The Meaning Of The Name Bogdan

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The Meaning Of The Name Bogdan
The Meaning Of The Name Bogdan

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Bogdan
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The short form of the name Bogdan. God, Boyda, Bogdik, Bogdanek, Bogo, Bogdasya, Boto, Botto, Boncho, Bonyo, Boni, Bobi, Boban, Dancho, Danio, Danko, Dan, Dani, Dani, Dacho, Bogdanko, Vogdas.

Synonyms for the name Bogdan. Bagdan.

The origin of the name Bogdan. The name Bogdan is Russian, Slavic, Ukrainian, Orthodox.

The name Bogdan is a Slavic name, it means "given by God", "given by God", "God's gift". Very often the name Bogdan was used as a variant of the names John (Ivan), Theodor (Fedor) and Theodot (Fedot), which have the same meaning.

The name Bogdan corresponds to the Jewish names Nathaniel and Jonathan, Greek Theodotus, Latin Deodat, French Dieudonne, Bulgarian Bozhidar. In the Orthodox Church, Bogdan is baptized under the name Theodotus. The paired female name is Bogdana.

Often, parents, without realizing it themselves, give the name Bogdan to children whose birth was associated with anxiety and anxiety. Therefore, in most cases, Bogdan is the only, long-awaited, and, possibly, late child. The mother takes pity on her beloved child and from this indulges his whims too much on the one hand and does not at all allow the father's son to be raised. So it turns out that Bogdan is very jealous of his mother, with all his might tries not to let her go. For example, it will not come as a surprise a boy's tantrum if his mother decides to chat with her girlfriend for a long time.

Adult Bogdan is somewhat reserved, tight-fisted and dryish. Bogdan is notable for his dreaminess and some self-admiration. He has a well-developed intuition. Despite his restrained and timid nature, Bogdan is capable of risky decisions. Bogdan, born in summer, seeks to diversify the emotional sphere and this sometimes complicates his life.

During his school years, Bogdan is hampered in many ways by his inherent laziness. It is thanks to her that he learns averagely, and talents and abilities do not develop in him to the full. Having matured, Bogdan becomes a calm person who knows his own worth. He strives to get well in life, to achieve high skill in the profession. Bogdan chooses his future specialty such that it does not require inspiration and improvisation from him. It is possible that Bogdan, born in winter, will become an artist, historian or musician.

As a child, Bogdan does not get along well with other children. At school, he prefers to communicate with children who enjoy authority with their comrades and who are able to protect Bogdan if necessary. Adult Bogdan is arrogant and categorical. Others notice in him not always appropriate stubbornness and adherence to principles.

In relationships, Bogdan is the undisputed leader. He chooses a submissive wife for himself, keeps her strict, can even shout at her in public. But, nevertheless, a very good husband comes out of Bogdan. He seeks to find himself additional income, does a lot around the house with his own hands, and spends the earned money sparingly. The only thing Bogdan does not spare money for is rest. Moreover, he prefers family rest.

Bogdan loves only once, in a relationship he is faithful to his soul mate, and in jealousy he simply becomes uncontrollable. This trait is somewhat softened in men born in spring or summer. In a woman, he primarily seeks understanding and spiritual closeness. Bogdan should have similar intellectual interests with his future wife. From all of the above, it becomes clear that not every woman Bogdan is able to create an alliance.

The chosen one of the "summer" Bogdan can rely on his nobility and ability not to lose his presence of mind in any situation. He instills confidence in his girlfriend, although outwardly and not sentimental. A frivolous woman will not be able to win Bogdan's trust, since he has a well-developed intuition. Bogdan must be completely sure of his companion, makes very high demands on his wife, and can choose her for years.

Bogdan's birthday

Bogdan celebrates his name day on March 4.

