The Meaning Of The Name Alan

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The Meaning Of The Name Alan
The Meaning Of The Name Alan

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Short form of the name Alan. El, Al, Alanig, Lanig, Aline.

Synonyms for the name Alan. Alain, Allan, Allen, Alano, Alin, Alon, Aland.

The origin of the name Alan. The name Alan is German, Jewish, Catholic, Jewish, Ossetian.

The name Alan has several versions of its origin. One of the versions is of the European warehouse. Alan is a variant of the name Allen (Allan, Allen, Alon, Aland), common in Western Europe. This name is of Celtic origin, translated meaning "rock", sometimes translated as "small rock" and "beautiful".

The name Alan is translated from French as “consent”. The name Alan is widespread in France and Great Britain, as well as in the USA. The name Alan was dynastic and was used in Armorica. The female version of the name is Alana, in France - Alain (Alena).

It is believed that the name Alan got its distribution in England and Ireland after the Norman conquest. Also among the Christian saints there are individuals with the Latinized forms of the name Alan. This is Saint Allan - a Cornish or Breton of the 6th century, and the bishop of Kemper - Saint Alanus. In the early Middle Ages, he became famous and revered, and in Cornwall there is a church dedicated to Saint Allan.

According to the second version of the origin, the name Alan came from the name of the Alan tribe, an ancient people who roamed from the Caucasus to Spain. One of the regions of Russia, located on Kazkaz - the Republic of North Ossetia, bears the second name Alania. And it is quite possible that it was thanks to these tribes, who roamed so far from their homeland, that the name Alan appeared in the British Isles and in Europe.

According to the third version, the name Alan has Iranian roots and is translated as "divine", "noble". It is with this translation that this name is used in Ossetia. But the Kazakhs translate it as “open space”.

According to the fourth version, the name Alan is of Jewish origin. The name Alan is derived from Alon, which is a modern Israeli Jewish male name. For the first time, the name Alon is found in the Tanakh (Old Testament), but before the formation of the modern state of Israel it was not used. The name is translated from Hebrew as "oak".

There is no consensus about where exactly the word "Alan" came from, and what exact translation corresponds to it. This is from the name of the ancient Aryans and Iranians (arya), and from the Greek verb meaning “to wander”, “to wander”, and from the name of the mountain range in Altai, and from the ancient Iranian “helen” - deer.

For the name Alan, Catholic name days will be indicated.

The name Alan has amazing magnetism and attractiveness, creating the illusion of contact with the world of wizards and fairy-tale heroes. In terms of its energy, it is endowed with significant activity, lightness and emotionality. This usually manifests itself in the fact that since childhood, Alan grows up as a very mobile child, however, his cheerfulness and cheerfulness always coexist with a fair touch of resentment and irascibility. He is very proud, and, unfortunately, this name does not imply the ability to control himself at all. That is why, most likely, the groovy Alan will have a great variety of all kinds of misunderstandings and conflicts in his life.

Alan's daydreaming and curiosity can find a way out in a love of literature and a well-developed imagination. He is a romantic, which often determines his choice of life path. At the same time, ambitious thoughts usually have a significant preponderance over purely material concerns; however, if Alan really wanted to achieve significant success, he should have less self-admiration and develop the ability to concentrate efforts for a long time. The thing is that, although Alan's interests are an excellent engine, forcing him to show remarkable zeal, they are not very stable. Often one interest is replaced by another, and quite often Alan abandons the business he has just begun, enticed by new plans.

This also applies to personal life. Sociable and cheerful Alan usually has a large number of friends and like-minded people, but his fervor often causes contention; and if Alan himself easily forgets offenses, then, alas, there is no need to expect the same from others. In other words, for a more favorable life, it does not prevent him from learning some calmness and poise.

It hardly makes sense to argue with Alan - carried away by his emotions, he, most likely, will not hear your arguments, no matter how reasonable they may be. It is best to neutralize a dangerous situation with the help of harmless humor. In general, when dealing with him, be careful.

These are capable people, distinguished by a subtle mental organization and at the same time great inner strength and conviction. Their range of interests is wide, and therefore talent can manifest itself in various fields. People with this name can be found among musicians, journalists, jewelers, artists, doctors. In any profession, these are specialists in their field.

