The Meaning Of The Name Arseny (Senya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Arseny (Senya)
The Meaning Of The Name Arseny (Senya)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Arseny (Senya)
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The short form of the name Arseny. Arsen, Arsenya, Senya, Arsyusha, Syusha, Asya, Arsenyushka, Arsya, Arsa, Arsyuta, Arso, Arsi.

Synonyms for the name Arseny. Arsen, Arsenio, Arsen, Arssi, Arseniu, Arseny, Arsen, Arsenti, Arseniusz.

The origin of the name Arseny. The name Arseny is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Arseny has Greek roots. This name comes from the Greek name Arsenios, meaning "mature", "courageous". Also interpreted as "male", "male". From the male name Arseny, the female name is formed - Arseny.

The short form of the name Arseny - Arsen - has become an independent name and is used independently. The name Arsen became a widely used name among the Tatars, Bashkirs and Armenians, and among these peoples it acquired the meaning of "strong, fearless". There is also an identical translation of the Greek meaning - "man", "man". From the male name Arsen, the female form is formed - Arsene.

In Russian, there is a folk form of the name - Arsentiy, which is practically not found in modern times. Among Christians, the patron saint of sailors Arseny Konevsky is especially respected.

As a child, Arseny is an agreeable and shy boy. He grows up as soft and good-natured. He is not devoid of internal energy, but, as a rule, it finds a way out in imagination and daydreaming. Arseny likes to communicate, he strives to play in a company. He always has a lot of comrades, he does not particularly single out anyone, and he has very few real friends. Arseny very carefully chooses his friends and at the same time in friendship he is not disinterested and just will not help. But he has love for animals and plants and can selflessly care for them.

Arseny is a very creative person. He subtly experiences all the events of his life and it costs nothing to offend him. This man is not always able to stand up for himself, he lacks determination for this. Arseny tries to stay away from the hectic life, to a greater extent lives in a world of illusions.

Thanks to the gentleness and sincerity, a man named Arseny never suffers from a lack of friends and acquaintances. Only in the circle of friends Arseny becomes a cheerful person. And in life, this man prefers to let everything take its course and does not care about his real state. Arseny even has a danger of diving into his dreams too much and completely breaking away from real life.

But Arseny also has his chances of success in life. It may happen that a man pulls himself together and begins to develop determination and firmness in himself. Having acquired these qualities, he will already be able to stand up for himself and achieve a lot without losing his inherent soulfulness. Arseny is hardworking, sociable and accurate. If his parents laid in him the desire for action and the desire to win, then his dedication, courage and determination will help him achieve his plans. But Arseny's main enemy is his stubbornness. He himself does not even know where it can lead him - to victory or to defeat.

Arseny does not tolerate being ridiculed. A bad joke is a surefire way to ruin your relationship with this person. True, he quickly forgets the offense, but in the first minutes he will either express his dissatisfaction in the form of a strict reprimand, or for some time he will withdraw into himself. If you make friends with this person, then you can be sure that in his person you will find one of the most loyal friends.

Arseny is not against lying in order to achieve what he wants. His prudence and cunning help him climb the career ladder, but it is not in Arseny's interests to shine and be in full view of everyone.

In family life, Arseny is not a very attentive husband. He is ready to dodge here and come up with excuses, just not to go to visit his mother-in-law, not go to the store or wash the car when there is no benefit to him. He is looking for a woman who is unassuming and trusting.

Arseny's birthday

Arseny celebrates name days on February 1, February 19, February 28, March 13, March 15, May 12, May 21, June 25, July 15, July 25, August 13, September 6, September 10, September 12, November 10, November 19, December 3, December 26.

