The Meaning Of The Name Alexey (Lesha)

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The Meaning Of The Name Alexey (Lesha)
The Meaning Of The Name Alexey (Lesha)

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The short form of the name is Alexey. Alekseyka, Alyokha, Lyokha, Alyosha, Lyosha, Ali, Alik, Lyolya, Alya, Alyunya, Lyunya, Lexeyka, Lexa, Leksya, Leksa, Leksya, Alyona, Lyonya, Aleka, Aleka, Lyoka, Leka.

Synonyms for the name Alexey. Alexius, Alexis, Alejo, Alessio, Alexios, Alexi, Alexas.

The origin of the name Alexey. The name Alexey is Russian, Orthodox, Greek.

The name Aleksey, translated from the ancient Greek language, means "protector", "protector". In the Russian people, other forms of this name were also used: Alexy, Lexey, Lyaksey, Oleksey, Olexa, Alex, Ales, Oles, Les. The name Alex is also an independent name.

The name Alexei has a rarely used female form of the name - Aleksina, which was borrowed from the French language. In modern times, a different female name began to be used, formed on behalf of Alexey - Alexia, in the United States, the paired female name Alexis is becoming popular.

Alexey boasts a highly developed intuition. But in achieving his desires, not only she helps him, but also the activity and will characteristic of Alexei. Alexey knows how to evaluate his strength. If he is confident in his success, he will go to the bitter end, and if a successful outcome seems doubtful to a man, then most likely he will give up his attempts.

Alexey's docile nature helps him to build his family life happily. Creative abilities give wide prospects, but Alexey is very squeamish and therefore rejects many successful ideas. Alexey appreciates his father most of all in his life, followed by Alexei's children.

Little Alexey is very friendly. It is important for Lesha to achieve the best results in any business. The boy speaks of innate ambition. Sometimes this quality sleeps, and then Lesha becomes lazy and inactive.

Alexey does not belong to the majestic and outstanding people. He is an ordinary man, gentle with loved ones and reliable for his friends. He is not devoid of wonderful qualities, but all of them are not expressed clearly. A man is well adapted for everyday life, but strong passions and unexpected turns of fate are not for him.

Alexei often runs away from reality at the slightest failure. He is deep in himself, fantasizes a lot. Alexey does not like condemnation and easily justifies himself by inventing explanations for his actions.

Alexei's mind and intuition is more of a female type than a male. He is attentive to little things, has a good memory, and is distinguished by curiosity. Alexey is invariably respectful to his parents. In relations with women, this man appreciates the neatness and tidiness of his chosen one. Alexei's sensitivity and vulnerability attract many fans to him, so a man gains victories over the opposite sex easily and often. Nevertheless, Aleksey is a faithful husband, sometimes too trusting of his wife.

A man named Alexei has no particular hobbies. He can be called a man of action if laziness does not prevail in him. He is not devoid of creative abilities that can help him become a good artist, actor, writer. Professions related to exact science are also suitable for Alexey.

Alexei does not really like the monotonous work, but he will diligently do it too. If a man has a desire for that, he will be able to achieve success in sports, and in business, and in production, thus earning himself a position in society.

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Aleksey's birthday

Alexey celebrates his name day on February 17, February 25, February 28, March 8, March 22, March 28, March 30, April 5, May 4, May 7, June 2, June 5, June 22, June 23, July 6, July 17, August 4, August 20, August 22, August 25, August 26, August 27, August 30, September 4, September 12, September 16, September 22, September 25, October 1, October 2, October 4, October 11, 13 October, 18 October, 29 October, 3 November, 6 November, 11 November, 13 November, 20 November, 22 November, 23 November, 27 November, 3 December, 5 December, 6 December, 10 December, 11 December, 17 December, December 23.

