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The Meaning Of Ali's Name
The Meaning Of Ali's Name

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Synonyms for the name Ali. Gali.

The origin of the name Ali. Ali's name is Muslim, Ossetian.

The name Ali has Arabic roots and means “exalted”, “high”, “arrogant”, “high-ranking”. Sometimes translated as "senior". The name Ali is a very common male name in Arab countries and in the Muslim world.

Later the name Ali became an integral part of many Muslim names (Alikhan, Aliakbar, Aliasad, Alisher, Alikabir and others), as it is one of the epithets of Allah. It is possible to pronounce and spell the name as Gali, also in part of compound names, for example, Timurgali.

The first known bearer of the name was Ali ibn Abu Talib, cousin, son-in-law and associate of Muhammad. According to legend, his name is based on one of the 99 names of Allah - "Al Aliy" ("highest").

Ali is also a diminutive appeal to many both male and female names (Alexander, Aleif (Olav), Alice, Alexa, Alena, Alphonse, Alina, Alisha, Aloysius, Adelaide and others).

The female names Aliya and Galiya were formed on behalf of Ali. The modern variation of the name Ali is the name Alik, which is more often used among Muslims.

As a child, Ali is demanding, stubborn and persistent. Ali is hindered by his laziness, if not for her, he could have done a lot. "Winter" Ali is restless, not attentive and unable to grasp everything on the fly. It has a rather complex, unbalanced character. At the same time, Ali is strong and resilient, not afraid of life's difficulties. "Spring" Ali is careful and prudent. He is distinguished by his disgust and sensitivity to foreign odors. Ali, born in summer, is more modest and hesitant. It is in his spirit to miss a chance that just comes into his hands. He is also characterized by distrust, Ali seeks to double-check everything himself.

"Autumn" Ali is collected and quite attentive. Extraneous matters are unlikely to be able to distract him. But Ali loves to watch from the side more. In everything, Ali relies only on himself, they remember everything well, thanks to their excellent memory.

Ali, born in winter, makes an exemplary husband. "Spring" Ali is very picky, and therefore gets married late. He wants to have a strong, almost ideal family, he demands attention from his wife, does not like when she is distracted, for example, by telephone conversations. But Ali himself is a good husband, willingly takes part in raising children. Ali, who was born in the summer, needs an intelligent, independent and judicious spouse.

Although Ali is happy to help, he is very difficult to get up, especially in the morning. Diplomacy and flexibility in communication comes to Ali with age, as well as impulsivity and emotionality. He is secretive, he does not share his problems even with loved ones. Although Ali makes a good boss, he doesn't like being the center of attention.

