The Meaning Of The Name Amiran

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The Meaning Of The Name Amiran
The Meaning Of The Name Amiran

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Synonyms for the name Amiran. Amiram, Amir, Amirani.

The origin of the name Amiran. The name Amiran is Muslim, Armenian, Georgian.

The name Amiran is most often found among Armenians, Georgians, descendants of the Turks, and is used among Muslims. It is formed from the Arabic name Amir, which means "ruler", "overlord". The name Amirani was borne by the mythological hero of the Georgian folk epic "Amiraniani".

Sometimes the name Amiran is identical to the name Amiram, found among the Jews. In this case, the name Amiran is interpreted as "my people are exalted."

The paired female name is Amirana, Amiranda.

The owner of the name Amiran has a multifaceted character. Either he is a receptive and pliable man, then he becomes independent and completely closes off from communication. It depends on his emotional state and on the environment, which can either energize Amiran or make him calm and phlegmatic.

Amiran is a very sensitive man, always nervous, although he tries to hide it from others. His calmness and phlegmatic behavior are just an appearance. He often lives in his own dreams, and his rich imagination allows him to overcome the harsh realities of everyday life. Various trips help him a lot to achieve the desired effect. The change of scenery helps him to avoid the routine of life.

Amiran adheres to a certain social behavior, he tries to be merciful, tolerant, reasonable with those he meets on his way. However, with those who are with him at all times, it is more difficult for him to adhere to the same principles. His natural simplicity and generosity make him a sympathetic person gifted with a sense of solidarity. Amiran values ​​his friends, shows hospitality and human warmth.

Sometimes he is an enthusiastic, adventurous and lively, sometimes dreamy, thoughtful, slow and reserved man. Amiran can be confusing with this side of his personality, between which he is constantly found.

As a child, Amiran is a keen boy, is interested in different aspects of life, shows some absent-mindedness and daydreaming. He definitely needs to direct his energy into creativity or into sports.

Competently assessing the restrictions, Amiran, despite this, first of all, values ​​freedom. He does not support any discipline well, likes to fantasize, make escapes, go on trips and seek adventure. He does not like monotony, so he feels the need to constantly update his emotions and feelings, without thinking about responsibility.

In this emotional and sensual person, a sentimental and romantic life is important, sometimes very submissive, sometimes very impulsive. Even in the emotional field, he does not like the presence of any obstacles, restrictions, he strives for independence and confidence necessary for his development. Jealousy, possessiveness, latent suspicion always accompany this man.

Professionally, Amiran will be interested in diversity and mobility, so he will focus on professions related to travel, sales, public relations, sports or creativity. But a more stable option is also possible, where Amiran chooses a profession related to nature or the exact sciences (mathematician, geologist, biologist).

Amiran's birthday

Amiran does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Amiran

  • Amiran Totikashvili ((born 1969) Soviet Georgian judoka. Multiple medalist of the World and European Championships, bronze winner of the 1988 Olympic Games.)
  • Metropolitan Andrey ((born 1968) in the world - Amiran Gvazava; Bishop of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Gori and Aten)
  • Amiran Danelia ((1923-1979) Hero of the Soviet Union, tank machine gunner)
  • Amiran Minashvili ((born 1957/1956) Soviet Georgian footballer, role - defender. Later coach.)
  • Amiran Adleiba ((born 1952) Abkhaz sculptor)
  • Amiran Chichinadze ((1934-2007) Georgian screenwriter)
  • Amiram Trauber ((born 1939) Israeli swimmer)
  • Amiram Harten ((1946-1994) American-Israeli mathematician)

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