The Meaning Of The Name Alikhan

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The Meaning Of The Name Alikhan
The Meaning Of The Name Alikhan

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The short form of the name Alikhan. Ali.

Synonyms for the name Alikhan. Hanali, Aligan.

The origin of the name Alikhan. The name Alikhan is Tatar, Muslim, Ossetian.

The name Alikhan has an Arabic-Turkic origin and several translation options. According to one version, the name Alikhan means "the lion of God". According to the second version, the name Alikhan is a compound name meaning “great khan” or even “divine ruler”: from the words of Ali meaning “exalted” and the Turkic or Mongolian title “leader of the tribe, sovereign”, similar to the title “khan, king, ruler, master, leader”. The name Alikhan is widespread among Muslims. Identical to the name of Hanali.

From an early age, Alikhan was distinguished by kindness and responsiveness. He is a little closed in himself, often indecisive. The boy grows up punctual and obligatory.

Alikhan, who celebrates his birthday in the winter months, is not calm by nature, stubborn, it is difficult for him to please. Over time, he becomes a very sociable person. Alikhan is easily influenced by his relatives. Despite the external equanimity and calmness, in his personal affairs he is distinguished by impulsiveness and irascibility, although he tries to hide these qualities. "Winter" Alikhan is a loyal friend and hospitable host in the house. In life, he is proud, ambitious and power-hungry.

"Spring" Alikhan is distinguished by a more calm, balanced character. He knows how to keep his emotions under control, very restrained. Since childhood, Alikhan is independent, independent and fights for justice. Trying to prove something to such a man, you should not put pressure on him. Enough reasoned conversation.

Celebrating his birthday in the fall, Alikhan is self-critical. He easily admits his mistakes, but at the same time painfully reacts to them. "Autumn" Alikhan strives to achieve the set tasks. Dislikes controversy. With this man there is always something to talk about. He is a philosopher by nature and knows how to support any conversation.

Name day Alikhan

Alikhan does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Alikhan

  • Alikhan Bukeikhanov ((1866 - 1937) Kazakh public figure, teacher, journalist, ethnographer. One of the leaders of the "Alash" party, Commissioner of the Provisional Government for Kazakhstan (1917). Chairman (Prime Minister) of the Alash Autonomy from 1917 to 1920.)
  • Alikhan Chokin ((1925 - 1996) Soviet and Kazakh hygienist, historian of medicine. Doctor of Medical Sciences (1968), professor (1970). Founder of the Department of History of Medicine of KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov. Son of a party leader R.Ch. Chokin, nephew of academician Sh.Ch. Chokin.)
  • Alikhan Dzharbulov ((born 1955) representative of the high command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Major General, Commander of the troops of the regional command "South" (since 2008))

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