voldemar.

The origin of the name Valdemar. The name Waldemar is German, Catholic.

The name Waldemar (Voldemar) is an ancient Germanic male name. It is formed from two words: "waltan" ("to rule, rule") and "maren" ("famous, great"), therefore the name Valdemar is translated as "famous ruler". The name Waldemar is often considered the German equivalent of the name Vladimir, which means "who owns the world."

For the name Valdemar, Catholic name days will be indicated. Orthodox name days - see the name Vladimir.

The boy, named by this Valdemar, is mobile, but does not give his parents any special worries. The character is usually similar to the mother, but can also be a fighter. Valdemar takes gentleness and kindness from his father. At school, Waldemar is a good student, even excellent in some subjects. A boy born in the fall learns math and physics better, has a penchant for exact subjects.

Valdemar has a difficult character, very vulnerable. He strives to insist on his own, which is why he often quarrels with his father. There is some cunning in the character of the boy. Waldemar's life is full of surprises. Most of the problems Waldemar creates for himself. The man named by this name is a skeptic and pragmatist, although sometimes he is fond of the occult sciences or, having changed his name, devotes himself to the church.

After graduating from an institute in one specialty, Waldemar often works in another. Often becomes a generalist. Poorly tolerates other people's oppression, does not like to adapt, so the career goes slowly. A writer can leave the "summer" Waldemar because he has a well-developed intuition.

Waldemar is one-man. His chosen one can be very jealous, and divorce can be a hard blow. This man chooses a companion for a long time and gets married late enough. Often his wife is a woman with a child, with whom he creates a strong family. Valdemar gets along with people very hard, and it is also difficult for him to part. Valdemar is not sure of himself, although by nature he is a purposeful person.

Valdemar's birthday

Waldemar celebrates his name day on April 2, July 15, July 28.

Famous people named Valdemar

  • Waldemar I Birgersson ((late 30s of the XIII century - 1302) King of Sweden in 1250-75 from the Folkung dynasty)
  • Waldemar I the Great ((1131 - 1182) King of Denmark from 1157, King of Jutland and Duke of Schleswig in 1147 - 1157)
  • Waldemar ((1858 - 1939) Prince of Denmark, member of the Danish royal family, admiral of the fleet)
  • Valdemar II the Victorious ((1170 - 1241) king of Denmark from 1202, who strengthened the internal and external position of the country)
  • Waldemar Ferner ((1914 - 1982) military and political leader of the GDR. In 1959-1979, Head of the Main Political Directorate of the NPA, Admiral (1961) Brother of Paul Ferner.)
  • Waldemar Tomashevsky ((born 1965) political leader of Lithuania, leader of the Election Action of Poles in Lithuania)
  • Waldemar Schieber ((born 1927) German horn player and music teacher, representative of the Leipzig school)
  • Waldemar Poulsen ((1869 - 1942) Danish engineer, developed a method for magnetic recording on wire in 1899)
  • Waldemar Volin (Russian speed skater. Participant of the 1898 European Speed Skating Championship in Helsingfors (now Helsinki, Finland). Nikolai Kryukov and Waldemar Wolin became the first Russian speed skaters to take part in the European Championships.)
  • Waldemar Fiedrich ((born 1953) is better known by the nickname "Major", sometimes the surname is incorrectly spelled Friedrich; an independent Polish artist who was born and lived for a long time in Wroclaw, where he created a movement under the unofficial name "Orange Alternative". As the main political " weapons "Waldemar chose Happening, the total number of which in 2005 exceeded six dozen, but the most notable and significant event committed under his leadership is the Demonstration of the Dwarfs in 1987)
  • Waldemar von Gatzen ((born 1917) German officer, World War II veteran, major in the Wehrmacht, Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords (one of the two living knights of this degree))
  • Waldemar Zerpinski (outstanding East German marathon runner. Two-time Olympic champion in marathon. Bronze medalist of the first world championship with a score of 2:10:37. In 1976 and 1980 he was recognized as the athlete of the year in the GDR. At the 1976 Olympic marathon he set a new Olympic record 2: 09:55. In 1980, he won the second gold medal at the Olympic Games, winning the marathon distance with a result of 2:11:03. Together with the legendary Abebe Bikila, he is the owner of a unique achievement - the winner of the Olympic marathon in two games in a row.)
  • Waldemar Magunia ((1902 - 1974) activist of the NSDAP and SA. Over the years, he served as the head of the SA in East Prussia and the general commissioner of the Kiev district in the Reichskommissariat Ukraine.)
  • Waldemar Titgens ((1879 - 1917) German rower, champion of the 1900 Summer Olympics)
  • Waldemar Weber ((born 1944) poet, prose writer, translator, writes in Russian and German)
  • Waldemar Tofte ((1832 - 1907) Danish violinist)
  • Waldemar Shalandin ((1924 - 1943) platoon commander of the 1st Guards Tank Brigade (1st Guards Tank Army, Voronezh Front) Guards Lieutenant, Hero of the Soviet Union (1944))
  • Waldemar Sandberg ((born 1927) Soviet actor, Honored Artist of the Latvian SSR (1987))
  • Waldemar Pawlak, ((born 1959) Polish politician and public figure)
  • Waldemar Stegemann ((1879 - 1958) German opera singer (tenor), director, librettist and poet. Son of director Max Stegemann, brother of singer Helena Stegemann; along the line of his grandmother belonged to the Devrient theater dynasty.)
  • Valdemaras Martinkenas ((1965 - 2004) Lithuanian footballer, goalkeeper, master of sports)
  • Valdemaras Chomicius ((born 1959) Soviet, Lithuanian basketball player. Playing role - defender. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1982). Honored Coach of Lithuania.)
  • Waldemar von Radetzky ((1910 - 1990) SS Sturmbannfuehrer, member of the SD, deputy commander of the Sonderkommando 4a of the Einsatzgroup "C", war criminal)
  • Waldemar Marshalek ((born 1942) Polish athlete, boat racer)
  • Voldemar Mezhgailis ((1912 - 1998) one of the strongest chess players in Latvia in 1930-1950)
  • Voldemar Voigt (German theoretical physicist, since 1900 Corresponding Member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences)
  • Voldemar Balyazin ((1931 - 2005) famous Soviet and Russian historian, writer)
  • Voldemar Johan Skaistlauks ((1892 - 1972) real name - Schoenfeld; officer of the Russian, Soviet, Latvian and Nazi armies. Latvian poet. Member of the liberation movement in Latvia. Cavalier of the Order of Three Stars (3 tbsp.), Order of Lacplesis (3 tbsp.), awarded the Estonian Cross of Freedom, the Order of the Eagle and the German Iron Cross (1st and 2nd century).)
  • Vladimir Shileiko ((1891 - 1930) real name - Voldemar Kazimirovich; Russian orientalist, poet and translator, second husband of Anna Akhmatova)
  • Voldemar Ansovich Ozols ((1884 - 1949) Russian officer, Latvian public and military leader, lieutenant colonel of the RIA (1917), St. George's Knight (1917), general of the international brigades in Spain (1936), head of the GRU General Staff's illegal residency in France (1940 - 1945))
  • Voldemar Lein ((1920 - 1987) Soviet state and party leader, Minister of the Food Industry of the USSR (1970 - 1985))

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