The Meaning Of The Name Anzor

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The Meaning Of The Name Anzor
The Meaning Of The Name Anzor

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Synonyms for the name Anzor. Anzur, Andzor, Ansor, Ansur, Amzor.

The origin of the name Anzor. The name Anzor is Muslim, Ossetian, Georgian.

The name Anzor is found in the Caucasus. This is the name given to their boys by the Ingush, Chechens, Georgians, Azerbaijanis and many other peoples. The name is translated from the Georgian language as "free". There is also an interpretation - "the most caring". Possible recording options for the name - Ansor, Ansur, Amzor, Anzur.

According to one version, the name Anzor appeared in the Caucasus, where initially it was not a name, but the designation of a warrior who guarded the passages in the gorges of the mountains. The name was formed in the Nakh-Dagestan language group. The part of the name "an" means "sky" or "horizon", and the modern "zor" appeared from the original "dzur" ("zur", "zuvr"), which is interpreted as "to observe". Therefore, translation options for the name Anzor are possible - "watching the sky / horizon", "observing". It is possible that the interpretation of "most caring" is a loose interpretation of the translation "observer."

The owner of the name Anzor is a very active man, he has a tendency to continuous movement. This can be reflected both in his desire to change his place of residence, moving from apartment to house or, conversely, from house to apartment, and to frequent changes in his activities - his hobby for wood processing can be replaced by literary activity, his hobby for agriculture will give way to learning new techniques in management. His inconstancy and inability to appreciate stability in any form often lead to difficulties in family life, difficult searches for his betrothed, to the difficulty of permanent friendship, because sometimes it is simply impossible to find a real friend in such a short period of time.

This tendency is easy to notice in childhood. "Fidget" and "fidget" are the words the boy often hears in childhood. And this practically does not change with age. Loneliness, which, perhaps, will be Anzor's companion, does not bother him especially, but is often taken for granted by him. After all, he needs freedom so much, freedom without which he cannot fully live.

It cannot be said that Anzor is not subject to feelings and emotions, but in choosing his wife he will rely not on his heart, but on his mind. One of the most important criteria that he will take into account is the compliance of his wife with his vital interests. How ready she is to accept him for who he is. In marriage, for Anzor, the support that spouses provide to each other is important, and the sensuality or external attractiveness of the partner is not the most important thing, in his opinion.

This man is ambitious, knows how to show his character and endurance. His determination, at times, knows no boundaries. He can start any business from scratch and bring it to its logical conclusion.

Anzor does not pay attention to the opinions of others, but he should not forget that an opinion is created about him that he is trustworthy. The ability to find a common language is one of the few practical skills that will be very useful to Anzor if he can convince himself of the need to possess it. Otherwise, the behavior of this person can often be the cause of conflicts, scandals, which can lead to adverse consequences.

To throw out all the indignation, to feel the taste of freedom and triumph, Anzor can stop at difficult professions that require great volitional efforts and overcome many obstacles. Often this man finds himself in sports, in wrestling, and if wrestling does not become his main profession, then he loves this sport as a hobby, as an addition to his main activity.

This man should listen to himself and find out what exactly he really wants, and whether it seems to him that what he really wants is not worth the effort that needs to be spent on it.

Birthday of Anzor

Anzor does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Anzor

  • Anzor Gaunov ((born 1972) Russian wrestler (judo), multiple champion and medalist of Russian championships and other competitions)
  • Anzor Kavazashvili ((born 1940) Soviet Georgian footballer, role - goalkeeper. Over the years of his career, he was twice named the best goalkeeper of the USSR.)
  • Anzor (Piruz) Martkoplishvili ((born 1937) Soviet athlete-wrestler (sambo, judo). Winner and medalist of the USSR and European championships.)
  • Anzor Mukba ((born 1946) Abkhaz writer)
  • Anzor Tembulatov ((born 1989) Russian footballer)
  • Anzor Urishev (Russian freestyle wrestler, champion and medalist at the Russian and European championships)

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