The Meaning Of The Name Akhmet

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The Meaning Of The Name Akhmet
The Meaning Of The Name Akhmet

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Synonyms for the name Akhmet. Ahmed, Akhmat, Ahmad, Amet.

The origin of the name Akhmet. The name Akhmet is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Ahmet is of Arabic origin. Translated from Arabic, Akhmet means "most glorious", "worthy of praise." There is also another meaning of the name Akhmet - "one who constantly thanks God."

The name Akhmet has different spellings and pronunciation - Akhmat, Akhmad, Akhmed, Amet are all one and the same name. The name Akhmet is a form, a variant of the pronunciation of the name Mohammed, as well as the names Mamed and Mahmud (Mehmet). The name Muhammad is the most common name among Muslims.

The name Ahmad (Akhmat) is widespread in all Muslim countries, mainly in the Middle East. Recently, this name has become popular with African Americans living in the United States. Among the Tatars and Turkic peoples, the variant of the name Akhmed, Akhmet is often used.

The name Akhmet is mentioned in the Orthodox calendar. Akhmet's birthday is on January 6.

A sharp temper and independence are the main character traits of the young Akhmet. As he matures, he becomes softer and more responsive. At any age, Akhmet does not allow himself to be controlled, to dictate conditions. Akhmet appreciates sincerity in others. Only such people can win his trust and make friends.

This man is always hardworking, striving for success. Often, to achieve the set task, he lacks balance and the ability to think through everything to the smallest detail. He often commits rash acts, is prone to unjustified risks.

There are many contradictory features in Akhmet's character. In life, he is restrained and calm, but if the situation has taken him out of balance, then it is better not to fall into his eyes. Usually he is docile, then quite unexpectedly unlimited stubbornness can appear. Akhmet loves to look at other women, but at the same time, he is usually faithful to his only one.

In the family, he is a loving father and a caring son. He is not overwhelmed with ambition. Work for Akhmet is not a way to take a certain position in society, but a means of independence and gaining peace. For a long time Akhmet cannot realize himself and his talents. For those around him, he always remains a mysterious, unknown personality.

Akhmet's birthday

Akhmet celebrates his name day on January 6.

