The Meaning Of The Name Aristarchus

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The Meaning Of The Name Aristarchus
The Meaning Of The Name Aristarchus

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Short form of the name Aristarchus. Ari, Arya, Arik, Aristasha, Ristasha, Aristia, Starh.

Synonyms for the name Aristarchus. Aristarhos, Aristarhus, Aristarkes, Aristarco, Alistar, Listar, Listrach, Alistarkh.

The origin of the name Aristarchus. The name Aristarchus is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Aristarchus of Greek origin comes from two semantic bases: "the best", "the best" and "ruler". In modern times, this name is translated as "the best leader", "the best boss." The word "Aristarhos" in Greek mythology was one of the epithets of Zeus. This name is not considered popular, rather the opposite - old-fashioned. The name Aristarchus was used in monasticism.

The name Aristarchus in Greece will sound like Aristarhos, in Germany - Aristarchus, in France - Aristarke, in England - Aristarkes, in Italy and Spain - Aristarco. There are colloquial forms of the name Aristarchus - Alistarkh, Listarch, Alistar, Listar, Elistrakh, Listrakh and others. You should not consider the name Alistair to be identical to Aristarchus, since this is one of the variants of the name Alexander.

The name Aristarchus is mentioned in the books of the New Testament. The date of the Catholic name day of Aristarchus is August 4, the rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name day of Aristarchus.

Aristarchus is brooding and cautious, he lacks self-confidence, so he hides behind an ice curtain of indifference, which can easily and mistakenly be taken for disrespect, when in fact this man has an extremely sensitive soul. Only with the passage of time and with great patience does he manage to become more sociable. Aristarchus is very wary of the unknown and the unexpected. His life credo is "you drive quieter, you will continue." This is a tireless worker who wants to be recognized for his work, he will work tirelessly and not counting hours.

Aristarchus is more like a loner, but he has an active interest in other people, he does not shy away from society, he should participate in various social events, develop a sense of solidarity and responsibility. This is a vulnerable and suggestible man, Aristarchus is very dependent on women, especially on his mother.

He is deeply interested in psychology, ethnology and ecology, and countless other fields of knowledge can also attract him. With this man, anything is possible. For this loving man, relationships are very important, he stands up for well-being. Aristarchus will become an excellent father who is able to listen with great understanding and attention to the complaints of a small child. But there is also a possibility that this man may remain an eternal child who will look for a spouse who can become his mother to him.

Aristarchus may take an interest in professions that are scientific or that require method and precision, such as accounting, management, or engineering. In addition, he can get carried away with the social sphere, counseling, teaching, psychology and various other professions that require intuition. Working as a civil servant can be acceptable if he wants to engage in security.

Name days of Aristarchus

Aristarchus celebrates his name day on January 17, January 27, April 28, August 4, November 27.

Famous people named Aristarchus

  • Aristarkh Lentulov ((1882-1943) Soviet artist, painter, portraitist, decorated stage sets for performances. He worked in the genre of "Russian avant-garde". His works are in some major world museums and galleries.)
  • Aristarkh Kashkin ((1723-1795) politician, privy councilor, was the head of the Tsarskoye Selo office)
  • Aristarkh Krapivin ((1909-1992) Soviet statesman, Hero of the Soviet Union (1945))
  • Aristarchus of Samos ((c. 310-230 BC), ancient Greek astronomer, mathematician and philosopher., Was the first to publicly voice the hypothesis that the Earth revolves around the Sun, worked on improving the calendar, invented a flat sundial, the founder of trigonometry, developed a method calculating the distances from the Earth to the Moon and the Sun)
  • Aristarkh Polubensky ((1831-1868) Russian doctor)
  • Alistair Overeem ((born 1980) Dutch MMA fighter and heavyweight kickboxer)

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