The Meaning Of The Name Aram

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The Meaning Of The Name Aram
The Meaning Of The Name Aram

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Short form of the name Aram. Arik.

Synonyms for the name Aram. Armeni, Armenik, Abraham.

The origin of the name Aram. The name Aram is Jewish, Muslim, Armenian.

The name Aram has several versions of its origin. The most common version is the biblical origin of the name, the Aramaic name. In the Bible, Aram is the son of Shem, the grandson of Noah.

There is also an Armenian version of the origin of the name. Aram is translated from the Armenian language as “noble”, sometimes “merciful”. It was this name that one of the Urartian kings bore - Aram the First. In Armenian mythology, there is a hero Aram, who is considered the ancestor of the Armenian people. And after his name other peoples began to call the land of the Armenians. So the Greeks called their lands as Armen, but other neighbors, the Syrians and Iranians, called Armenians or Armeniks. And these names became, in the future, personal names.

From the Persian language, the name Aram is translated as "peace", "consolation" - perhaps this was the name of a child who did not cause much trouble to his parents. This version resonates very well with Aram's temperament.

Aram has a calm and docile character. Often he is not the first child in the family, while he becomes everyone's favorite. Aram is talented, he dances well, he is not devoid of musical ear. It is good if the boy's abilities do not pass by the attention of his parents. The boy's face looks like his mother, and he inherited his character from his father. Growing up, Aram becomes shy and somewhat indecisive.

The character of Aram, born in winter, is likely to be dominated by selfishness, determination and stubbornness. However, Aram has a sober mind, despite some irascibility. Aram is harsh, but does not remember evil for a long time. The boy is benevolent, he can influence others, but he himself does not fall under the influence of others.

"Autumn" Aram is easily given profitable acquaintances. A man named by this name strives and ends up in the so-called high society.

Aram, born in spring, can be capricious and selfish, it happens that he quarrels over trifles. However, this does not prevent him from quickly and easily forgetting grievances, and, without looking back at them, come to the right decision. A man with this name is characterized by great willpower, courage and the ability to quickly respond to adverse situations.

“Summer” Aram loves to make plans that he cannot realize on his own, without like-minded people. The boy easily finds helpers among his friends. Aram, born in July, stands out for his intelligence and gallant attitude towards ladies, as well as for his organizational skills.

Who to become in the future, Aram decides at school. He is very attentive and serious about his choice of profession. Aram, born in the fall, often becomes a successful boss. He respects his subordinates, supports the ideas of specialists, helps in their implementation and is not afraid of competition.

Aram prefers to be in the company of adults. Learning at school is easy for a boy, Aram quickly makes friends, always tries to help them. The boy easily wins the trust of others, becomes an authority for friends.

In relationships, Aram tries to maintain calm, harmony and stability. Having married early, Aram is very devoted to his family and his children. Throughout his life, Aram maintains a warm relationship with his mother, and his father always remains an authority for him.

Aram's birthday

Aram does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Aram

  • Aram (son of Shem, grandson of Noah)
  • Aram, also called Aram, Arame, Aramu (the first ruler of Urartu, an ancient state on the territory of present-day Armenia. Reign period ca. 59 - 844 BC)
  • Aram Khachaturyan ((1903 - 1978) Soviet composer, conductor, teacher, musical and public figure. People's Artist of the USSR (1954), Hero of Socialist Labor (1973), laureate of four Stalin's (1941, 1943, 1946, 1950), Lenin (1959)) and the State Prize of the USSR (1971), author of the music of the State Anthem of the Armenian SSR (1944), academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR (1963). One of the greatest musicians of the 20th century.)
  • Aram Kocharyan ((born 1952) Armenian statesman.)
  • Aram Grigoryan ((born 1954) Armenian diplomat)
  • Aram Voskanyan (former Armenian football player, striker)
  • Aram Hakobyan (former Armenian football player, striker)
  • Aram (Aram Pasha) Manukyan ((1879 - 1919) Armenian socio-political and statesman, member of the Dashnaktsutyun party)
  • Aram Manukyan ((born 1957) Armenian politician)
  • Aram Safaryan (Member of the Armenian Parliament)
  • Aram Karapetyan ((born 1964) Armenian politician)
  • Aram Tamazyan ((born 1952) Prosecutor General of Armenia from 2001 to 2004)
  • Aram Asatryan ((1953 - 2006) popular Armenian singer, songwriter; godfather of the modern trend of the Armenian urban song - rabiz)
  • Aram Simonyan ((born 1955) Rector of Yerevan State University)
  • Aram Harutyunyan (Armenian statesman)
  • Aram Vanetsin ((1901 - 1971) Soviet graphic artist and painter, created many illustrations for books, including the following editions of A.S. Pushkin and M.Yu. Lermontov of 1947-1950s ("Snowstorm", "Izmail -bei "," A Hero of Our Time "); the interior of Leo Tolstoy's museum-estate" Yasnaya Polyana "was also restored from the image of the interior by Vanetsin Aram)

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