The Meaning Of The Name Ashot

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The Meaning Of The Name Ashot
The Meaning Of The Name Ashot

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ashot
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Synonyms for the name Ashot. Asud.

The origin of the name Ashot. The name Ashot is Armenian.

The name Ashot has two versions of its origin. According to the first, the Armenian version of the origin, which is most often considered the main one, the name Ashot is translated as "The Hope of this World".

According to another version, the name Ashot has a Turkic etymology. In a figurative sense, the name Ashot means "playing with fire", "not afraid of fire", "mischievous". A direct translation from the ancient Türkic language "Ash" means "to step over, jump over", "from" - "fire". The name Ashot was given to Christians in the Middle Ages, and with the Islamization of the Caucasus, such names became a rarity and then completely disappeared from the Muslim Turks. Arthur, Arsak, Armenians, Ashtarkhan, Artak and others also belong to such Turkic ancient Christian names.

In childhood, Ashot is distinguished by a mischievous character, although he is never a ringleader in pranks. As he grows up, Ashot becomes a leader among his friends, but not in street games, but in intellectual ones. He is great at guessing crosswords, playing checkers or backgammon. All this brings him authority among those around him.

Ashot can be too touchy. An unsuccessful remark can discourage a boy from starting a business, and it will remain unfinished. Ashot does not tolerate injustice and excessive severity. You should talk to him calmly, without raising your tone. Ashot, especially one born in spring, needs general recognition and love. Failure will often be followed by depression. Ashot can be unbalanced, he cannot be forced to do anything against his will.

The boy named by this name has a good imagination. He often comes up with stories in which he himself later believes, and is offended if he is "exposed". "Winter" Ashot can be quick-tempered and irritable, but does not make a decision in a hurry. On the contrary, he tries to carefully consider each step. And, having made a decision, he no longer hesitates. Ashot is obligatory and punctual.

Born in summer, Ashot is somewhat gullible and cowardly. However, once noticing a deception on the part of a person, it breaks off relations with him forever. Losing his trust is even easier than earning him.

Ashot, especially born in winter, can become a good professional athlete, achieve good results in freestyle wrestling.

"Autumn" Ashot is more inclined to exact sciences. An excellent chess player can emerge from him. Perhaps he will devote himself to scientific activities or become an excellent economist. But the "spring" Ashot, despite his talent, is not easy to find a place in life, since he can not always realize his abilities. Ashot cannot be called a careerist, although he succeeds. The person bearing this name always tries to improve his skills, strives for new knowledge.

Ashot prefers the company of his father. He needs pleasant communication, interesting conversations. Ashot seeks to share his ideas with others, tries to involve everyone in their implementation. Ashot is resourceful and witty; he is strict about choosing friends. Ashot is exclusively devoted to his friends. For "spring" Ashot, the love of loved ones and the support of friends are very important. He often marries early. Having got married, he often arranges his house himself, with his own hands.

