The Meaning Of The Name Alim

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The Meaning Of The Name Alim
The Meaning Of The Name Alim

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Synonyms for the name Alim. Galim, Olym, Olim, Alym, Galym.

The origin of the name Alim. The name Alim is Muslim.

The name Alim is a Muslim male name that can also sound like Galim. Among the Uzbeks one can find a variant of Olim, among the Kyrgyz - Alym. Translated from the Arabic language means "knowledgeable", "one who knows", is also interpreted as "scientist". The stress in the name among the Arabs goes on the first syllable, among other peoples the stress on the last syllable is more common.

The name Alim is quite often found in two-part Muslim names. For example, Al-Alim, Alimkhan, Magomedalim, Galymzhan, Olymbek. The name is widespread among Muslims. Found among the Tatars.

The Uyghur name Ilimdar may have come from the Muslim name Alim, as it has an identical meaning - "knowledgeable", "knowledgeable".

The owner of the name Alim is a person of considerable strength, not only physical, but mental. He constantly uses it in his work, so they can often say about him: "I worked from the bottom of my heart." He has a very sensitive and emotional soul, but it is difficult to notice when you first meet him.

Indeed, Alim has a strong self-control, and this leads to the fact that, as a rule, he seems to others more rude, harsh than he really is; such is the effect of the combination of his some shyness and natural modesty. His greatest strength is by far his ability to steadily follow his chosen path. He can slowly but very confidently climb the mountainside to the top with the help of his unique skills and acquired knowledge.

Alim prefers to keep his emotions to himself and believes that this is the best way to ensure a happy and calm existence. The owner of the name Alim can be quite slow, but he is a very determined character who knows exactly where he wants to be. And it doesn't matter if it takes him years to get there, because he knows he will reach the goal.

A man with this name is careful, remains calm and thinks through all his actions, and since he has a habit of suppressing his emotions, an insult or mental trauma can greatly shake him. Alim also suppresses his anger, if offended, he will reflect on what happened, but one thing is for sure - he will never forget the hurt inflicted.

This is a humane person, he could do great things in his life. It is possible that Alim did not specifically pay attention to himself, but his will and determination are unshakable, which gives him exceptional potential. As a child, Alim acquires a restrained, unhurried nature of communication and learns self-defense, because these are qualities that will serve him well in life.

He is a responsible young man who can be trusted. When it comes to his studies, he gives preference to scientific subjects, where his mind feels as comfortable as possible. He works at his own pace, and his tendency to take his time can sometimes lead to high school grades, but that in no way prevents him from succeeding in life.

Alim is happy to be a part of this world, although I cannot say that he does not strive for success, difficulties and even failure spur him on. He loves sports, loves the land, nature and animals; for this he always has a drop of patience and compassion. In love, this is a sensual, affectionate and gentle man, although he may have problems resisting temptation, Alim is usually loyal. Having made his choice, Alim will become a faithful husband, a real protector of his family, who can be a little shy and does not always know how to express his feelings.

He has eclectic tastes and interests that will help him be in demand in several different areas, in line with his evolving goals. Therefore, he can choose a career in politics, in areas related to land, property, architecture, international affairs. Or in one of the exact sciences - to become an engineer, accountant.

Alim's birthday

Alim does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Alim

  • Alim Yusupov ((born 1972) Russian TV journalist)
  • Alim Baysultanov ((1919-1943) Soviet pilot, fighter aviation brigade, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Alim Morozov ((born 1932) Soviet and Russian local history historian, also a writer. Founder and director of the Rossosh Museum of Local Lore, Honorary Citizen of the city of Rossosh (Voronezh Region). Laureate of the 1991 Agordino de Oro Prize. Actively helped the War Memorials Association "On rendering military honors to Italians who died in the war. Veteran of labor.)
  • Alim Ozturk ((born 1992) Turkish footballer)
  • Alim Khakimov ((1919-2003) Hero of the Soviet Union, Major of the Soviet Army, commanded a battalion of a rifle regiment. Holder of the Order of the Red Banner, Order of Alexander Nevsky and the Order of the First Class of the Patriotic War, a number of medals.)
  • Alim Karkaev ((born 1985) Russian footballer)
  • Alim Kuliev ((born 1959) Soviet and American theater and film actor, also director. Founder of the theater company, where he is engaged in staging the stage embodiment of The Master and Margarita.)
  • Alimjan (Olimjon) Ashirov ((1955-1979) Soviet and Uzbek footballer)

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