Alan is to some extent a romantic and idealist, but at the same time he stands firmly on the ground, knows how to provide a decent life for himself and his family. He is not devoid of ambition, but he will make a career honestly, not hooking anyone up. Shows an enviable firmness in decisions: if Alan is convinced of their truth, nothing can lead him astray. Nevertheless, before making a final decision, he ponders and doubts for a long time. When disputes arise, Alan often gives in to avoid conflicts.

"Winter" Alans are quick-tempered, but easy-going, easy-going, happy to go on long trips. They marry calm, kind "home" women. They like to play preference, chess, backgammon; when losing, they never get angry. "Spring" is very musical. These are vulnerable people. From the "summer" are talented leaders.

Alan's birthday

Alan celebrates his name day on November 25, December 27, December 31.

Famous people named Alan

  • Alain I the Great ((d. ​​907) Count Vann, Nantes, King of Brittany)
  • Alain the Red ((c. 1040 - 1089) Breton knight who took part in the Norman conquest of England, founder of Richmond Castle)
  • Alain Delon ((born 1935) French film actor)
  • Edgar Allan Poe ((1809 - 1849) American writer and poet)
  • Alan Clarke ((1928 - 1999) British politician)
  • Alan Rickman ((1946-2016) English actor, also voice actor, director)
  • Allan Pinkerton ((1819 - 1884) founder of the Pinkerton detective agency, prototype of the literary "king of detectives" Nat Pinkerton)
  • Cristoan Alan de Morais ((1632 - 1693) Portuguese writer, lawyer and historian)
  • Alanu Maria Pena ((born 1935) Brazilian religious leader, bishop)
  • Alan (Alun) Lewis ((1915 - 1944) Anglo-Welsh poet)
  • Alan Kay ((born 1940) American computer scientist, one of the pioneers in the fields of object-oriented programming and graphical interface)
  • Alan Garner ((born 1934) British fantasy writer based on Old English legends)
  • Alan Gabriel Ludwig Garcia Perez ((born 1949) President of Peru 1985 - 1990 and since 2006)
  • Alan Cox (one of the leading Linux kernel developers and won the 2003 Free Software Award for his work)
  • Alan Bartlet Shepard, Jr. ((1923 - 1998) American astronaut, the first American to complete a suborbital space flight. Shepard performed the second space flight as commander of the Apollo 14 spacecraft, which landed on the lunar surface.)
  • Alain the Black or Alan the Black ((about 1107 - 1146) Anglo-Breton aristocrat, 1st Earl of Richmond (from 1137), Earl of Cornwall (from 1140), an active participant in the English Civil War 1135 - 1154)
  • Alan Fitz-Flaad ((died c. 1114) Breton knight in the service of King Henry I of England, founder of the Fitzalan noble family of England and the Stuart Scottish noble family, later the kings of Scotland and England)
  • Alan Charles Wilder (British composer, musician, sound producer)
  • Alan Stevell or Alan Koshevelu (Breton musician, harpist, multi-instrumentalist)
  • Alan Walbridge Ladd ((1913 - 1964) American actor)
  • Alan Bean ((born 1932) U.S. astronaut)
  • Sir Alan Henderson Gardiner ((1879 - 1963) English Egyptologist and linguist. He made a great contribution to the theory of the Egyptian language. The "Grammar of the Middle Egyptian language" created by him still remains a standard reference grammar. Gardiner was actively involved in the creation of the fundamental "Berlin" Dictionary of Egyptian Considering one of the main tasks of Egyptian philology the interpretation of Egyptian texts, he published and commented on many valuable monuments.His study of Egyptian "onomasticons" allowed to determine the meaning of many Egyptian words, and also made a great contribution to the study of the historical geography of Ancient Egypt., Gardiner is the author of original works on general linguistics.)
  • Alan Wolf Arkin ((born 1934) is an American actor who plays mostly rude eccentric characters, although he has more than just comedic roles)
  • Alan McManus (Scottish professional snooker player, nicknamed "Point of View" for his excellent tactical skills)
  • Alain Menu (Swiss racing driver best known in touring car racing)
  • Alan Jay Pakula ((1928 - 1998) famous American film director, producer, playwright)
  • Alan Dean Foster (American writer)
