The Meaning Of The Name Albert

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The Meaning Of The Name Albert
The Meaning Of The Name Albert

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Short form of the name Albert. Al, El, Alik, Albi, Bert, Bertik, Bera, Albertik, Alya, Albertino, Tino, Bertel, Hell, Adi, Alt.

Synonyms for the name Albert. Adalbert, Aubert, Albert, Alberto, Alberto, Adalbert, Albertos, Adalbert, Albert, Adelbrecht, Elbrecht, Alert, Albeiro.

The origin of the name Albert. The name Albert is Tatar, German, Catholic.

The name Albert of Germanic origin means "noble brilliance". It is a truncated form of the fuller name - Adalbert, which also continues to be used in Europe. Paired female names will be the names of Albertine, Adalbert, Albert, Bert. The stress in the name can occur on any vowel.

There is a version that the name Albert came from the Latin word "white", in this case such female names as Albina and Alba can be paired names. The name Albert is actively used among the Tatars. Among the European population, this male name can often be found among Catholics, since it is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar. The names Albert and Adalbert were worn by many aristocrats of Europe - kings, dukes, margraves.

The owner of the name Albert prefers to hide his own emotions and feelings, he has confidence in himself, in his own strengths and knowledge. He prefers to be a skeptic until he understands this issue himself. Albert prefers to rely on sound judgment, supported not only by material evidence, but also based on intellectual calculations, and believes that success can be achieved only through personal effort and mandatory discipline, and not pure chance.

This man has his own principles, he lives according to a rather strict moral code, so he himself sometimes lacks flexibility in judgments and actions. He should learn to be more adaptive to reality, while this does not apply to his sociability. Albert will not rush himself in search of a friend, but he can maintain a relationship, although he will not himself initiate such a relationship. He can feel great both in a large company, and sitting alone with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace or window.

His stubbornness can be noticed from a young age. It is difficult to persuade Albert to take on an adventure, he is not at all a frivolous person, for him stability, security, material wealth are fundamental things. He prefers not to be in sight, but he also does not intend to break away from life and go off into the wilderness for a calm atmosphere.

Albert appreciates calmness, peace and quiet, he dreams of his own house, which will definitely have his own study. He has a certain obsession with order in his own interpretation - everything should be exactly as it is customary in his understanding, and this may differ from the generally accepted one. This is an attentive husband, a loving father, always ready to support his children.

Albert's eye can notice various details, subtleties, little things that others do not pay attention to. Therefore, Albert prefers professions that are responsible (engineer, doctor, jeweler, financier). He can also find a vocation in architecture, in the literary field, become an artist, sculptor.

Albert's birthday

Albert celebrates his name day on April 5, April 8, June 3, June 20, July 8, August 7, September 12, September 25, October 26, November 15, November 21, December 29.

Famous people named Albert

  • Albert Einstein ((1879-1955) famous world physicist, developer and creator of not only the theory of relativity, but also quantum theory, and statistical physics, and many other areas in physics. He was a pacifist and actively fought for human rights.)
  • Albert Michelson ((1852-1931) American physicist, Nobel laureate, winner of the Rumford Prize and many other medals, invented the interferometer)
  • Alberto (Alberto) Santos-Dumont ((1873-1932) Brazilian aviator, developed one of the first controlled balloons, proved that controlled flights are possible. He spent almost his entire life in France.)
  • Albert II, Albert Grimaldi ((born 1958) reigning prince of Monaco)
  • Albert Benois ((1888-1960) Russian architect, his works as a painter and graphic artist were exhibited at the Salon of the Independent)
  • Albert Filozov ((1937-2016) Soviet actor, director, theater teacher)
  • Albert Camus ((1913-1960) French writer, philosopher, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957)
  • Albert Tessarsky ((1920-2010) Russian and Soviet doctor of the sanitary-epidemiological service, also a writer)
  • Albert Gzhanyants ((born 1938) Soviet and Russian trombonist, soloist of the symphony orchestra, since 1984 - Honored Artist)
  • Albert Asadullin ((born 1948) Tatar singer)
  • Albert Khachaturov ((1930-1976) Soviet and Uzbek film director)
  • Albert Khasanov ((born 1937) Tatar writer, journalist, author of many books published not only in Russian, Bashkir, Ukrainian, but also in Lithuanian, Armenian, Vietnamese and Chinese)
  • Alberto Soriano ((1920-1998) Argentine botanist and agronomist)
  • Adalbert Virkhaus ((1880-1961) Estonian composer and conductor)

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