Famous people named Bogdan

  • Bogdan-Zinovy Khmelnitsky ((1595 - 1657) hetman of the Zaporozhye army, commander and statesman. Organizer and ideological leader of the uprising of the Zaporozhye Cossacks against the authorities of the Commonwealth, the result of which, in the process of a nine-year struggle, was the foundation of a new state formation - the as part of the Commonwealth (formally) and then Russia existed until the end of the 18th century.)
  • Bogdan Mikhnevich ((1951 - 2000) Soviet and Ukrainian sound engineer, sound engineer)
  • Bohdan Deditsky ((1827 - 1909) the first professional Galician-Russian journalist, writer and poet)
  • Bogdan Nilus ((1866 -?) Russian architect)
  • Bogdan Saltanov ((circa 1630 - 1703) is also referred to as Ivan Ievlev (ich) Saltanov; court artist of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and his successors, chief master of the Armory (since 1686). Author of icons, illustrations for manuscripts, Parsuns. By origin - Armenian originally from Persia.)
  • Bogdan Stupka ((born 1941) Ukrainian theater and film actor)
  • Bogdan Schweitzer ((1816 - 1873) Russian astronomer and astrometrist)
  • Bohdan Glinsky ((died 1509/1512) is also known as "Mamai"; a prince from the Glinsky clan, governor of Cherkasy (1488-1495) and Putivl (1495-1497). One of the atamans of Ukrainian Cossack detachments and leader of military campaigns against the Crimean Tatars.)
  • Bogdan Lobonc (Romanian footballer)
  • Bogdan Gelfreich 1st ((1776 - 1843) real name - Gottgard August von Gelfreich; Russian military leader, lieutenant general, hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, descended from an old Estland noble family)
  • Bogdan Blavatsky ((born 1963) Ukrainian footballer and football coach)
  • Bogdan von Glasenap ((1811 - 1892) real name - Gottlieb Friedrich; admiral (1869), adjutant general, chief commander of the Black Sea Fleet, member of the Admiralty Council, agent of the Naval Ministry in Sweden, Norway and Denmark (1855 - 1856), collector materials on the history of the fleet of the XVIII-XIX centuries)
  • Bogdan Belsky ((died 1611) a prominent figure in the oprichnina, a participant in the Livonian War. Nephew of Malyuta Skuratov. An associate of Ivan the Terrible in recent years, was his agent in various diplomatic missions (in particular, in negotiations with England). The Tsar died in the presence of Belsky (according to one version, he was strangled by him and Boris Godunov) when they played chess with him. Appointed by Ivan to the regency council under Fyodor Ioannovich.)
  • Bogdan Benyuk (Soviet and Ukrainian theater and film actor, People's Artist of Ukraine)
  • Bogdan Sliva ((1922 - 2003) Polish chess player; grandmaster (1987), 6-time champion of Poland (1946, 1951-1954, 1960); in the national championships 1957, 1961 and 1967 - 2nd place)
  • Bogdan Shershun (Ukrainian footballer)
  • Jon Bogdan Mara (Romanian footballer)
  • Bogdan Mamonov ((born 1964) Russian artist, curator, art critic, author of installations, painting, video slide films, performances, book illustrations)
  • Bogdan Kiselevich ((born 1990) Russian hockey player, defender)
  • Bogdan Haushi (Romanian footballer)
  • Bogdan Filov ((1883 - 1945) Bulgarian archaeologist, art critic and politician. He made an important contribution to the study of ancient art. In 1918 he discovered the Necropolis of the Iron Age Trebenisht, rich in gold and iron products.)
  • Bogdan Hashdeu ((1836 - 1907) real name - Faddey Alexandrovich Khizhdeu; Moldovan and Romanian writer, poet, philologist, publicist, historian)
  • Bohdan Chaly ((born 1924) Ukrainian children's writer, poet and prose writer. Participant of the Great Patriotic War, collaborated with army newspapers. In 1947 he published the first collection of poems for children "Clear sunny morning." In 1951-1975 he edited the Ukrainian children's magazine "Periwinkle", an analogue of "Murzilka" or "Funny Pictures." Author of the books "How Periwinkle Became a Hero", a fairy tale poem: "How Periwinkle and Chamomile Flying Over the Sea", "Periwinkle and Spring", "Periwinkle at School" Author of the well-illustrated book “One Hundred Adventures of Periwinkle and Chamomile.” And in 2002 new adventures of Periwinkle and Distant Constellations were published. In 1974, at the XIV Congress of the International Council for Children's and Youth Literature, Bohdan Chaly for the tale “Periwinkle and Spring” awarded an honorary diploma (prize) named after G. H. Andersen.)
  • Bogdan Zvonko ((born 1942) singer of traditional folk music of Vojvodina. But he is famous not only as a singer, but also as a composer, artist and jockey. But most of all he is known for his courteous and gentlemanly manner. Zvonko Bogdan sings original and traditional songs (especially songs belonging to the Bunevtsy ethnic group) accompanied by the traditional "tamburitsa orchestra".)
  • Bogdan Goronzhuk ((born 1934) Polish poet, lyricist, graphic artist)
  • Bogdan Khitrovo ((1615 - 1680) Russian boyar, founder of the Moscow Armory)
  • Bogdan Titomir ((born 1967) Russian pop singer, DJ)
  • Jozef Bogdan Zaleski ((1802 - 1886) Polish poet)
  • Bogdan Filov ((1883 - 1945) Bulgarian archaeologist and politician)
  • Bogdan Diklich ((born 1953) Serbian theater and film actor)
  • Bogdan Stela ((born 1967) Romanian footballer)
  • Bogdan Olteanu ((born 1971) Romanian politician)

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