The Meaning Of The Name Anatoly (Tolya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Anatoly (Tolya)
The Meaning Of The Name Anatoly (Tolya)

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The short form of the name Anatoly. Tolya, Tolik, Tolyan, Anatolka, Natolya, Anatoha, Natokha, Anatosha, Natosha, Tosha, Tosya, Totya, Tusya, Tolyunya, Tolyusya, Tolyakha, Tolyasha, Tolka.

Synonyms for the name Anatoly. Anatol, Anatolio, Anatolios.

The origin of the name Anatoly. The name Anatoly is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Anatoly from the ancient Greek language means "eastern", "east", "sunrise" or "dawn". Anatoly was the name of a resident of the city of Anatolia (the ancient name of Asia Minor, located east of Greece), therefore the name Anatoly is also translated as "resident of Anatolia". The paired female name is Anatolia.

As a child, Anatoly is a calm, quiet boy who loves to fantasize and prefers to read a book or glue a model of a frigate, rather than running around in the yard with the boys. But with age, Anatoly realizes that a friend is very important to him - and Anatoly values ​​each friend. He does not have many friends, he is extremely tactful and benevolent to everyone, but from a friend he requires the same ardor and honesty of relations to which he himself strives.

Perseverance, perseverance, poise and understanding of their goals - these qualities help Anatoly find his place in life. Achieving success is an essential part of Anatoly's life. Either this is a job, or is it a search for a chosen one, or is it a hobby. There is nothing unimportant in his life, everything has its own value and importance.

Anatoly strives to communicate and is very sensitive to other people's opinions. Anatoly attracts girls with its brightness. Anatoly is a strong and reliable man who certainly stands out in any society.

Anatoly reacts very sharply to everything that happens around him. Moreover, his reaction is not always predictable. Anatoly lives a rich inner life, and interferes in other people's affairs only in those cases when he is absolutely sure of success. This is a very strong-willed man, whose will sometimes turns into stubbornness. Anatoly never admits himself defeated, he can adapt to circumstances only if he can subdue them.

A man named Anatoly has a rather unbalanced psyche. It is quite difficult to determine his type: he is both an introvert and an extrovert at the same time. Anatoly is always ready to help others, loves feasts and is sometimes prone to pranks.

Along with his unique intuition, Tolya is endowed with an analytical mind and ingenuity. He has strong moral principles, on the basis of which Anatoly often gives instructions to others. The name Anatoly contains a considerable ability to predict events. Anatoly is good at determining the outcome of events, but he cannot always use this to achieve his goal.

Among the opposite sex, Tolya will often give preference to blondes. He easily wins the favor of women with his prudence, is good at talking on various topics, describing the beauty of a partner. The most important thing for Anatoly in his chosen one is beauty and figure, but with age, he pays more and more attention to other qualities of his beloved.

Anatoly is not always lucky with his family. It happens that he chooses an overbearing woman as his wife, seeking to establish her unconditional power in the house. Anatoly also does not always find a common language with children. Unfortunately, Anatoly cannot earn enough money, although he cannot be called a bad worker. One fine day Anatoly leaves the family, unable to bear the constant burden of problems and nagging.

At work, Anatoly is an authority for those around him, able to lead people. Colleagues appreciate him for his courage, reliability and kindness. However, critical situations are too difficult a test for Tolya. He becomes uncontrollable, goes against advice and creates difficulties for others. In all other situations, Anatoly is the soul of the team. Opponents and envious people are not able to defeat a man and he is successfully developing in his professional field. Anatoly is always fair with his subordinates, does not allow insults and humiliations.

Diligence, accuracy, patience, willpower and repeated over and over again what did not work out the first time - that's the only way Anatoly lives. Anatoly chooses for himself complex, difficult professions, where success cannot be at once, and it must be achieved, a lot of effort must be put in. Famous actors, scientists, athletes, singers - many bear this sonorous name Anatoly. A man named Anatoly has a wide range of hobbies. He is very active, has a penchant for travel and outdoor recreation. As a rule, Anatoly chooses his profession from those where he needs to communicate with people. He often becomes a psychiatrist, psychologist, teacher or politician.

