The Meaning Of The Name Anton

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The Meaning Of The Name Anton
The Meaning Of The Name Anton

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Short form of the name Anton. Antoha, Antosha, Tony, Ante, Tosha, Antonka, Antonya, Antosya, Tosya, Antya, Tonya, Anto, Antush, Antos, Titoan, Tonio, Nino, Tituan.

Synonyms for the name Anton. Anthony, Antonin, Anthony, Antonius, Antoine, Antonio, Anthony, Antal.

The origin of the name Anton. The name Anton is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Anton has Latin roots, comes from the Roman family name Antonius (Antonius, Anthony). This is a very ancient Roman generic name, so the exact meaning is not known.

It is possible that it comes from the ancient Greek "antao" ("anteo"), meaning "to meet", "to collide". There is an interpretation of the name close to this meaning - "entering the battle", "opposing". There is also a version that the root of the name Anton is “anthos” - “flower”.

The paired female name to the name Anton is Antonia. But the name of Antonidas is "daughter of Anthony." Options in other languages: Antoinette, Anton. From the generic name Antonius, a derivative name Antonin (Antonin) appeared, to which the paired female name is Antonina.

Diminutive-affectionate treatment Tony later became an independent name, although it continues to be actively used in relation to the name Anton and its analogues (mainly in European and English-speaking countries).

The church version of the name Anton is Anthony, it is worn by many saints and monks. Christians especially venerate the Monk Anthony the Great, who was one of the first monks to lead a hermitic life. People themselves began to look for him in order to touch his wisdom.

The owner of the name Anton is a man not without a certain charm, although he does not necessarily use it deliberately. He prefers to be loved by others for the reasonable and subtle qualities of his mind, than for the seductive powers that he may possess.

This is a reserved and preoccupied person who, although quite charming and sociable, does not like to talk a lot about himself and remains quite secretive. A man named Anton is like a man who was born to win, he is capable of dynamism and decisiveness, extremely convincing and inclined to be responsible for all his actions.

Anton has a talent for organization, and he does not value fast work, work without solidity. His ability to work is significant, he has a practical approach and analytical thinking, he has a skeptical and critical manner in assessing both his own efforts and the efforts of others. Effective in self-defense, sometimes it is not restrained in criticism.

As a child, this is an extremely independent boy, maybe even too much. Anton often seeks to get away from everyone, to retire with a book, prefers to be alone than in an unwanted company. Parents should pay attention to this tendency, to instill in the boy the importance of spending time together, cooperation, since such behavior can lead to an egocentric model of behavior in life.

Anton enjoys silence, study, reflection, analysis and meditation, often interested in advanced technologies (information technology, nanotechnology, robotics, oil and gas industry). Accuracy of perception, in-depth study of the issue will help him find his vocation in architecture, scientific fields, marketing, logistics. For all his personal isolation, Anton knows how to correctly build sequences, think logically, has perseverance in achieving goals, so such areas as politics and sports are close to him.

In matters of the heart, this is a rather shy man, hiding his acute sensitivity behind a veil of indifference that can make him seem cold and insensitive. Nevertheless, Anton has a wonderful moral character. Extremely demanding and selective in his personal relationships, he can remain a lonely wolf, unless he manages to find a soul mate, a spouse with whom he can share everything. And he will choose it in accordance with the general intellectual, cultural or spiritual relationship.

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Anton's birthday

Anton celebrates his name day on January 18, January 30, March 9, March 13, March 14, March 16, April 21, April 27, May 1, May 2, May 26, June 1, July 7, July 19, July 23, July 25, 26 July, 16 August, 17 August, 30 October, 22 November, 20 December.

Interesting fact about the name Anton

The founder of the Kiev Pechersk Monastery and one of the first monks in Russia, the Monk Anthony, did not at all correspond to the literal meaning of his name.

Since childhood, dreaming of becoming a monk, already as a youth Anthony reached the Holy Mount Athos (the territory of modern Greece). Having taken the tonsure, he very soon, with his humility and obedience, attracted the attention of the local abbot, who blessed him to return to the Russian land and preach Christian values ​​by his example.

Returning to his homeland, Anthony settled in seclusion not far from Kiev. With his meek, deeply prayerful life, he began to attract other people who began to settle around the cave. This is how the famous monastery was formed.

Anthony himself, wishing to devote himself further to prayer solitude, again settled in one of the nearest caves, living there until the end of his life and remaining a living example not only for the novices of the monastery, but also for the entire monastic brethren.

Famous people named Anton

  • Anton Chekhov ((1860-1904) Russian writer and playwright. Considered a classic of world, not just Russian literature. His plays, stories and stories have been translated into more than 100 languages. "The Seagull", "Three Sisters" and "The Cherry Orchard" - the most famous plays, which have been staged in all theaters of the world for over a hundred years. He was also a practicing doctor.)
  • Anton Makarenko ((1888-1939) Soviet teacher of world renown. By decision of UNESCO (1988) Anton Makarenko is considered one of the four teachers who influenced the entire pedagogy of the twentieth century. He was also a writer - all works are devoted to pedagogy and education.)
  • Anton Rubinstein ((1829-1894) Russian composer, was also a pianist and conductor. He was at the origins of professional musical education in Russia. Thanks to him, the very first Russian conservatory appeared in St. Petersburg in 1862, where he became a music teacher. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is his student.)
  • Anton Denikin ((1872-1947) Russian commander, military man, leader of the White Guards, was also a political and public figure. He wrote memoirs, journalism, was a military documentary.)
  • Anthony van Leeuwenhoek ((1632-1723) Dutch scientist, engaged in natural sciences. He improved the manufacture of lenses for microscopes, which allowed him to achieve a 500-fold increase. He discovered erythrocytes, studied bacteria, found new types of organisms.)
  • Anton Kalishevsky ((1863-1925) Russian literary critic, was engaged in the organization of librarianship in Moscow, became director of the library of Moscow University)
  • Anton Walter ((1905-1965) Soviet scientist, nuclear physicist, for the first time in the USSR, together with other scientists, artificially split the atomic nucleus with accelerated protons)
  • Anton Sikharulidze ((born 1976) Russian figure skater (pair skating), twice Olympic medalist, multiple winner of various prestigious championships)
  • Anton Golovaty ((1732/1744 - 1797) Cossack chieftain, founder of the Black Sea Cossack army. He initiated the resettlement of the Black Sea Cossacks to the Kuban. He was a philanthropist and cultural figure of his era.)
  • Anton Nosatovsky ((1883-1955) Russian scientist, agronomist-breeder. Received two new varieties of spring wheat.)
  • Anton Rutner ((1817-1897) Austrian geographer, conqueror and irrepressible explorer of the Alps)
  • Anton Kandaurov ((1863-1930 / 1936) Russian artist, illustrator; was a performer at the Bolshoi and Maly theaters)
  • Antoine Dorsa ((born 1989) Swiss figure skater (pair skating))
  • Anthony Jarrad Morrow ((born 1985) American basketball player)
  • Antal (Toni) Kocis ((1905-1994) Hungarian boxer, Olympic champion in 1928)
  • Antonin Broz ((born 1987) Czech luger, multiple medalist)

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