  • Alan Anthony Silvestri (one of the most famous film music composers in Hollywood. Known for collaborating with director and producer Robert Zemeckis, most notably Back to the Future trilogy. Winner of many music awards and multiple Oscar nominations.)
  • Alan Sakiev (Russian footballer, striker and midfielder)
  • Alan Butler (English writer, former engineer. He writes popular books on the history of the Bronze Age, on the Minoan culture of Crete, on megalithic structures in Europe. In his books he sets out his own solutions to well-known mysteries of history. His theories are not accepted by the scientific community.)
  • Mukhtar Bayramukov ((1969 - 1998) Russian race car driver, better known under the pseudonym Alan Berkov)
  • Alan Gatagov (Russian footballer, midfielder)
  • Alan Doguzov (Russian actor)
  • Allan Cunningham ((1791 - 1839) English botanist)
  • Allan Petterson ((1911 - 1980) Swedish composer, the greatest figure of Scandinavian music of the 20th century, one of the leading symphonists of the century)
  • Allan Schulman ((1863 - 1937) Finnish Art Nouveau architect, was a member of the Union of Architects of Finland and the Vyborg branch of the Union of Artists)
  • Allan Evans (American musicologist and record producer, owner of the private record company "Arbiter", specializing in restored archival recordings of academic music. By 2005, Evans had released about 50 discs, most of which are devoted to the work of little-known, undeservedly forgotten, little-recorded artists, among which Madeleine de Valmalet, Irene Marik, Erica Morini, Ignaz Tigerman, Ethelka Freund.)
  • Allan Chumak ((born 1935) a television figure who calls himself a healer and psychic, president of the regional public Foundation for the promotion of research on social and anomalous phenomena)
  • Allan Cole ((born 1943) is an American writer, writer of science fiction novels and screenplays. He co-authored many novels with Chris Bunch, the most famous of which are in the Stan Chronicle series. In addition, Allan Cole has written over a hundred screenplays for television series, and in For 14 years he has been an investigative correspondent for the Los Angeles Newspaper.)
  • Allan Kardek ((1804 - 1869) real name - Hippolyte Léon Denizar-Rivaille; French educator, philosopher and researcher of mental phenomena, whose work in the field of spiritualism is considered fundamental)
  • Allen Carr ((1934 - 2006) fighter against smoking, founder of the international network of clinics "Easy Way", which helps smokers to quit smoking, using the method described in his books, among which the most famous is "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking." Allen Carr's method is based on self-analysis of a smoker and his personal experience of a smoker with more than 30 years of experience. In addition, Allen Carr is the author of several books devoted to getting rid of alcohol addiction, excess weight, some phobias.)
  • Alain Vigneau (Canadian ice hockey player, defender, coach, currently the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks NHL club)
  • Alain Calma (French figure skater, doctor, politician)
  • Alain Guamené (footballer of the Ivory Coast national team, played as a goalkeeper, played for the national team from 1987 to 2000)
  • Alain Juppe (French right-wing politician, since 2011 - French Foreign Minister)
  • Alain de Benoit ((born 1943) French philosopher, writer, politician, founder and theorist of the New Rights movement)
  • Alain Touraine ((born 1925) French sociologist)
  • Alain Stanke ((born 1934) nee - Aloizas-Vitas Stankevicius; Canadian French-speaking television and radio host, journalist and writer)
  • Alain LeRoy Locke ((1886 - 1954) African American writer, philosopher, educator and patron of the arts. He is called "the father of the Harlem Renaissance" because his philosophical views became the ideological basis for the flowering of Negro culture in the 1920s and 1930s and had a significant impact on such black figures in America as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Alain Locke ranked 36th on the list of the 100 most influential African Americans in history.)
  • Alon Harazi (Israeli footballer, defender)
  • Alon Greenfeld (Israeli, chess player, grandmaster (1989))
  • Alando Tucker (American basketball player and musician)

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