Birthday of Anatolia

Anatoly celebrates his name day on January 23, February 7, February 19, July 16, July 19, August 6, September 10, September 15, October 11, October 24, November 3, November 13, November 19, December 23.

Famous people named Anatoly

  • Anatoly Durov ((1887 - 1928) outstanding circus artist, satirist clown and trainer, son of Anatoly Leonidovich Durov)
  • Anatoly Papanov ((1922 - 1987) Soviet theater and film actor. People's Artist of the USSR (1973). Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1987 - posthumously).)
  • Anatoly Aleksandrov ((1903 - 1994) Soviet physicist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1991; Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR since 1953), President of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1975-86), three times Hero of Socialist Labor (1954, 1960, 1973). One of the founders of the Soviet nuclear The main works in the field of nuclear physics, solid-state physics, polymer physics. And P. Aleksandrov was elected an honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.)
  • Anatoly Kovarsky ((1904 - 1974) Soviet breeder, agronomist, geneticist, botanist, doctor of agricultural sciences)
  • Anatoly Karpov ((born 1951) twelfth world chess champion (1975-1985), international grandmaster (1970), honored master of sports of the USSR (1974). Three-time world chess champion among men (1975, 1978, 1981), three-time champion world FIDE (1993, 1996, 1998), two-time world champion in the USSR national team (1985 and 1989), three-time champion of the USSR (1976, 1983, 1988), champion of the RSFSR (1970). One of the most famous philatelists in the CIS. the stamp collection is estimated to be at least 13 million euros.)
  • Anatoly Firsov ((1941 - 2000) Soviet hockey player, one of the best forwards in the history of hockey. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1964).)
  • Anatoly Wasserman ((born 1952) journalist, political consultant, known as a multiple winner of intellectual TV games)
  • Anatoly Lyadov ((1855 - 1914) Russian composer and conductor)
  • Anatoly Zhabotinsky ((1938 - 2008) Soviet and American biophysicist)
  • Anatoly Tymoshchuk ((born 1979) Ukrainian footballer)
  • Anatole France ((1844 - 1924) real name - François Anatole Thibault; French writer and literary critic. Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1921), whose money he donated to benefit the starving Russia.)
  • Anatol Mirovich ((1903 - 1996) Polish linguist)
  • Anatoly Kim ((born 1939) writer, author of the books "Father-Forest", "Jade Belt")
  • Anatoly Efros ((1925 - 1987) real name - Natan Efros; Soviet theater director, teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1976))
  • Anatoly Rybakov ((1911 - 1998) Soviet, Russian writer. Author of novels and stories "Dagger", "Bronze Bird", "Drivers", "Heavy Sand." The novel-tetralogy "Children of the Arbat" received a huge public response. Stalin Prize winner second degree (1951).)
  • Anatoly Romashin ((1931 - 2000) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, director, laureate of the USSR State Prize (1977), People's Artist of the RSFSR (1982))
  • Anatoly Tarasov ((1918 - 1995) Soviet hockey player, football player and coach in these sports. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1949). Honored Coach of the USSR (1956). According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Tarasov is the "father of Russian hockey" who made the USSR “The dominant force in international competitions.” Together with Arkady Chernyshev, he set an unbeatable record - for 9 years in a row (1963-1971) the USSR national ice hockey team under their leadership became the champion in all international tournaments. Father of figure skating coach Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova.)
  • Anatoly Aleksin ((born 1924) real name - Goberman; Soviet writer, playwright. Laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR named after N.K. Krupskaya (1974) and the State Prize of the USSR (1978).)
  • Anatoly Mityaev ((1924 - 2008) Russian writer, screenwriter, executive secretary of the Pionerskaya Pravda children's newspaper (1950 - 1960), editor-in-chief of the Murzilka children's magazine (1960 - 1972), editor-in-chief of the Soyuzmultfilm studio.)
  • Anatoly Lunacharsky ((1875 - 1933) Russian Soviet writer, public and political figure, translator, publicist, critic, art critic.From October 1917 to September 1929 - the first People's Commissar of Education, an active participant in the 1905-1907 revolution and the October Revolution of 1917 year. Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1930).)