Famous people named Alexey

  • Alyosha Popovich (a folk collective image of a hero in the Russian epic epic. Alyosha Popovich, as a junior, is the third most important in the heroic trinity, together with Ilya Muromets and Dobrynya Nikitich. The character Olexiy Popovich is also found in Ukrainian thought.)
  • Alexey Mikhailovich ((1629 - 1676) the second Russian tsar from the Romanov dynasty (1645 - 1676), son of Mikhail Fedorovich and his second wife Evdokia)
  • Alexy II ((1929 - 2008) in the world - Alexey Ridiger; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church; since June 7, 1990 - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia)
  • Alexei Arakcheev ((1769 - 1834) Russian statesman and military leader who enjoyed great confidence in Alexander I, especially in the second half of his reign, reformer of Russian artillery, general of artillery (1807), chief chief of military settlements (from 1817). The first owner of the palace -park ensemble in Georgia.)
  • Alexey Bestuzhev-Ryumin ((1693 - 1768) Russian statesman and diplomat, chancellor of the Russian Empire under Elizaveta Petrovna)
  • Alexei Tolstoy ((1882 - 1945) Russian Soviet writer and public figure, count. Author of socio-psychological, historical and science fiction novels, novellas and short stories, publicistic works. Member of the commission to investigate the atrocities of the German invaders (1942). Winner of three Stalin's first degree prizes (1941, 1943, 1946, posthumously).)
  • Alexey Shchusev ((1873 - 1949) Russian and Soviet architect. Honored Architect of the USSR (1930). Academician of Architecture (1910). Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1943). Laureate of four Stalin Prizes (1941, 1946, 1948, 1952 - posthumously).)
  • Alexey Peshkov, known as Maxim Gorky ((1868 - 1936) Russian writer, prose writer, playwright. One of the most popular authors of the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, famous for his depiction of a romanticized declassified character ("tramp"), author of works with a revolutionary tendency, personally close social democrats, who was in opposition to the tsarist regime, Gorky quickly gained worldwide fame. Initially, Gorky was skeptical of the October Revolution. However, after several years of cultural work in Soviet Russia (in Petrograd he headed the publishing house "World Literature", petitioned the Bolsheviks for the arrested) and life abroad in the 1920s (Berlin, Marienbad, Sorrento), returned to the USSR, where in the last years of his life he was officially recognized as a "petrel of the revolution" and "a great proletarian writer"founder of socialist realism.)
  • Alexey Savrasov ((1830 - 1897) outstanding Russian landscape painter, one of the founding members of the Association of the Itinerants, teacher of Isaac Levitan)
  • Alexey Stakhanov ((1905/1906 - 1977) birth name - Andrey; Soviet miner, innovator of the coal industry, founder of the Stakhanov movement, Hero of Socialist Labor (1970). A group of miner Stakhanov and two woodworkers produced 14 times more coal in one shift than prescribed for one person; later the record was broken by half. However, the record change was planned in advance (the condition of the compressors and hammers was checked, the coal was removed, the bottom hole was illuminated). But, in any case, similar experiments (conducted on other mines) gradually led to an improvement in the organization of labor - and therefore to an increase in overall productivity.)
  • Alexey Bobrinsky ((1852 - 1927) Russian archaeologist, statesman and public figure, great-great-grandson of Empress Catherine II and her favorite G.G. Orlov)
  • Alexey Yagudin ((born 1980) Russian figure skater, Honored Master of Sports of Russia. Olympic champion in 2002, four-time world champion (1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002), three-time European champion (1998, 1999, 2002), two-time winner of the finals Figure Skating Grand Prix, in addition, two-time world champion among professionals.)
  • Alexey Abrikosov ((born 1928) Soviet and American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate in physics (2003), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The main work was done in the field of condensed matter physics.)

Alexei Abrikosov ((1824 - 1904) Russian entrepreneur, manufacturer, who founded in the second half of the 19th century the confectionery factory "Partnership of A. I. Abrikosov Sons" (now the concern "Babaevsky"), and also owned confectionery and tea shops in Moscow, Supplier of the Court His Imperial Majesty, Chairman of the Council of the Accounting Bank, acting state councilor.)

