The Meaning Of The Name Anar

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The Meaning Of The Name Anar
The Meaning Of The Name Anar

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Synonyms for the name Anar. Anora, Anara.

The origin of the name Anar. The name Anar is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Anar has a Turkic origin, it is used mainly among Muslims, more often among Tatars, Kazakhs and Azerbaijanis. Depending on the country of use, the name Anar has different interpretations.

Translated from the Kazakh language "anar" means "pomegranate" (the fruit of the pomegranate tree). In the Tatar language, the name of Anar is interpreted as "pomegranate" and "pomegranate". And in the Azerbaijani language this name is translated as “understanding”. From Arabic they translate as "ray", from Iranian - "pomegranate".

There is also a paired female name - Anora (in Tajikistan), Anara (in Morocco), Narie, Nar (Tatar). Also among the Turkic peoples, the female name Gulnara is used (in various variations), which also has the translation “pomegranate flower”, “pomegranate flower”. And similar in meaning, with slight shades of variation, names - Anargul, Anarzhan, Anarkali and others.

From the owner of the name Anar comes self-confidence, this is a physically strong and courageous man, at times, he can be drawn to him like a magnet. But you should never judge a man by the impression he can make. Yes, this man can be dynamic, resourceful, decisive, but he can also show himself as a rude or harsh person. This is an authoritarian and domineering nature, but nevertheless, Anar also cares about others.

His sensitivity can affect his emotions so much that it can make him both unusually generous and violent in a rage man. He wants to be loved and admired, but he never truly forgets the power he has over others.

Complexity stimulates him, and he willingly fights with it, solves problems, builds new facilities and strives for confrontation. Anar is a very controversial person, and although he is essentially an individualist, he still often needs others, their help to succeed. If he participates in a team, no matter what their focus is - politics, sports or something else - he wants to be a leader! He has an innovative mind and thinks he can change the world.

But if Anar is an active, pragmatic person, then he is also a dreamer and an idealist, which can disorganize him a little. He appreciates material wealth and beautiful things in life, so he is far from indifferent to the financial sphere of his life.

As a child, this boy is an example of mobility and ingenuity. Proud and resentful, he often has problems with the subordinate role that belongs to him at a given period of his life. Anar constantly argues, has difficulties and looks like a rebel. He can also easily be fascinated by poetry and art, which feed his great sensitivity, or he can be passionate about sports or the technical sciences.

He loves to be noticed and admired, loves to be the center of attention and to be responsible, which fuels his egos. He is sensitive to beauty, elegance and difference. When it comes to love, Anar is a passionate, uncompromising and slightly selfish jealous person. However, he is still a very attentive lover and to please his beloved is high on his list of priorities, especially when their desires are compatible. This is a sensual person who is a great sentimentalist, which he does not seem to everyone else. Anar is not always able to resist the temptation, despite all his efforts to resist it.

The choice of professions for Anar is very wide. He can find himself an occupation that requires imagination or sensitivity (theater, art), or a profession in the field of hotel and restaurant business, industry, technology, new technologies, sports. Also, he will not dismiss professions that give him a certain power or autonomy - politics, finance.

Anar's birthday

Anar does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Anar

  • Anar ((born 1938) full name - Anar Rasul oglu Rzayev; Azerbaijani writer, director, screenwriter, public figure, People's Writer of Azerbaijan)
  • Anar Ramiz oglu Nazirov ((born 1985) Azerbaijani footballer, role - goalkeeper)
  • Anar Javanshir oglu Hasanov ((born 1983) Azerbaijani footballer, midfielder)
  • Anar Mammadkhanov ((1970-2011) Azerbaijani public figure, captain of the KVN team "Boys from Baku", academician of the EATR)

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