  • Anatoly Koni ((1844 - 1927) Russian lawyer, judge, statesman and public figure, writer, judicial orator, active privy councilor, member of the State Council of the Russian Empire (1907-1917). Honorary Academician of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in the category of fine literature (1900), Doctor of Criminal Law at Kharkov University (1890), Professor at Petrograd University (1918-1922). Author of the works "On the Path of Life", "Judicial Speeches", "Fathers and Children of the Judicial Reform", numerous memoirs about the writers. The court chaired by AF Koni delivered an acquittal in the case of Vera Zasulich, supervised the investigation of many criminal cases, for example, the case of the imperial train wreck, the sinking of the steamer Vladimir in the summer of 1894, and others.)
  • Anatoly Solovyanenko ((1932 - 1999) Soviet and Ukrainian opera singer (lyric and dramatic tenor). People's Artist of the USSR (1975), Hero of Ukraine (2008), laureate of Lenin (1980) and State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR named after T.G. Shevchenko (1997).)
  • Anatol Levitsky ((1841 - 1899) Polish medievalist historian)
  • Anatol Provaznik ((1887 - 1950) Czech organist and composer)
  • Anatoliu Fale ((1913 - 1980) Portuguese composer and teacher)
  • Anatoli Tonov ((born 1968) Bulgarian footballer)
  • Anatol Oleinik ((1902 - 1936) Ukrainian poet)
  • Anatoly Yablonsky ((1912 - 1954) Ukrainian Byzantine artist, icon painter)
  • Anatol Stern ((1899 - 1968) Polish poet, prose writer, literary and film critic, screenwriter and translator. Together with Bruno Jaseński, he authored the manifesto of Polish futurism "Nuż w bżuhu".)
  • Anatol (Anatoly) Litvak ((1902 - 1974) director and producer who worked in the USSR, Great Britain, Germany, France, USA)
  • Anatol Vieru ((1926 - 1998) Romanian composer, music theorist, teacher)
  • Akim Astreiko ((1911 - 1978) pseudonym - Anatole Astreiko; Belarusian Soviet poet, translator, journalist. Member of the Union of Writers of the USSR (1939). He gained fame as a songwriter, satirist, children's writer.)
  • Antal Gidas ((1899 - 1980) birth name - Santo Gyula; Hungarian poet and writer, who lived for a long time in the USSR, an expert on classical Hungarian literature in the USSR)
  • Anatoly Brusevich ((born 1977) Belarusian poet, translator, literary critic, candidate of philological sciences)
  • Anatole Mallett ((1837 - 1919) Swiss railway engineer, locomotive designer, creator of a type of steam locomotive of the Mallet system. In 1867, Mallett took up the construction of steam engines, developed the idea of ​​a composite steam engine. Later he participated in the design and construction of port facilities in different countries, participated in construction of the Suez Canal.)
  • Anatol-Yulian Kurdyk ((1905 - 2001) pseudonyms: Anatol Bovshivskyi, Osiy Goltipaka, Osip Goltipaka, Rogatinets, etc.; Ukrainian writer, poet, journalist, public figure, book compiler, author of prefaces and notes to books)
  • Anatole Abraham ((1914 - 2011) French physicist, member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1973). Research devoted to magnetism and solid state physics, the theory of spin temperature, nuclear polarization, gamma resonance spectroscopy of solids. He is credited with the development of the theory of hyperfine structure splitting. In 1953, he observed the Overhauser effect (independently of other scientists). Together with Warren Proctor, he discovered dynamic nuclear polarization (solid effect), which is used to obtain a polarized proton target. He discovered nuclear antiferromagnetism (1970) and nuclear precession of neutrons (1973). He became president of the French Physical Society in 1967. In 1995, he was awarded the M.V.Lomonosov Russian Academy of Sciences for outstanding achievements in the field of condensed matter physics and nuclear physics research methods.)
  • Anatoly Vakhnyanin ((1841 - 1908) politician, composer, journalist and teacher)
  • Anatol (Anatoly) Zhakovsky ((1907 - 1983) French art critic, collector and artist, founder of the "Museum of Naive Art of Anatol Zhakovsky" in Nice (1978). As an art critic initially specialized in abstract art, and since 1942 devoted himself entirely to studying and collecting naive art.)
  • Anatol Lieven ((born 1960) British political scientist, writer, journalist, historian)

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