The Meaning Of The Name Alisher

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The Meaning Of The Name Alisher
The Meaning Of The Name Alisher

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The short form of the name Alisher. Ali.

Synonyms for the name Alisher. Sherali.

The origin of the name Alisher. The name Alisher is Muslim.

The name Alisher has a mixed origin, this name consists of two semantic parts. The first part "Ali" in translation from Arabic means "high", "exalted" (we are talking about spiritual qualities). The second part of the name "sher" in Farsi (Persian) means "lion", "tiger". Symbolically, the tiger is a symbol of power, strength, therefore the name Alisher can be interpreted as "the power of high, lofty spiritual qualities."

Literally and literally, the name means "lion (tiger) Ali", where Ali is an associate of the Prophet Muhammad. The name Ali was borne by his cousin and a public figure, and it is quite possible that the name Alisher is a collective term that emphasizes the devotion of a follower to his teacher - "Ali the lion."

The name Alisher has several variants of recording - Alishir, Allisher. Recently, the name Alisher has been perceived with the poet Alisher Navoi. The name Alisher is identical to the name Sherali, used by Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tajiks.

The part of the name "Ali" is often used by Muslims to compose two-part names (Alikhan, Alibaba, Alinur, Khanali, Aliaddin, Bekali and many others).

The owner of the name Alisher is a highly intellectual personality, shines with intelligence and a broad outlook. This man is able to support any conversation, so he has a large number of friends and acquaintances. Traveling is one of his favorite passions. To be in motion, not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, this also applies to personal development - this is Alisher's credo.

In childhood, little Alisher eagerly reaches out for knowledge. His area of ​​interest is very diverse. Thanks to his sharpness and agility, Alisher often achieves significant success not only in school, but also in sports. He may have several hobbies at the same time, while he knows how to combine not very compatible activities - and very often he tries to turn any of them into a kind of competition, which allows him to find unusual solutions.

The disadvantage for such activities can be a lack of patience, which Alisher does not have too much, but he can also play this in his direction - a lack of patience makes his mind work faster, turns on hidden resources, as a result of which Alisher finds the right solution.

The talent of a storyteller and a great conversationalist helps him find his share of fame, especially with the opposite sex. His chosen one will be the one who will appreciate this talent, will sincerely laugh at his jokes, heartily listen to his stories on any topic, be it travel, sports or politics. With the advent of his own family, Alisher will completely surrender to this new role for himself - he will become a family man.

Alisher has a light, easygoing character. He will not present himself as the only head of the family and demand to obey his desires. He has a different view of family relationships - for his wife, life with him will seem like a series of alternating events and decisions that will not seem monotonous and routine, for a woman it will look like an exciting and interesting adventure.

Ease and mutual trust are the basis for this man's personal relationship. Alisher is not jealous, but his wife may have such a feeling, because she will have to face the popularity of her betrothed. But Alisher should not worry too much - his chosen one will believe him and remain a faithful wife, if only Alisher should not forget to remind her of mutual love and continue to show her attention.

Quite often, Alisher prefers to look at his main work as a hobby, this allows him to relax more and see a lot with his open eyes. Creativity, freedom, non-standard approach - these are the qualities that this man demonstrates to society. Alisher often chooses professions related to the word (announcer, commentator, journalist, linguist), but the creative component allows him to become a writer, translator, artist, photographer. He can also reveal his potential as an analyst, financier, public figure, athlete.

Alisher's birthday

Alisher does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Alisher

  • Alisher Navoi ((1441-1501) birth name - Nizamaddin Mir Alisher; Turkic poet, author of historical works, philological treatises and lyrics. He created all the main and main works under the pseudonym Navoi. He was also a statesman of Timurid Khorasan.)
  • Alisher Usmanov ((born 1953) Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist, billionaire)
  • Alisher Jalilov ((born 1993) Russian footballer, role - attacking midfielder)
  • Alisher Tuychiev ((born 1976) Tajik footballer, member of the national team of Tajikistan)
  • Alisher Rakhimov ((born 1977) Uzbek and Russian boxer (different weight categories from the lightest to the first welterweight), winner of many awards, the title of Asian champion in 1999.
  • Alisher Vakhobov ((born 1963) Uzbek statesman)
  • Alisher Kholikov ((born 1982) Uzbek footballer, role - forward)
  • Alisher Faizullaev ((born 1957) literary pseudonym - Alisher Faiz; Uzbek diplomat (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary), also a political scientist. Author of books on diplomacy, several works of art.)
  • Alisher Otaboev (Atabaev) ((1947-2016) statesman and politician of Uzbekistan)

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