The Meaning Of The Name Alik

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The Meaning Of The Name Alik
The Meaning Of The Name Alik

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Short form of the name Alik. Al, Alya, Ali.

The origin of the name Alik. The name Alik is Muslim, Catholic, Armenian.

The name Alik is used both among Muslims and Christians. Among Muslims, the name Alik is the modern form of the name Ali, meaning “exalted”, also “arrogant” and “high”. Among Muslims, the name Alik is also involved in the compilation of double names, like the name Ali - Alikber, Alikzhan, Alikhan, Alikbai, Alikper.

It is believed that the female name Alik was formed on behalf of Ali, but this is not the case. Only the name Ali is formed from the male name Ali. Aliki's female name is Greek and has nothing to do with the Muslim name Alik. Although in modern times the name Aliki is found - a variant of the spelling of the name Alike, which is both a female and a male name, used mainly among Kazakhs and Tatars.

Also, the name Alik is a European name. Initially it was used as an affectionate reference to the names Alexander, Alfred, Albert, Oleg, Alexey. But still the name Alik, as a completely independent name, could initially be found among Belarusians and Ukrainians. The name Alik is translated from the Armenian language as “wave”.

There is some misidentification when the name Alec is identified with the name Alik (by ear in Russian, these names, with different pronunciation variations, can sound identical).

Currently, the name Alik is an independent name and is used independently of other names.

The owner of the name Alik has a serious, thoughtful character. He has a shrewd mind, this man has good administrative and management skills, he can create an effective and profitable business if he finds like-minded people. Alik always makes his own decisions, and not under the influence of other people. He prefers independence and freedom, does not tolerate the interference of others in his affairs and does not feel well in the role of a subordinate, and not a leader.

Alik cannot be called too ambitious, he prefers stable, satisfying earnings. This is not a gambling person, but he loves wealth and power. Alik knows how to use people and situations to his advantage. Can choose a job where you need to be able to communicate with people and establish contact (law, television).

In personal relationships with others, Alik shows himself to be serious, domineering, does not often understand humor and does not really like jokes, can act spontaneously and also react unexpectedly. Alik may seem like a person who imposes his will on others and even interferes in their affairs.

Alik is fascinated by everything new, he loves changes, especially in art, music, cooking. It can turn its interest into a business, but it can also leave it as a favorite pastime. Alik can also show his talent in other areas, for example in art, sports or education.

Alik has a strong will, he is a rather enterprising young man. He wants to be successful, has a positive and optimistic outlook on life, and is partly selfish. Doesn't leave his friends in trouble. He is a kind and sincere friend, a caring husband.

Alik's birthday

Alik does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Alik

  • Alexander (Alik) Granovsky ((born 1959) Soviet and Russian bass player; is one of the founders of such groups as "Aria" and "Master")
  • Alik Gershon ((born 1980) former name - Oleg Tatarenko; Israeli chess player, became a grandmaster in 2000)
  • Alik L. Alik ((born 1953) Micronesian diplomat and politician, was ambassador to Japan for 5 years)
  • Albert (Alik) Potapkin ((born 1968) Russian rock musician)
  • Alik Sargsyan ((born 1957) Armenian statesman)
  • Alik Edayev ((born 1959) Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic)
  • Alik Sakharov ((born 1959) American director, also cameraman)
  • Alik Shmukler ((born 1947) pseudonym - Ilya Noyabryov; Ukrainian TV presenter, entertainer, author of some television projects, is the editor-in-chief of the comic magazine "Golden Gusak")
  • Alik (Alya) Rivin ((1914-1941) full name - Alexander; Russian poet, many of his poems were published posthumously)

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