Meaning Of The Name Anwar

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Meaning Of The Name Anwar
Meaning Of The Name Anwar

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Synonyms for the name Anwar. Anuar, Enuar, Enver, Anver, Anvarbek, Anvarjon.

The origin of the name Anwar. The name Anvar is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Anwar is of Arabic origin. By its etymology, the meaning of the name is close to the concept of "brighter", therefore the name is most often translated as "bright", "bright", also interpreted as "radiant", "radiant light". The name Anvar can be written and pronounced in various variations - Anuar, Enuar, Enver, Anver. It can also be part of a compound name - Anvarbek, Anvarjon. Most often found among the descendants of the Turks - Tatars, Turks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs.

The owner of the name Anwar gives the impression of a mysterious and strange person, and this is all thanks to the fact that this man prefers secrecy, has self-control and is an introvert by nature. This is a reluctant man to communicate, he hides his hypersensitivity and emotionality behind a facade of insensitivity and prefers communication at a distance - it is easier for him to write a letter or SMS than to make a call and agree personally.

Anwar strives for peace and quiet, which has a beneficial effect on his mind, giving him time and space to reflect, reflect and sometimes indulge in introspection.

This man is the most intelligent and intellectual, rather than active or materialistic. He is capable of critical thinking and is prone to skepticism, sometimes wearing a small ironic smile at the corner of his mouth. Yet he has a natural understanding of geometry, is well versed and can make a career as a confident and convincing scientist with his brilliant, intuitive mind.

He listens more than speaks, and therefore can find his calling as a psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor or consultant. In terms of his beliefs, Anwar chooses one of two positions - he either denies what he considers to be wrong, regardless of other arguments and does not listen to other people's opinions, or he ardently defends his beliefs, regardless of how others perceive them. Anwar does not hold a middle position or a compromise.

As a child, Anwar can often be seen playing all alone. He will prefer a book to communication, a computer to the real world, since the world around him makes him nervous, to participate in life, which he does not particularly strive for. It is necessary to encourage him to communicate, taking into account his emotional sensitivity, because he needs to learn how to communicate, to understand friendship, benefit, anger, compassion, this will help him in the future. Nevertheless, he is very shy, prefers not to admit anyone to him, does not show his emotions, any manifestation of affection gives him inconvenience. This boy definitely needs to participate in open group activities or participate in a theatrical circle, because only through joint work and common goals will he be able to more fully learn how to manage his emotions and learn to communicate.

It's true, he can be a little unsociable. But Anwar is a kind man and often tries to help others (albeit sometimes clumsily) because his ideals are high. His love life is important to him, and yet he is cautious, afraid of pain or disappointment. He is prone to loneliness, being someone who prefers to be lonely but not in bad company. His modesty, later relationships can sometimes be a shield. And at the same time, Anwar is someone worth knowing, at heart he is a romantic and a very loving man.

Most likely, Anwar will be attracted by advanced professions associated with the latest technology (technician, engineer, computer specialist). The humanities may equally be of interest to him (psychology, education, law). It is possible that professions related to performing for entertainment purposes (theater, cinema and other media) or with foreign relations (international relations, import-export, tourism) may also become his vocation, especially in those cases when Anwar learns to control your desire to retire.

Anwar's birthday

Anwar does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Anwar

  • Anvar Sayfutdinov ((born 1963) Russian artist-painter)
  • Anvar Gatiyatulin ((born 1976) Russian hockey player, role - defender. Currently - coach.)
  • Anvar Adzhiev ((1914-1991) Kumyk poet)
  • Anvar Ibragimov ((born 1965) Soviet fencer, became Olympic champion in team competitions among foil fencers)
  • Anvar (Enver, Anver) Yulgushev ((1938-1993) Soviet footballer, role - forward)
  • Anvar Kasymov ((born 1933) a leading Soviet Uzbek scholar. He was engaged in oriental studies, also an indologist and a Turkologist. In 1991, under his leadership, the Department of World Politics was founded at the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies.)
  • Anvar Berdyev ((born 1978) Uzbek footballer, role - forward)
  • Anvarbek Umbetbaev ((1914-1973) Soviet Kazakh opera singer, variety of voice - dramatic tenor. Winner of the Stalin Prize, second degree, 1949.)
  • Anvar Soliev ((born 1965) Uzbek footballer, member of the national team of Uzbekistan)
  • Anwar El-Ghazi ((born 1995) Dutch footballer, striker, player of the Netherlands national team)
  • Anuar Ismagambetov ((born 1986) is a Kazakh chess player, became a grandmaster in 2008. He took part in the Olympiads four times.)
  • Anuar Cali ((born 1991) Dutch and Moroccan footballer)
  • Anuar Alimzhanov ((1930-1993) Soviet Kazakh writer, famous publicist, public figure)
  • Enver Khalil Khoja ((1908-1985) Albanian politician, People's Hero of Albania)
  • Enver Izetov ((born 1955) Soviet Crimean Tatar artist. Also book illustrator, graphic designer, production designer of animated films.)
  • Enver Feizov ((1928-2011) Soviet and Russian scientist-philosopher)
  • Enver Yulgushov ((born 1938) Soviet footballer, then Russian football coach)
  • Enver (Enver) Ablaev ((born 1977) Uzbek and Ukrainian freestyle, specialization - acrobatics. Became the first Ukrainian freestyle athlete to win the Freestyle World Cup in 2004-2005. Currently, he is the head coach of the Ukrainian freestyle team.)

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