The Meaning Of The Name Angel

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The Meaning Of The Name Angel
The Meaning Of The Name Angel

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Short form of the name Angel. Angi, Anguly, Gulya, Angelito, Helo, Angelino, Gela, Lino, Linuccio, Lallo, Lillo, Lillino, Gino, Zhelu, Same, Anelek, Andya, Adelik, Angelko, Acho, Ango, Angio.

Synonyms for the name Angel. Angel, Angel, Angel, Angelo, Angelos, Angelus, Ange, Andrzej, Angers, Angelo, Angel.

The origin of the name Angel. The name Angel is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Angel is derived from the late Latin male name Angelus, which literally means "angel" and comes from the Greek "angelos" - "messenger, angel". There is also a translation option - "messenger of joy".

In Orthodox saints there are only male forms of this name - Angelius and Angelis, and in Catholic calendar there is also a female form of this name - Angela. In Russian-speaking countries, the more common female names Angela or Angela, borrowed from the Italian language. There is also a feminine name Angel, Angel.

The child grows up mobile. The angel seeks to be friends and communicate with everyone, always in a good mood, loves to meet. With adults, he conducts conversations about the meaning of life, which makes them tender. Knows how to ask for forgiveness and admit his mistakes. Its main features are honesty and fairness. With age, the character of the Angel does not change much. He always defends justice.

He is popular with the opposite sex. This is facilitated by his ability to beautifully look after a woman. The owner of the name Angel is an interesting person, a lover filled with passion and an attentive admirer. His temperament gives him the opportunity to date several women at once. The angel is very careful about choosing a spouse. Officially, he ties himself together late enough. The Angel always makes his woman happy, therefore his marriage is going well.

Angel makes a career easily, he is an expert in his professional field. His dedication to ideas, competence in all professional matters and authority among colleagues helps Angel to quickly become a leader.

The Angel likes to spend his free time with his family in nature. He does not have the patience to work in the garden, he likes to relax in the forest, picking mushrooms, or to fish in a reservoir.

The angel does not look for fleeting connections on the side. He rarely discusses his casual adventures, even with close friends, does not like to be discussed.

Men with this name, who celebrate their birthday in spring or summer, have a variety of talents. Not all of them succeed in realizing themselves as a person. But Angels born in winter or autumn are capable of one hundred percent realizing their personal potential. They have a stubborn, strong and persistent character. Such owners of the name Angel find their place in society and achieve great success. Great dedication helps them achieve the desired result. At such moments, he devotes all his time to work and is not able to devote enough time to his wife and children.

Angel's birthday

The angel celebrates name day on January 15, February 6, April 12, May 5, August 13, September 14, October 10, November 10, December 16.

Famous people named Angel

  • Angel Yordenescu ((born 1950) former Romanian footballer, striker, now works in the Romanian parliament)
  • Angel Bogdanovich ((1860 - 1907) Russian publicist and critic)
  • Angel Krstev (Czech hockey player, defender)
  • Angelo D'Arrigo ((1961 - 2006) Italian pioneer aircraft athlete, hang glider pilot, holder of several world records; ornithologist, widely known for his joint flights with flocks of migratory birds)
  • Angel Saavedra ((1791 - 1865) Spanish writer and politician, Duke)
  • Angel Ivanov Marin ((born 1942) Bulgarian statesman and military leader, major general, vice president of Bulgaria (since 2002))
  • Ange-Jacques Gabriel ((1698 - 1782) French architect with the rank of First Royal Architect)
  • Angelo Mariani, Angers-Francois Mariani ((1838 - 1914) French chemist who worked in a laboratory in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Mariani became widely known in 1863 as the creator and organizer of the production of cocaine wine "Vin Mariani", which is considered the predecessor of modern coca Cola. Mariani, who organized the massive import of coca leaves, was the first to make the product available to the general public. The main consumers of Mariani wine were representatives of the European nobility, in particular, members of many royal families. Pope Leo XIII, who carried the Mariani flask everywhere., awarded Angelo Mariani with the gold star of the Vatican. Mariani's wine was banned at the beginning of World War I. The Mariani laboratory complex and its Coca Salon were destroyed in 1947.)
  • Angelo Bendinelli ((1876 - 1942) Italian opera singer (tenor))
  • Angiolo del Santo ((1882 - 1938) Italian sculptor)
  • Angel Saavedra, Duke of Rivas ((1791 - 1865) Spanish writer, poet and politician)
  • Angelu Monteiro ((born 1942) Brazilian poet)
  • Angel Chervenkov ((born 1964) Bulgarian football coach)
  • Angelus Silesius, Silesian Angel ((1624 - 1677) proper name - Johannes Schefler, German mystic poet)
  • Ange-Felix Patassé ((1937 - 2011) Central African statesman and politician, Prime Minister (1976 - 1978) and President of the Central African Republic (1993 - 2003). Was deposed during the civil war by rebel leader François Bozizet.)
  • Anže Kopitar ((born 1987) is a professional Slovenian hockey player. He is the first Slovenian ice hockey player to go on the ice in the NHL.)
  • Anzhe Jereb ((born 1974) founder and creative director of the advertising agency Kaffeine Communications in Ukraine, managing partner of the Communication Industry group of communication companies. A promoter of socially responsible advertising, an active fighter for improving the quality of Ukrainian advertising in general.)
  • Andrzej Wajda ((born 1926) famous Polish theater and film director)
  • Ange François ((1800 - 1867) Belgian painter, portrait painter, author of paintings on historical and religious subjects. Son of the painter Pierre Joseph Celestin François, in whose studio he studied before entering the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Much of the work created by Ange François has been lost. some of them can be obtained from surviving lithographs. Beginning in the 1830s, the influence of the Dutch school of the 17th century became noticeable in François's work.)
  • Angelo Dolphini ((born 1978) Italian figure skater who performed in single skating)
  • Angelo Ambrogini, nicknamed Poliziano ((1454 - 1494), Italian poet, humanist and playwright. Court poet and friend of Lorenzo Medici, educator of his sons. Professor of Greek and Latin literature at the University of Florence, author of the poem "Stanza for the Tournament" (1475), play "The Legend of Orpheus" (1471). Commissioned by Lorenzo Medici wrote the work "On the Pazzi conspiracy" (1478). His nickname Poliziano ("Pulchansky") got on the basis of the name of his hometown in Latin)
  • Angelo Peruzzi (Italian footballer, goalkeeper)
  • Angelo Rocca ((1545 - 1620) Italian philologist)
  • Angelo Debarre ((born 1962) French guitarist of gypsy origin, jazz manouche performer)
  • Angelo Di Livio ((born 1966) former Italian footballer, midfielder)
  • Angelos Basinas (Greek footballer, midfielder, ex-captain of the Greek national team)
  • Angelos Charisteas (Greek footballer, striker)
  • Angelos Sikelianos ((1884 - 1951) Greek poet and playwright. Sikelianos is one of the prominent Greek poets of the 20th century. His poems glorify national history, religious symbolism, universal harmony.)
  • Angelos Terzakis ((1907 - 1979) Greek novelist and playwright)

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