Famous people named Akhmet

  • Akhmet Khashegulgov ((1955 - 2009) Major General of the Russian Army)
  • Ahmet Yalcinkaya ((born 1963) Turkish poet)
  • Akhmet Baitursynov ((1873 - 1937) Kazakh public figure, educator, linguist, literary critic, Turkologist, translator)
  • Ahmet Koch (Turkish musician, composer and performer on saz - a Turkic folk instrument)
  • Ahmet Dursun (Turkish footballer)
  • Ahmet Necdet Sezer (10th President of Turkey)
  • Ahmet Davutoglu ((born 1959) Turkish statesman, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey since 2009)
  • Akhmet Akhmerov ((1920 - 1978) tire collector at the Yaroslavl Tire Plant, working correspondent; Hero of Socialist Labor)
  • Akhmed Akhundov-Gurgenli ((1909 - 1943) Turkmen writer, writer, poet of the Soviet era)
  • Count Claude Alexander de Bonneval ((1675 - 1747) French adventurer, son-in-law of Marshal Biron, who became famous in the service of the Turkish Sultan under the name Ahmet Pasha)
  • Ahmet Rasim ((1864 - 1932) Turkish writer, historian and journalist)
  • Akhmet Bokov ((1924 - 2006) Ingush prose writer and playwright, author of many novels)
  • Akhmet Yarlykapov ((born 1970) Russian scientist in the Caucasus, senior researcher at the Center for Ethnopolitical Research, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Akhmet Zhubanov ((1906 - 1968) Soviet musicologist, composer, conductor, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1944), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR (1946))
  • Ahmet Kaya ((1957 - 2000) Turkish poet, singer and public figure who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s)
  • Akhmet Zakirov ((1911 - 1988) platoon commander of the 7th rifle company of the 239th guards rifle regiment of the 76th guards rifle division of the 61st army of the Central Front, guard junior lieutenant; Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Ahmed Jafaroglu ((1894 - 1975) famous turkologist, professor at Istanbul University, Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1938), Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1944), Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR (1953), Honorary Doctor of the Independent Ukrainian University)
  • Akhmed Iskenderov ((born 1927) editor-in-chief of the journal "Questions of history", Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1979)
  • Ahmed Ismail ((born 1975) Egyptian amateur boxer, 2006 All-African Games champion and 2004 Olympic medalist)
  • Ahmed Hasan Zewail ((born 1946) Egyptian-American chemist, 1999 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry with the formulation "For the study of transition states arising during chemical reactions using femtosecond technology." Wolf Prize Winner in Chemistry (1993).)
  • Ahmed Qurei ((born 1937) in some Russian publications is referred to as Ahmed Kreah, also known as Abu Ala; Palestinian statesman and politician representing the Fatah movement, chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council in 1996-2003, Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority since 2003 of the year)
  • Ahmed Al-Jazzar, Ahmad Al Jazzar, Ahmed Pasha, Pasha Jazzar ((born 1721) Ottoman ruler. During his lifetime, various legends circulated about Jazzar. Jazzar became famous in Europe because of the siege of Acre by the troops of Bonaparte Napoleon.)
  • Ahmed Adnan Saygun ((1907 - 1991) Turkish composer, musicologist and teacher, one of the founders of the national music school, author of the first Turkish national opera)
  • Ahmed Faik Pasha (Turkish military leader, participant in the Crimean and Russian-Turkish wars (1877 - 1878))
  • Ahmed I ((1590 - 1617) Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1603 - 1617))
  • Akhmed Malsagov (bomber pilot)
  • Ahmed Uyahya ((born 1952) Algerian politician, Prime Minister of Algeria since 2008)
  • Akhmed Kurbanov ((born 1986) Russian and Azerbaijani footballer)
  • Akhmed Aleskerov ((born 1935) Soviet footballer (role - defender), Soviet and Ukrainian coach, Honored coach of the Ukrainian SSR, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, Master of Sports of the USSR (1963))
  • Ahmed Mahmoud Farah ((born 1937) Somali political and military leader)
  • Muizz ad-Din Abu-l-Haris Ahmad Sanjar ((1084/1086 - 1157) Sultan of the Seljuk Empire from 1118 to 1153. Initially, the Sultan of Great Khorasan, then, after the death of Muhammad I, inherited the territories of the Seljuk Empire.)
  • Ahmed Januzi (Albanian footballer, striker of the Vorskla club and the national team of Albania)
  • Abu-l-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Katir al-Fargani ((c. 798 - 861) Central Asian astronomer and mathematician. A native of Fergana. In Western Europe he was known under the Latinized name Alfraganus.)
  • Ahmed Jalair ((died 1410) a ruler from the Jalairid dynasty (1382-1410). As the fourth son of Sultan Sheikh Uweis, Ahmed was the governor of Basra from 1374-1375 during the reign of his elder brother Hussein. In 1382 he revolted, took possession of the capital Tabriz and ordered the execution of his brother; however, only after a stubborn struggle with the rest of his brothers (until 1384) was he recognized as the ruler of the entire state.)
  • Ahmad Wahidi (Iranian military leader, major general, since 2009 - Iranian defense minister)
  • Ahmad Chalabi ((born 1944) a representative of a wealthy and influential Iraqi family, a distant relative of Iraqi Prime Minister Ayyad Allawi and Defense Minister Ali Allawi)
  • Ahmad Yugnaki (Karakhanid Turkic poet of the 12th century)
  • Ahmad Migani (Iranian military leader, brigadier general)
  • Ahmad Musa (Persian artist who worked in Baghdad in 1330-1350)
  • Akhmat (in eastern sources Akhmed) ((died 1481) khan of the Great Horde (together with his elder brother since 1460, single-handedly since 1471). The son of khan Kuchuk-Muhammad. The last Horde ruler, in political dependence on which were Moscow princes.)
  • Akhmat Kadyrov ((1951 - 2004) Chechen religious and statesman. For several years he served as mufti of the unrecognized Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. After the outbreak of the Second Chechen War, went over to the side of the Russian authorities. First President of the Chechen Republic.)
  • Akhmat Erkenov ((born 1951) Russian statesman and politician)

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