The Meaning Of The Name Vardan

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The Meaning Of The Name Vardan
The Meaning Of The Name Vardan

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Synonyms for the name Vardan. Vartan.

The origin of the name Vardan. The name Vardan is Armenian.

There are several versions of the origin of the name Vardan. Most often it is believed that the name is Armenian, but they differ in the interpretation of its translation. Some believe that Vardan is the male version of the name Vardanush, therefore it means "voluptuous rose". Others believe that the name comes from the name of the elite part of the Armenian clergy - the so-called Vardapet monks, therefore the name is translated as “reward”.

In addition, the Byzantine regent of the 9th century AD is known by the name of Varda. There is also a different spelling and pronunciation of the name Vardan - Vartan.

Vardan is a perfect conformist. He adheres to all sorts of traditions and foundations so much that it is absolutely impossible to imagine that he would accept something new and innovative. Vardan does not tolerate changes, he praises the past a lot and often, complaining about the modern decline in morals. And in his hobbies, Vardan is drawn to the past. He is interested in archeology, history, dead languages.

Young Vardan shows interest in the opposite sex rather out of curiosity than out of promiscuity. He usually marries early and quickly shows himself to be a good spouse. Vardan tries to do everything possible to make his wife's life enjoyable. This man becomes a good father, he strives to do everything for his children, he is happy to work with them. Vardan has a strong sense of family and marital fidelity. It does not apply to people who spend their leisure time in taverns or socializing with their friends. He supports his family completely, paying all expenses.

His house is strong and comfortable. The ideal lifestyle for Vardan is comfortable housing, a happy wife and obedient children. He does not seek to rule his home with an iron hand, but demands that his habits be respected. Vardan is in a good mood. In moments of an especially elated state of mind, Vardan is talkative, funny tells funny stories.

However, a very sensitive soul is hidden behind the appearance of this man. A little nuisance can hurt his soul. A man is especially vulnerable to disappointments in love. It is about him that we can say that "the pleasure of love lasts only a moment, the pain of love lasts a lifetime."

Vardan's birthday

Vardan does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Vardan

  • Vardan Mamikonyan ((380 - 451) an outstanding medieval Armenian commander, a hero of the religious and national struggle of Armenians in the 5th century. Raised the people to defend the Christian faith from persecution by the Zoroastrian Iranian Sassanids in the Avarayr battle on May 26, 451. The Avarayr battle took place on the river bank Tkhmut, west of Nakhichevan (modern Nakhichevan). The Armenians lost the battle, but inflicting huge damage on the enemy, they were able to defend the right to remain Christians.)
  • Vardan I (king of Parthia from the dynasty of Arshakids, ruled in 40-45 A.D. In general, from 39-48 A.D. sharing power with Gotarz, the future king of Gotarz II. Vardan I regained control over the city of Seleucia-on -Tigre, after seven years of being in the hands of the insurgent inhabitants of the city. He made attempts to strengthen the central power. Under him victorious campaigns were made to the east, against the rebellious ruler of the Sakastan region, Gondofar, as a result of which the Parthians reached the banks of the Indus River, subjugating all the lands from Sakastana (modern Sistan) to the Indus. In an internecine struggle, he defeated the nomadic tribes of the Dakhs, subjugated the region in Bactria to Parthia. Prepared for war against Rome, for control of Armenia. He was killed as a result of a conspiracy of the nobility led by his brother Gotharz.)
  • Vardan Areveltsi, Vardan the Great ((c. 1198 - 1271) Armenian historian, geographer, philosopher, translator, teacher and church and public figure)
  • Vardan (Vartan) Militosyan ((born 1950) Soviet weightlifter, two-time European champion (1976, 1978) and medalist of the world championships (1976, 1978), medalist of the Olympic Games (1976), four-time world record holder in clean and jerk. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1976))
  • Vardan Petrosyan ((born 1988) Armenian footballer, forward)
  • Vardan Aygektsi (Armenian fabulist and preacher of the late XII - early XIII centuries)
  • Vardan Bostanjyan ((born 1949) politician of Armenia)
  • Vardan Mkrtchyan ((born 1954) politician of Armenia)
  • Vardan Minasyan ((born 1974) former Soviet and Armenian footballer, now a coach)
  • Vardan Ghukasyan ((born 1961) Armenian statesman)
  • Vardan Ayvazyan ((born 1961) Armenian political and statesman)
  • Vardan Kushnir ((1970 - 2005) head of the "Center for Spoken English" (formerly - "Center for American English"). Was known as the organizer of one of the largest spam mailings on the Russian Internet)
  • Vardan Khachatryan ((born 1968) former Soviet and Armenian footballer, defender; played for Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian clubs)
  • Vardan Khachatryan ((born 1959) Armenian political and statesman)
  • Vardan Vardanyan ((born 1955) political and statesman of Armenia, since 2007 Minister of Urban Development)
  • Vardan Baghdasaryan ((born 1971) Russian historian. Expert at the Center for Problem Analysis and Public Administration Design. Author of many scientific works. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.)
  • Vardan Oskanian ((born 1955) former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia from 1998 to 2008)
  • Vardan Hanasori, Sarkis Mehrabyan ((born 1943) a prominent figure in the Armenian national liberation movement; one of the most famous partisan commanders of the Dashnaktsutyun party)
  • Vartan Adzhemyan ((1905 - 1977) Armenian Soviet actor, theater director, Hero of Socialist Labor (1975), People's Artist of the USSR (1965))
  • Vartan Mazalov ((born 1983) Russian footballer, forward)

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