The Meaning Of The Name Diamond

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The Meaning Of The Name Diamond
The Meaning Of The Name Diamond

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Synonyms for the name Almaz. Almas, Ilmaz, Ilmas, Elmaz.

The origin of the name Almaz. The name Almaz is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Diamond, translated from Arabic, means the name of the stone from which this name came, or rather "diamond", "diamond". Very often it means "brilliant", "excellent", "magnificent".

In the Turkic languages, this name means “precious stone”, sometimes “the best steel”. For the Turkic peoples, the name Almaz is more familiar than for the Russians, but in its form it differs little from the Russian name. For the Russians, for whom names from the names of minerals are atypical, the ancient worldly name Almaz was known. The explanation for this lies in how the name Almaz got into the Russian language. The word "diamond" came to the Russians from the Turks, possibly from the Tatars. The Tatars borrowed it from the Arabs, the Arabs from the Greeks.

The Volga Tatars still have the name Almaz, which has variants Almas, Ilmaz, Ilmas. It means "will not touch, will not take." This name was given so that the child would not get sick and evil forces would not overpower him. This name is semantically close to the name Ulmәs ("will not die, immortal"), Ulmәskhan ("immortal khan"), Ulmәsbai ("immortal rich man"), Ulmәsbikә ("immortal princess"). On behalf of the Almaz, the Tatars formed the female name Almazy. Also, the name can sound like Elmaz, and can be both masculine and feminine.

Among the Bashkirs, the name Almas is used, which is used both among boys and girls. For men, the name expresses the wish for the child to be as strong as a diamond. For the female name, the interpretation is given - "precious", "dear", "priceless", "beautiful".

Among the Kazakhs they use the name Almaz or Almas, which has two meanings. The first of them came from the Greek language and is translated as "diamond", meaning "hard" and the second - from Arabic, which is translated as "pure", "most valuable", "precious". On behalf of Almaz, the Kazakhs have formed the names Almasbay, Almasbek, Almaskhan and the female Almasgul. Which is also spelled with "z". The Kyrgyz have a derivative name - Almazbek.

For Azerbaijanis, the name Almaz is a female name. In Turkey it is named Elmas. In English-speaking countries, the female name Diamond is found, meaning literally "diamond", "diamond".

The name Almaz is most widely used among the eastern peoples, especially among the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism. The names of this group are found in both men and women.

The diamond is characterized by activity and sociability. He is always in a good mood. By nature, he is an adventurer. Usually a person with this name is a creative person. Sometimes he is prone to reckless actions, so he constantly needs the support and advice of a loved one. If on the path of life there is a mentor next to him, Almaz is able to achieve serious success. Otherwise, his fate may not turn out so smoothly.

The owner of this name will perfectly be able to realize himself in sports or art. He is talented in a variety of ways. Diamond will make a good leader. He is always confident in his abilities, brave, evasive, and sometimes he is prone to deception. Under certain circumstances, can behave arrogantly and arrogantly.

From the outside, this man always seems to be a strong and invulnerable person. In fact, he is very sensitive to any criticism in his address.

In family life, it is not enough just to get along with such a person. For him, both the external beauty of the chosen one and her inner world are important. The future wife of Almaz must be patient, always be able to listen to her husband. You need to be prepared for the fact that in everyday life he often shows his artistic talents. He is always ready to share his emotions with the people around him. In a state of irritation, he becomes capricious and domineering. At the same time, Almaz is caring and always ready to help.

This man does everything in order to create spiritual and physical comfort. To do this, he must be given the opportunity to find himself in life. People with this name are unusually strong, both morally and spiritually. They are capable of unlimited generosity. As a rule, they achieve in life what they want and even more. Diamond is not a simple name. It can give the wearer extraordinary strength, endurance, patience, courage and boundlessness.

Diamond's birthday

Diamond does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Almaz

  • Almaz Ivanov ((died 1669) in baptism - Erofei; Russian businessman, clerk, diplomat of the 17th century)
  • Almaz Ivanov ((XVII century) Dvinsk customs head)
  • Almaz Clean ((17th century) Moscow clerk)
  • Almaz Garafiev ((born 1948) Russian philologist-Turkologist. Author of textbooks and teaching aids on the Tatar language for schools and universities. Author of about 30 publications. The main direction of scientific activity - translation and publication of Turkish sources on the history of the Volga region (chronicles, legislative acts, essays by travelers).)
  • Almazbek Atambaev ((born 1956) President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Prime Minister (2010-2011), Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan. Honorary President of the Sambo Federation of Kyrgyzstan.)
  • Almaz Gismeev ((born 1963) Russian athlete, nine-time world champion in kickboxing, ten-time champion of Russia, Honored Master of Sports and Honored Trainer of the Russian Federation in kickboxing, deputy of the Murmansk City Council. A well-known resident of the city of Murmansk. and non-commercial fights and competitions, was actively involved in introducing young people to martial arts.)
  • Almaz Ibragimov ((born 1948) a major Kazakhstani entrepreneur, top manager, industrialist, Doctor of Commerce of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship of Russia (1998), Academician of the Academy of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after E. Buketov and Sh. Yessenov (1998), Honorary Professor of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov.)
  • Almaz Sarlykbekov ((1950 - 2008) theater director. People's Artist of Kyrgyzstan, Laureate of the Ch.Aitmatov International Prize, winner of the All-Union Silver Medal named after A. Popov.)
  • Almaz Khamzaev ((born 1955) Kazakh statesman, diplomat)
  • Almazbek Raimkulov ((born 1977) Kyrgyz professional boxer, competing in the light weight category)
  • Almasbey Kchach ((1958 - 2012) Major General, Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Abkhazia (2003-2005); Minister of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia (1996-2003))

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