Famous people named Arseny

  • Arseny Meshchersky ((1834 - 1902) landscape painter, painted landscapes from the nature of southern and northern Russia, Crimea and the Caucasus)
  • Arseny the Greek ((born about 1610) hieromonk, translator of Greek and Latin books and teacher of the Greek-Latin school)
  • Arseniusz Romanovich ((1910 - 2008) Polish architect)
  • Arseny Vvedensky ((1844 - 1909) Russian literary critic, bibliographer, literary historian)
  • Arseny Tarkovsky ((1907 - 1989) Russian poet and translator from oriental languages. Supporter of the classical style in Russian poetry. Father of film director Andrei Tarkovsky. Posthumously awarded the USSR State Prize (1989).)
  • Arseny Avraamov (Krasnokutsky) ((1886 - 1944) music theorist, folklorist, composer)
  • Arseny Golovko ((1906 - 1962) Soviet naval commander, admiral (1944). Permanent commander of the Northern Sea Fleet during the Great Patriotic War.)
  • Hieromonk Arseny ((1600-1668) in the world - Anton Sukhanov; Russian church leader, diplomat, writer and scribe, hieromonk, builder (manager) of the Moscow Epiphany Monastery, cellar of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery. Made several journeys to the East. Author Greeks about faith "and" Proskinitaria ".)
  • Arseny Nesmelov ((1889 - 1945) real surname - Mitropol'skiy, pseudonyms - A. N., A. N-lov, A. Arseniev, N. Arseniev, Arseny Bibikov, Senya Smelov, Nikolai Dozorov, N. Rakhmanov, Anastigmat, Aunt Rod, No-dust; Russian poet, prose writer, journalist)
  • Arsene Lupine (protagonist of the series of novels by Maurice Leblanc, "the gentleman robber")
  • Arseny Roginsky ((born 1946) Russian historian, human rights activist, public figure)
  • Arseny Chanyshev ((1926 - 2005) philosopher and historian of philosophy, employee and teacher of Moscow State University, creator of the “philosophy of non-being”, theorist of the origin of philosophy as a kind of knowledge. Author of monographs and textbooks on the theory of philosophy, poems and prose parables under the pseudonym Arseny Passer.)
  • Arseny Dezhurov (German philologist, writer, radio host)
  • Arsenio Crespellani ((1828 - 1900) Italian archaeologist and numismatist)
  • Arsenio Rodríguez ((1911 - 1971) real name: Ignacio de Loyola Rodríguez Scull; outstanding Cuban composer, reformer of the traditional Cuban orchestra, virtuoso Tresero guitarist, creator of the Son-montuno style, revered by many as the real creator of the Mambo style. In his life he created about 200 songs considered classics of Latin American music. Despite this, Arsenio Rodriguez is less known to the general public than his eminent contemporaries, such as Damaso Perez Prado, Tito Puente or Machito, remaining to this day in many ways a mysterious figure. there is very little information about his life. There is no consensus not only about the date and year of birth of the musician (for example, there is a version that Arsenio applied to the registration authorities in order to change the date of birth in his documents to August 31, 1913,which he considered correct) and his death, but even about the real name of the musician: there is an opinion that Rodriguez was actually called Ignacio Arsenio Travieso Scull.)
  • Arsenio Martinez-Campos Anton ((1831 - 1900) Spanish statesman and military leader, general)
  • Arsenie Todirash ((born 1983) Moldavian pop singer, member of the "O-Zone" group)
  • Arsenio Campos ((born 1946) famous Mexican film and TV actor)
  • Count Arseny Zakrevsky ((1783 - 1865) Russian military and statesman from the Zakrevsky family, Moscow governor-general (1848-1859))
  • Arseny Zverev ((1900 - 1969) Soviet statesman. People's Commissar, then Minister of Finance of the USSR in 1938-1960 with a break in 1948, candidate member of the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee (1952-1953), General State Counselor of the Financial Service (1948))
  • Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Ukrainian politician, economist and lawyer)
  • Arseny the industrious ((late XIII - XIV century) monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery. Holy Russian Church, venerated in the face of saints.)
  • Arseny Naydenov (Rozman) ((1941 - 2010) Soviet footballer, midfielder, Honored coach of the RSFSR (1991). Coached more than a dozen teams from the lower divisions of the USSR. He gained the greatest fame coaching the Sochi football club "Pearl". Author of the aphorism: "The judge broke the game. The fifth and seventh goals were scored from offside. ")
  • Arseny Zhakov ((born 1950) Russian, Soviet, classical guitarist, composer, teacher)
  • Arseny of Elassonsky ((1550 - 1625) in the world - Apostolis; Archbishop of Suzdal and Tarusa)
  • Arseny Tishkov ((1909 - 1979) Soviet state security figure and diplomat. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (1947), Major General (1965).)
  • Arseny Bibikov ((1873 - 1927) Russian theater and silent film actor, author of poems and stories published in the magazines "Young Russia", "Our Journal", member of the Moscow literary and artistic circle)
  • Metropolitan Arseny ((1704 - 1770) in the world - Alexei Mogilyansky; Metropolitan of Kiev and Galitsky, preacher of the court of Elizabeth Petrovna)
  • Arseny I Sremac ((XII century - 1266) the second archbishop of Serbia, canonized by the Serbian Orthodox Church)
  • Arseniy III Chernoevich ((1633 - 1706) Patriarch of Serbia from 1674 to 1690. The origin of Arseniy from the family of Chernoevich, who owned Montenegro in the 15th century, is questioned by some historians.)
  • Archbishop Arseny (Kostyurin) ((1637 - 1712) Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Voronezh and Eletsky)
  • Arseny Larionov ((born 1937) Russian Soviet and Russian writer)
  • Arseny the Great ((354 - 449) Christian saint, venerated among the saints)
  • Arsen Martirosyan ((born 1950) Russian writer, author of many documentary books)
  • Arsen Goshokov ((born 1991) Russian footballer, forward)
  • Arsen Petrosyan ((born 1991) Armenian footballer, goalkeeper. Player of the Armenian national team.)
  • Arsene Ne ((born 1981) Ivorian footballer, defender)
  • Arsen Kammaev ((1953 - 2001) Deputy Chairman of the People's Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan (1999-2001). Former head of the Novolaksky district of Dagestan.)
  • Arsen Beglaryan ((born 1993) Armenian and Russian footballer, goalkeeper. Player of the Armenian national football team under 21.)
  • Arsen Akaev ((born 1970) former Russian footballer, currently a coach)
  • Arsen Avakov ((born 1971) Tajik footballer, striker, played for the national team of Tajikistan. In 1995 he became the top scorer of the Ukrainian championship, scoring 21 goals in a season.)
  • Arsenio Pastor Eriko ((1915 - 1977) Paraguayan footballer, striker. Famous for his performances for Argentine club Independiente. One of the best striker in world football in the 1930s and 1940s. Greatest Paraguayan footballer in history according to IFFHS. Such outstanding footballers as Alfredo Di Stefano, Delphin Benitez Caceres, Leonidas da Silva, Francisco Varallo have called Eriko one of the greatest footballers of all time. The stadium of the Asunción Nacional is named after Arsenio Eriko.)
  • Roberto Lusardo ((born 1959) full name - Roberto Arsenio Lusardo Correa, nickname - Lusardo; former Uruguayan football player, midfielder)

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