The Meaning Of The Name Boris (Borya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Boris (Borya)
The Meaning Of The Name Boris (Borya)

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The short form of the name is Boris. Borya, Boriska, Boryakha, Boryasha, Bob, Bob, Bobka, Boryulya, Borul, Boryunya, Boryuya, Boryukha, Boryusha.

Synonyms for the name Boris. Borys.

The origin of the name Boris. The name Boris is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox.

The name Boris is derived from the old Slavonic name Borislav and has the meaning "glorious in the fight", "fighter". Also, this name is assigned the meaning of "forest, upland", "strong". There is a possibility that in Russian this name came with the Tatar-Mongol yoke and came from the Turkic "profit", meaning "profit". In ancient Persian, the name Bariz means "heir", and from Arabic this name is interpreted as "prominent".

Since childhood, Boris develops the ability to be strong, to be able to endure difficulties and overcome obstacles. The boy tries very hard to meet the expectations of his parents, he himself wants to be the same as the most daring heroes and Russian heroes. But if you do not explain to Boris that behind each defeat you need to look for positive experience in order to achieve new victories, then Boris will begin to fear making a mistake again and will be afraid to do bold deeds.

Boris finds it difficult to adapt to the weaknesses of others, he wants to see around him the same strong people as he is, but on the other hand, it is difficult and difficult for him to make friends with the same strong - he really wants to be the best. In order to somehow escape from the paradox and still be among people, Boris is looking for such professions that will help him realize his strengths, be a strong-willed person and make decisive decisions. He chooses politics, mountaineering, other extreme sports, can be a military man and become a leader in a dangerous production.

Boris does not strive to be among people. His ambition sometimes overshadows the most elementary philanthropy, so it is very difficult and difficult to be Boris's friend. His stubbornness and stubbornness can play a bad joke with him.

But in the family of Boris, you simply do not recognize. He is a caring father, a prudent owner, but in the family he also prefers to be a leader and build family life on his own, he simply does not tolerate the interference of parents or friends.

Boris's birthday

Boris celebrates his name day on February 7, February 17, May 15, June 5, June 13, June 20, August 6, October 1, October 15, November 23, November 25, December 6, December 10, December 15.

Famous people named Boris

  • Boris Pasternak (Russian poet and writer, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1958))
  • Boris Godunov (Russian tsar 1598-1605)
  • Boris Bunkin (scientist and designer, creator of systems and complexes of anti-aircraft missile air defense)
  • Boris Zakhoder (poet, translator, children's writer)
  • Boris Bashilov (historical writer and political publicist of the Russian emigration)
  • Boris Spassky (Soviet chess player, tenth world chess champion, journalist)
  • Boris Hristov ((1914-1993) Bulgarian opera singer (bass))
  • Boris Tadic (President of Serbia)
  • Boris Rösner ((1951-2006) Czech film actor)
  • Boris Khmelnitsky (actor, author of music for the Taganka Theater performances)
  • Boris Yeltsin (first President of Russia)
  • Boris Romashov (Soviet playwright, actor, director and theater critic)
  • Boris Becker (tennis player)
  • Boris Bugaev ((1880-1934) pseudonym - Andrei Bely; writer, one of the leaders of Symbolism)
  • Boris Akunin ((real name - Grigory Chkhartishvili; Russian writer, literary critic, translator, Japanese scholar. He publishes his literary works under the pseudonym Boris Akunin.)
  • Boris Grebenshchikov (Soviet and Russian poet and musician, leader of the Aquarium rock group, one of the founding fathers of Soviet rock music and a cult figure of youth culture in the 1980s and 1990s)
  • Boris Karloff (real name - William Henry Pratt; Anglo-American film actor, famous for his roles in horror films (1887-1969))
  • Boris Becker (German tennis player)
  • Boris Vian ((1920-1959) French poet and writer)
  • Boris Vallejo, Boris Vallejo ((born 1941) American artist of Peruvian descent)

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