The Meaning Of The Name Amir

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The Meaning Of The Name Amir
The Meaning Of The Name Amir

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Synonyms for the name Amir. Emir, Emre, Amirkhan, Emirkhan, Amirhamza, Amirsaid.

The origin of the name Amir. The name Amir is Muslim.

The name Amir is a Muslim name of Arabic origin. In translation it means "lord", "prince", "prince", "leader", "chief", "lord". The name can also sound like Emir. Among the Turks, there is a variant of the name - Emre.

Among the Arabs, "emir" means the title of the ruler, as well as, in general, the person who bears this title. There is a derivative name Amiran. Among the descendants of the Türks, the name Amir is used in two-part names, for example, Amirkhan, Amirkhamza, Amirsaid. From this name, the names of Amirov and Emir were formed. The paired female name is Amira.

The owner of the name Amir is a strong and independent person. He is an authoritarian, active and resourceful man, he is always focused on a specific and pragmatic task, his first concern is his precious ego and his own material well-being.

But this man is also open to compassion, he has an unconditional love for everything that is, he has a sensitive and emotional soul, in his soul Amir is a real idealist. He is capable of great dedication, generosity and sacrifice, he seeks to find like-minded people with similar goals and beliefs. But all this is happening only in the soul of Amir, this man never loses control over reality, does not drift away with dreams, but stands firmly on the ground and only cares about his own interests in the first place, he postpones the interests of others for later.

In addition, given his strong personality, even when he takes part in a group or social activity, he strives to be the undisputed leader. Amir is respectful, but often quite harsh, towards other people and their opinions, and tolerance cannot be called his best quality, so his behavior can seem quite intimidating. Endowed with courage, energy and a strong will, Amir is inclined to think that everything that he can do himself is also within the power of others, so he often perceives the people around him as lazy and mediocre.

His ambition is noticeable already in childhood. He prefers to avoid a subordinate position, seeks to surpass himself, either for his own satisfaction, or for recognition of his successes from other people. He is nevertheless a very shy boy, so he hides behind a cocky attitude and a mask of swagger. Amir despises injustice and flattery, despite the fact that he himself is a rather proud and proud man, rather touchy. And yet, he is a very responsible young man who can be completely trusted.

Status for Amir is very important, wealth, security, other external symbols of wealth are not an empty phrase for him, he is ready to put in a lot of efforts to achieve success.

Despite this, Amir is an extremely generous man, he also loves to make other people happy. In family life, this is a faithful, frank and sincere husband, and he expects the same attention to himself. If his wife disappoints him, he will not be able to forgive, and it will be even more difficult for him to forget this insult. Within the walls of the house, he can also be bossy, harsh and even a little rough, but in fact, you can find the key to his sensitive and tender heart.

Amir most often chooses administrative, management professions in various fields. His preferences can be influenced by a sense of solidarity and the profitability of the profession. Therefore, the owner of the name Amir can work in the police, the army, be a politician, but such spheres as medicine, tourism, finance, science, sports are also not without Amir's attention.

Amir's birthday

Amir does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Amir

  • Amir Damar Koku ((born 1979) Sudanese footballer)
  • Amir Rashid Muhammad ((born 1939) Iraqi politician)
  • Amir (Emir) Khalil ((15th century) Persian artist, master of the classical style of Persian miniature, illustrated manuscripts, "Shahnameh", "Anthology" and other works)
  • Amir ad-Din ((died 1312) Arab architect at the court of the Mongol Khan Kublai. It is this architect who is considered the creator of the city of Khanbalik (modern Beijing). The master plan of the city was completed in 1274, in the same year the construction of the khan's palace began.)
  • Amir Muizzi ((1072-1127) Persian-Tajik poet, lived at the court of the Sultan)
  • Amir Kurbanov ((1909-1966) Soviet playwright and theatrical figure originally from Dagestan, also an actor. Author of over 30 plays.)
  • Amir Khadir ((born 1961) Canadian politician of Iranian descent)
  • Emir Najip ((1899-1991) Soviet orientalist, philologist-Turkologist, compiled a Uyghur-Russian dictionary)
  • Emir Kusturica ((born 1954) Serbian and Yugoslavian film director, twice awarded the Palme d'Or and many other film awards)
  • Amir Mazitov ((born 1968) Russian landscape and portrait painter)
  • Amir Gareev ((1928-2008) Soviet Bashkir writer, translator and journalist, author of essays and stories about his native Bashkortostan)
  • Amiryan Khaidarov ((1911-1996) Hero of the Soviet Union, machine gunner)
  • Amir Sharifuddin Harahap ((1907-1948) Indonesian politician)
  • Amir Kashiev ((born 1989) Russian footballer)
  • Amirkhan Yenikeev ((1909-2000) Tatar writer and publicist)
  • Amirkhan Adaev ((born 1988) Russian Chechen fighter (mixed martial arts))

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