The Meaning Of The Name Artyom (Tyoma)

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The Meaning Of The Name Artyom (Tyoma)
The Meaning Of The Name Artyom (Tyoma)

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The short form of the name Artyom. Artosha, Artemyushka, Artya, Artemka, Artyomchik, Tyoma, Artyunya, Tyunya, Artyukha, Artyusha, Tyusha, Artyosha, Artemino.

Synonyms for the name Artyom. Artemios, Artamon, Artemi, Artsyom, Artemio.

The origin of the name Artyom. The name Artyom is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Artyom, translated from Greek, means "intact, perfect health." According to another version - “dedicated to Artemis”. Comes from the Greek name Artemy, which emerged from the name of the goddess Artemis. In modern times, the name Artem has become an independent name, but it also continues to be used as a diminutive-affectionate reference to Artemy.

As a child, Artyom is a rather calm boy who prefers not to impose his society on others. His self-confidence helps him to find a company for himself even in unfamiliar places and even rules it quite well. Artyom is a very sociable and friendly boy, he likes to be friends with older children than himself. Gives preference to outdoor games. He always tries to tell the truth, because of which he can get into various unpleasant situations. Usually Artyom respects authorities, but he will not bow before them.

At school, Artyom shows himself to be a diligent student, diligently doing his homework. He prefers to be a leader in the class, but is ready to share it with friends, does not like conflicts. He is attentive to girls, considerate of them, he is great friends with them. Artyom does not like to be guided and overly patronized.

Artyom is persistent in achieving a goal, is able to quickly grasp information, but he needs time to think it over, scroll through various options in his head in order to use it. The “winter” owner of this name can be overly emotional, hot-tempered, but the “autumn” one is philosophical, the “autumn” Artyom is more serious and reasonable.

Artyom achieves everything with his work. It is not difficult for him to decide on a profession, he always knows what he wants. Artyom can succeed in many fields of activity, in various professions, but his career is not the main thing for him. Artyom can be a doctor, a journalist, an athlete, a teacher, and a businessman.

Artyom always tries to go his own way, has his own opinion and is ready to defend it. Such a position in life can cause both respect and hostility from people. Much in Artyom's life depends on his environment. He prefers to work on his own projects, ideas, than to work on other people's projects. He will successfully show himself where there is little lyrics, but analysis and a logical mindset are required.

Artyom loves sports. He likes swimming, cycling, running. He often gets good results. Artyom is also fond of reading, prefers humanitarian disciplines such as psychology and medicine.

In family life, Artyom is just a find and a valuable treasure for his future wife. He is a great husband, a good father, he will always help around the house, and will be happy to spend a vacation with his family. Likes to travel and receive guests.

Learning to communicate and negotiate with Artyom is not difficult, you just need not to put pressure on him, not demand an instant answer, but give him the opportunity to think things over carefully. To endear him to yourself, it is enough to simply and sincerely make friends with him, Artyom does not like suck, but sincere praise will be pleasant to him.

Sound. Artyom is a short name consisting of two syllables. Beauty is the main characteristic that is distinguished from him. Almost always they also note masculinity (87%), strength (85%) and lightness (80%) of the sound of the name. The names most similar in phonosemantic profile are Denis, Maxim and Ivan.

Compatibility with the name Anastasia | Anna | Daria | Ekaterina | Irina | Maria | Olga | Tatiana | Julia | yet

Artyom's birthday

Artyom celebrates his name day on January 17, February 26, April 6, May 12, July 6, November 2, November 12, November 13.

Famous people named Artyom

  • Artemy (hegumen of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, one of the ideologists of Russian non-acquisitiveness (d. After 1571))
  • Demis Roussos (real name - Artemios Venturis Roussos, Greek pop singer (born 1946))
  • Artamon Matveev ((1625-1682) Russian statesman, uncle of Natalia Naryshkina, mother of Peter I)
  • Artemy Volynsky (statesman and diplomat (1689-1740))
  • Artyom Sargsyan (oceanologist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (born 1926))
  • Artyom Troitsky (rock journalist, music critic, one of the first propagandists of rock music in the USSR, indie and electronic music in Russia)
  • Artyom Vesyoliy (Nikolai Kochkurov (1899-1938) - Russian Soviet writer)
  • Artyom Milevsky (Ukrainian professional footballer)
  • Artyom Borovik (famous Russian journalist)
  • Artyom Peshin (Russian footballer, midfielder)
  • Artyom Mikhalkov (Russian actor, director, screenwriter and TV presenter)
  • Artyom Mikoyan (Soviet aircraft designer, Colonel General of the Engineering Service)
  • Artyom Inozemtsev (Russian theater actor of Lithuania and film actor, People's Artist of the Lithuanian SSR (1979))
  • Artemio Franchi ((1922-1983) Italian football manager)
  • Artemio Iglesias ((1943-2010) Cuban politician)
  • Artemiu Paludo ((born 1932) Brazilian politician)

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