Ashot's birthday

Ashot does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ashot

  • Ashot Bagratuni ((died c. 689) prince of princes, ruler of Armenia since 685, poet-hymnographer. He composed a sharakan dedicated to the cross "For the construction of a temple", which was canonized by the church. Ashot Bagratuni became the first secular author whose works were officially accepted By some ancient authors this spiritual hymn was mistakenly attributed to Grigor Magistors.)
  • Ashot I Kuropalat ((died 826) Georgian king (since 809), son of Adarnase Bagration of the ruler of Kartli (historical province in Eastern Georgia). Bagrationi came from the province of Speri (Ispir in modern Turkey). They themselves considered themselves the descendants of the kings of Ancient Israel - David and Solomon. Descendants of Ashot I split into two branches: Bagrationi from Ardanuch or Klarjeti (successors of his eldest son Adarnase I) and Bagrationi from Tao (successors of the middle son Bagrat I, kings of the future united Georgia). Successors of the youngest son, Guaram, became a victim internal feuds of the Bagrationi clan. Ashot I is canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church.)
  • Ashot II Erkat (Iron) (Armenian king (914-928) from the Bagratuni clan, King of Kings (arkaits arch) Son of Smbat I, since 914, together with his father, participated in the liberation struggle against the Atropatene shah Yusuf and the Van prince who entered into an alliance with him Gagik Artsruni For his courage shown in battles, Ashot received the nickname “Yerkat” - “Iron.” Then Ashot freed Bagrevand, Shirak, Gugark, Aghstev Valley from the Arabs. The independence of Armenia was fully restored, and
  • Ashot received the title of “king of kings” of Armenian.)
  • Ashot Mirzoyan ((born 1950) Armenian political and statesman)
  • Ashot Tamrazyan (prominent Russian scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Moscow Aviation Institute, full member of the VAN KB (World Academy of Integrated Security Sciences) (2006). Author of more than 200 scientific works, including monographs, textbooks, more than 15 normative documents and methodological manuals, copyright certificates. Scientific supervisor of a number of major research projects to ensure the safety of buildings and structures from natural and man-made emergencies. Co-author of the book "Reducing risks in construction in emergencies of natural and man-made nature."
  • Ashot Ghazaryan ((born 1949) Armenian singer, film actor and humorist)
  • Ashot Keshchyan (Russian actor KVN, film actor)
  • Ashot Nadanyan ((born 1972) Armenian chess player; International Master (1997), Honored Trainer of Armenia (1998), FIDE Trainer (2007). In 1996, he developed and put into practice a new system in the theory of openings, which was soon named after him (Grunfeld's Defense, Nadanyan's Variant) Chapter 6 of Tibor Karoya's book Genius in the Background (2009) is dedicated to Nadanyan.)
  • Ashot Barseghyan (former Soviet and Armenian footballer, now the head coach of the Banants-2 football club, as well as an assistant in the Youth team)
  • Ashot Ioannisyan ((1887 - 1972) Armenian revolutionary and Soviet politician, historian)
  • Ashot Gulyan ((born 1965) political and statesman of the NKR, since 2005 - speaker of the NKR parliament)
  • Ashot Galoyan ((born 1956) Armenian diplomat)
  • Ashot Melik-Shahnazaryan ((1931 - 2004) Soviet and Armenian diplomat, public figure, one of the founders of the Pan-Armenian Games)
  • Ashot Voskanyan (Armenian statesman)
  • Ashot Amatuni ((born 1923) Soviet officer, participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Ashot Navasardyan ((1950 - 1997) Armenian national and political leader, founder of the Republican Party of Armenia)
  • Ashot Kocharian ((born 1957) Armenian political and statesman, diplomat; since 2005 - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia)
  • Ashot Manucharyan (Armenian political, state and public figure)
  • Ashot Karagyan ((born 1951) Soviet fencer, two-time world champion (1979, 1981), two-time Olympic medalist (1980), International Master of Sports of the USSR (1974), Honored Master of Sports of Russia (2005))
  • Ashot Khachatryan (former Soviet and Armenian footballer, player of the Armenian National Team, International Master of Sports (1980))
  • Ashot Bleyan (Armenian public figure and opposition politician, one of the most active supporters of the first President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan)
  • Ashot Anastasyan (Armenian chess player; international grandmaster, eight-time champion of Armenia (1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1992, 1994 and 2005), six-time participant of chess Olympiads (1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002). In 1997 In 2001 and 2005, as part of the Armenian national team, Ashot Anastasyan became the bronze medalist of the World Team Championship, in 1992 and 2002 the bronze medalist of the World Chess Olympiads, and in 1999 the winner of the European Team Championship (the best result on the 3rd board). Europe among the clubs in the team "Yerevan" (1995).)
  • Ashot Shahnazaryan (Armenian political and statesman)
  • Ashot Safaryan (Armenian statesman)