The Meaning Of The Name Amiram

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The Meaning Of The Name Amiram
The Meaning Of The Name Amiram

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Short form of the name Amiram. Ami.

Synonyms for the name Amiram. Amram, Amran, Emram, Emran, Imran, Amiran.

The origin of the name Amiram. The name Amiram is Jewish, Jewish.

The name Amiram is of Jewish origin, translated as "my people are exalted." It is possible that this is a more modern version of the biblical name Amram, which can also sound like Amran, Emram, and be identical to the name Imran.

There is a Muslim name Amiran, which in some cases is considered identical to the name Amir.

Holders of the name Amiram have a deep inner desire to encourage other people to go towards some higher goal, they are ready to support and help, but to a greater extent morally and spiritually. Amiram prefers to give advice, discuss strategy and tactics, but less often applies this knowledge in practice.

Amiram prefers to initiate events in order to become a leader rather than a follower. And, as a rule, his efforts are directed towards concrete rather than abstract goals. This man has a good imagination, he can always offer a new idea, find a new opportunity to implement his plans, if the previous options did not work.

Amiram is a courageous man, sometimes he can become aggressive. This is a unique, creative person, he, as a rule, does not like power, he is ready to rule himself, but only for ideological reasons, sometimes stubborn, proud and impatient.

Amiram will direct all his efforts to the realization of those abilities that he considers to be his strengths. This is a capable and gifted man, with a bright personality and clear spiritual aspirations. If Amiram listens to his mind and does not follow the lead of feelings, then he can achieve sufficient success in business. Prudence and focus can help him achieve his goal.

Amiram knows how to charm, to captivate the interlocutor, especially the representatives of the opposite sex. This man can often be seen in love, while his attention and passion are fleeting. In every woman, girl, lady, Amiram sees only beautiful features, and this man keeps the memories of each novel as a collection of rare pearls, although he easily endures a break in relations.

Amiram has several basic and most important goals in life, for the implementation of which he is ready to spend all his physical and spiritual resources. To be independent, to be what he is, not to dance to someone else's tune, to have his own opinion and prosperity, a reliable and mutual marriage - for the sake of these things he is ready to move mountains at least.

Amiram tries to understand the people around him, they often come to him for advice and just to talk. Therefore, he feels responsible for the fate of his relatives and friends. He manages to solve many problems and difficult questions. This is the kind of person who wants to be answered with good for good, it is important for him to understand that all his efforts are not in vain.

Amiram's birthday

Amiram does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Amiram

  • Amiram Gantz ((born 1952) Uruguayan violinist, was the first concertmaster of the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra for seven years. Founder of the Altenberg Trio, received international recognition. Teacher.)
  • Amiram Israel Barkai ((born 1936) Israeli biochemist, was a world expert in the study of arachidonic acids)
  • Amiram Trauber ((born 1939) Israeli swimmer (freestyle), participant in the 1960 Olympics)
  • Amiram Harten ((1946-1994) American-Israeli mathematician)
  • Amiram Levin ((born 1946) Israeli military leader)
  • Amiram Goldblum ((born 1945) Israeli chemist)
  • Amiram Nir ((1950-1988) Israeli journalist)

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