Ali's birthday

Ali does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ali

  • Ali ibn Abu Talib ibn Abd-al-Mutallib ibn Hashim ibn Abd-al-Manaf ((about 600 - 661) cousin, son-in-law and Sahaba of the Prophet Muhammad, the fourth righteous caliph (656-661) and the first imam in the teachings of Shiites. Ali became the first child to convert to Islam; later he was an active and unchanging participant in all the events of the early history of Islam and all the battles that the prophet had to fight against opponents of his faith. "If I am a city of sciences, then Ali is the key to this city" - spoke Muhammad. The Sunnis regard Ali as the last of the four righteous caliphs. Shiites revere Ali as the First Imam and as a saint, with special bonds of closeness associated with Muhammad, as a righteous man, a warrior and a leader. He is credited with numerous military feats and miracles. Central Asian legend states, that Ali has seven graves, for the people who buried him sawhow instead of one camel with Ali's body there were seven, and they all went in different directions.)
  • Ali Baba (a character of Arabic (Iraqi) folklore, the story about which was included in the collection "1001 nights." The most famous fairy tale "Ali Baba and the forty robbers." Sesame".)
  • Ali-Khadzhi Akushinsky (a prominent theologian, an outstanding social and political figure and spiritual leader of Dagestan at the beginning of the 20th century, an Arabist scientist, diplomat and peacemaker)
  • Ali ibn Musa ibn Jafar ar-Riza ((765 - 818) the eighth Shiite imam, a seventh-generation descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. Very revered in Iran, best known by the Persian name "Imam Reza". Buried in the city of Mashhad, his mausoleum is a place of mass pilgrimage and is considered the holiest site in Iran.)
  • Ali-Klych Khasaev ("Klych" in translation from Turkic means "sword"; Dagestan athlete is a weight-lifter, and a fighter, Kumyk by nationality. In 1917-1920 he was an active participant of the Muslim movement in the North Caucasus. Shot by sentence of the Dagestan Regional Revolutionary Tribunal.)
  • Ali Dilem ((born 1967) famous Algerian cartoonist)
  • Ali Magomedov ((born 1949) Russian statesman, police major general)
  • Ali Alatas ((1932 - 2008) Indonesian politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia (1988-1999))
  • Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi (Iranian Academician and Vice President for Atomic Energy, President of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Former Representative at the IAEA)
  • Ali Vyacheslav Polosin ((born 1956) Russian Islamic (Sufi) theologian and public figure. Former Kaluga archpriest and the first Orthodox priest in Russian history who openly converted to Islam.)
  • Adonis (Adunis) ((born 1930) real name - Ali Ahmad Said Asbar; Syrian poet and essayist, in 2011 he was awarded the Goethe Prize)
  • Ali Dzhusupov ((born 1928) is a Soviet artist of a lyrical warehouse, subtly feeling the life and beauty of nature. His landscapes bear in themselves the subtlety of the artist's observations, sincerity and spontaneity of his feelings for nature. The works of the portrait genre are another facet of the artist's original work. a gallery of portrait works was created, in which Dzhusupov sought to show the complex multifaceted characters of people, creatively and spiritually rich.)
  • Ali Kayaev (Zamir-Ali) ((1878 - 1943) Dagestan scientist and religious leader, Lak by nationality.
  • Ali Kayaev made a great contribution to the modernization of the traditional school in the North Caucasus. Over the years of his activity, he wrote many religious, historical and publicistic works, as well as textbooks, a significant part of which has not yet been published.)
  • Ali Aliyev ((1937 - 1995) Soviet freestyle wrestler, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1962))
  • Ali Aliev ((born 1983) Russian amateur boxer, European champion, multiple champion of Russia)
  • Ali Aliyev ((born 1980) Kazakh footballer)
  • Ali Allab, Ali Hallab ((born 1981) French amateur boxer, silver medalist at the 2004 European Amateur Championship, bronze medalist at the 2005 World Championship and 2002 European Championship, member of the 2004 French Olympic team)
  • Ali Akbar Khan ((1922 - 2009) Indian musician and composer, famous sarod performer in the classical Hindustani style, popularizer of Indian classical music in the West, professor emeritus of music at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He became famous not only as a music performer, but also as a Khan has written several ragas and music for many films. Five times nominated for the Grammy. In 1989 he won the Padma Vibhushan, the second most important civilian award in India.)
  • Ali Abdullah Saleh ((born 1942) Yemeni statesman and military leader; President of North Yemen (1978-1990), and after the unification of the YAR and NDRY - Chairman of the Presidential Council of a unified Yemen (1990-1994) and later President (since 1994))
  • Ali Hussein Kafi ((born 1928) Algerian politician and diplomat)
  • Ali Javan ((born 1926) American physicist of Azerbaijani origin, member of the US National Academy of Sciences since 1974. Received the Albert Einstein World Prize for his contribution to world science. Ali Javan is a recognized luminary in the field of lasers and quantum electronics, author of numerous studies in the field laser television and radio. Inventor of the "gas laser" (1960) Ali Javan is ranked 12th on The Daily Telegraph's List of a Hundred Living Geniuses.)
  • Ali Shirazinia (better known by his stage name Dubfire; Iranian-American house, techno DJ and producer. Prior to his solo career, Ali was part of the Grammy-nominated duo Deep Dish. Dubfire's music style is very versatile, ranging from techno to minimal techno and ending with house, progressive house and tech house.)
  • Ali Khamraev ((born 1937) Soviet director and screenwriter)
  • Ali ben Bongo Ondimba ((born 1959) birth name - Alan Bernard Bongo; Gabonese politician, President of Gabon since 2009)
  • Ali Sissoko ((born 1987) French footballer, defender)
  • Ali Ahmad Popal ((1916 - 2004) statesman of Afghanistan)

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