  • Alexey Koltsov ((1809 - 1842) Russian poet and merchant)
  • Alexey Smertin ((born 1975) Russian footballer, midfielder)
  • Alexey Belsky ((1726 - 1796) Russian artist, from the Belsky dynasty, famous Russian serf painters of the 18th century; academician of the Academy of Arts)
  • Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov ((1821 - 1908) Russian lyric poet, satirist and humorist)
  • Alexey Balandin ((1898 - 1967) Soviet chemist, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1946), founder of the Russian scientific school in the field of catalysis)
  • Alexei Bakhrushin ((1865 - 1929) Russian merchant, philanthropist, collector of theatrical antiquities, founder of a private literary and theater museum. Cousin of the collector Alexei Petrovich Bakhrushin.)
  • Alexei Ermolov ((1777 - 1861) Russian military leader and statesman, participant in many major wars waged by the Russian Empire from 1790s to 1820s. Commander-in-Chief during the Caucasian War.)
  • Alexey Mishin ((born 1941) Soviet, Russian figure skating coach)
  • Alexey Novikov-Priboy ((1877 - 1944) real name - Novikov; Russian Soviet writer-marine painter)
  • Alexey von Yavlensky ((1864 - 1941) Russian expressionist painter who lived and worked in Germany. He was a member of the "Blue Horseman" group of artists.)
  • Alexey Buldakov ((born 1951) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, People's Artist of Russia (2009))
  • Alexey Petrovich ((1690 - 1718) son of Peter I and his first wife Evdokia Lopukhina)
  • Alexey Balabanov ((born 1959) Russian film director, screenwriter, producer and actor)
  • Alexey Kortnev ((born 1966) Russian musician, soloist of the "Accident" group)
  • Alexey Arbuzov ((1908 - 1986) Russian playwright)
  • Alexey Venetsianov ((1780 - 1847) Russian painter, master of genre scenes from peasant life, teacher, member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, founder of the so-called Venetian school)
  • Alexey Losev ((1893 - 1988) in monasticism - Andronic; Russian Soviet philosopher and philologist, professor (1923), Doctor of Philology (1943), secret monk of the Russian Orthodox Church)
  • Alexey Kurbanovsky ((born 1955) Doctor of Philosophy, art critic, critic, translator, chief researcher of the State Russian Museum, author of numerous articles on rock music. Since 1990 he has been working at the State Russian Museum. He defended his dissertation on the latest art of St. Petersburg (1998). Published more than 140 articles on the history of Russian art and contemporary artistic life, the author of the books "Art History as a Type of Writing" (2000), "Nezapny Darkness" (2007). In 2002 and 2003 he taught the history of Russian art at US universities.)
  • Alexei I Comnenus ((1056/1057 - 1118) was the Byzantine emperor in 1081-1118. As a nephew of the emperor Isaac I Comnenus, Alexei was able to seize the throne of Byzantium, and since then the Komnenos dynasty occupied the imperial throne for over a hundred years. The borders of which were attacked by the Normans and Seljuk, Alexei was able to eliminate the external threat.Under his reign, large-scale reforms were carried out, thanks to which the Comnenian revival of the Byzantine Empire began, marked by the growth of its military and economic power. At the same time, during the reign of Alexei I, negative tendencies: the role of the Italian trading republics in the economic life of the empire increased, the development of feudal relations began, and the decline of small military powers did not stop.Due to the intensification of these processes in 1204, the Byzantine Empire was unable to resist the participants of the Fourth Crusade and eventually disintegrated into several states.)
  • Alexei II Comnenus ((1169 - 1183) Byzantine emperor (1180-1183), son of Manuel I Comnenus, was strangled by the order of his uncle Andronicus Comnenus in 1183 with a bowstring, after which Andronicus briefly usurped power and married the young widow of his nephew. early death prompted the emergence of numerous impostors.)
  • Alexei Belov ((born 1951) blues musician (electric guitar) and teacher. Founder and permanent leader of the group "Udachnoe Obuchenie", performing blues and rock and roll. One of the brightest representatives of the Russian blues.)
  • Alexey Yakimakh ((1805 - 1866) Russian artillery general, participant of the Crimean War. During his 45-year service, he had many orders up to and including the White Eagle.)
  • Alexis Khurginas ((1912 - 1997) Lithuanian poet and translator, Honored Worker of Culture of the Lithuanian SSR (1982))
  • Alexis Copello (Cuban athlete who specializes in triple jump. He began his international sports career in 2006, when he won the silver medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games. In 2008 he took part in the Olympic Games in Beijing, but could not reach the final. in the same year he took 3rd place in the games of Central America and the Caribbean Bronze medalist of the 2009 World Championship, two-time silver medalist of the IAAF Diamond League in 2010 and 2011. Champion of the Pan American Games 2011. At the world championship in Daegu he took 4th place with a score of 17.47 m.)
  • Alexis Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez ((born 1988) Chilean footballer, striker)
  • Alexis Kivi ((1834 - 1872) real name - Stenwall; Finnish writer, founder of realistic literature in Finnish)
  • Alexis Andrew Nicholas Corner ((1928 - 1984) British rock musician, one of the leading performers and promoters of rhythm and blues in the 1960s, founder and leader of Blues Incorporated, a group that included Charlie Watts at various times. Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Long John Baldry, Graham Bond, Dick Hextall-Smith.Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Rod Stewart, John Mayall, Jimmy Page got their first concert practice with Corner.In the 1960s Alexis Corner made a career in television (Five O'Clock Club), hosted several children's programs, wrote extensively about the blues (in particular, criticized the new generation of British bluesmen for recklessly copying the masters of the Chicago school). Corner "discovered" Robert Plant and even invited him to his place as a vocalist; from here he was "intercepted" by Jimmy Page,in those days formed the line-up of The New Yardbirds, a band soon to become Led Zeppelin. In 1970, Corner founded CCS, a hit group in the early 70s: Tap Turns on the Water (1971).)
  • Alexi Claude Clairo ((1713 - 1765) French mathematician and astronomer, foreign honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1754), member of the Paris Academy (1731))
  • Alexis Jacques Marie Wafflear ((1787 - 1824) French playwright-comedian. Wafflear's plays combine melancholy with sparkling dialogue. Most of them are co-authored.)
  • Alexis Axilet ((1860 - 1931) French artist. Disciple of Jean Léon Jerome and Ernest Hebert. In 1885 he was awarded the Rome Prize. Regularly exhibited at the Paris Salon, in 1892 he received a silver medal for the painting "Summer". Then he gained fame as a portrait painter: among his works are portraits of the sculptor
  • Alexander Falgier, writer Maurice Barres, composer Fernand Corot and others. In the 1900s he began to lean towards impressionism, painted a lot with pastels. He was one of the first to notice the talent of Georges Braque. Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor (1903).)
  • Alexis Adjinka ((born 1988) French professional basketball player, plays at the center position)
  • Alexius Friedrich Christian of Anhalt-Bernburg ((1767 - 1834) German prince (since 1807 - duke) of Anhalt-Bernburg from the Askaniev family)
  • Aleksy Wakar ((1898 - 1966) Polish scientist in the field of economics, one of the founders and leaders of the illegal Higher School of Commerce during the Nazi occupation. Rector of the Academy of Political Sciences, Professor of the Higher School of Planning and Statistics.)
  • Alexy Alexishvili ((born 1974) Georgian politician, President of the National Bank of Georgia (since 2007), Minister of Finance of Georgia (2005 - 2007))
  • Alexey Perminov ((1975 - 2000) Russian rap artist known as Grundig or Grundik, leader and founder of the hip-hop duet "Slaves of the Lamp." He was a member of the underground rap group "DOB Community" from 1996 to 2000. His songs and the poems were imbued with psychedelic themes related to drugs, streets, urban settings and unwillingness to live among people.)
  • Alexey Shtukin ((1904 - 1963) Russian orientalist philologist, translator)
  • Alexey Utkin ((1891 - 1965) Soviet film designer. Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR (1950). Laureate of the Stalin Prize of the first degree (1950).)
  • Alexey Smirnov ("Smirnyaga") ((born 1983) participant of the television projects "Laughter without Rules", "Slaughter League", "Comedy Club", "Deadly Night", KVN as part of the duet "Cattle". Host of the TV program "Laughter Without Rules "On TNT together with Anton Ivanov. Now he is a participant in the television show" Bunker News ".)
  • Alexey Solosin ((born 1987) Russian footballer, goalkeeper)
  • Alexey Uranov ((1901 - 1974) Soviet geobotanist, phytocenologist)
  • Alexey Nikolaev ((1914 - 1987) Minister of Highways of the RSFSR (1969-1985), one of the organizers of major reforms in the road sector, such as transferring the construction and repair of roads to extra-budgetary funding at the expense of road charges, the allocation of the road sector into a separate national economic industry with the creation of the Ministry of Highways of the RSFSR. Under it, a developed network of highways was created, the road industry was strengthened.)
  • Alexey Negrun ((born 1971) goalkeeper; master of sports of the USSR (1990) in bandy)
  • Alexey Obukhov ((born 1937) diplomat, art critic, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts)
  • Alexey Glazyrin ((1922 - 1971) Soviet theater and film actor)
  • Alexey Kretov ((born 1952) Russian linguist, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Director of the Scientific and Methodological Center for Computational Linguistics of Voronezh State University)
  • Alexey Kopeikin (born 1983) Russian hockey player, forward)

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