The Meaning Of The Name Akim

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The Meaning Of The Name Akim
The Meaning Of The Name Akim

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The short form of the name is Akim. Yakim, Ekim, Akimka, Akimushka, Kim, Kim, Yakimka.

Synonyms for the name Akim. Joachim, Joachim, Joachim, Joaquin, Joaquin, Joachino, Yachim.

The origin of the name Akim. The name Akim is Russian, Tatar, Jewish, Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic.

The name Akim has several versions of its origin. By the most common name Akim is a form of the name Joachim, originally the Hebrew name Yehoyakim, which means “created by Yahweh”, “established, appointed by Yahweh” (Yahweh is God). This name was borrowed through Greek from Hebrew. The name Joachim is currently found mainly among monks, it is very rare to be found in everyday life, they prefer to use the name Akim.

According to the second version of the origin, the name Akim is a derivative of the Arabic name Hakim, which translates as “smart”, “educated”, “thinking”, as well as meaning “scientist, thinker, sage”.

Also, the name Akim is the Russian-language form of the Japanese name Akihito.

Among Catholics and Orthodox, Joachim, the father of the Virgin Mary, is especially revered. Since he became a father at a rather advanced age, childless spouses turn to him for help. Also Joachim the Righteous is considered the patron saint of carpenters and a happy marriage. The Catholic Memorial Day of Joachim - July 26. The rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name days of Akim (Joachim).

Akim grows up as a stubborn but calm child. The boy is very selective in matters of friendship. He is demanding of the people around him and is rather intolerant of their shortcomings.

Akim, born at the beginning of winter, is distinguished by courage. In punishing a boy, physical strength and moral pressure should not be used. It is necessary to prove to the child that he is wrong through persuasion, logical thinking and upholding of justice.

The most suitable professions for the owners of this name will be a programmer, physicist, designer, doctor, journalist. In any profession, Akim is ready to help colleagues. He does not like to adapt to higher managers and for this reason very slowly moves up the career ladder.

On the surface, Akim, especially one born in November, may seem very eccentric, but this is not always the case. He is very conservative in everything. Akim is very fond of giving advice and considers himself always right. He always relies only on his own strength and does not take people's word for it. Boasting of others annoys Akim. He is courageous and able to risk his life if necessary. A good education and excellent memory help Akim in his life when solving various problems. He is very resourceful and quickly copes with all difficulties.

It is mainly courage and willpower that helps him achieve success in life. Akim is often hampered by such qualities as impulsiveness and not rational distribution of his forces. He has good leadership and organizational skills. Can be rude to people.

Akim's family life is going very well, despite the fact that his wife usually leads her husband. Growing up, Akim often visits his relatives, is very attached to his parents. He loves animals. In life, a man is open to people, active and fair.

Akim's birthday

Akim celebrates name day on February 23, July 26, August 16, August 29, September 9, September 22, September 30.

Famous people named Akim

  • Joachim (biblical character, father of the Virgin Mary)
  • Joachim (son of Josiah - king of Judah, protege of the Egyptian pharaoh Necho, to whom he paid a heavy tribute - one talent of gold and 100 talents of silver)
  • Akim Levich ((born 1933) Soviet artist, member of the Union of Artists of the Ukrainian SSR, author of the monument of sorrow "Menorah" at Babi Yar in Kiev (1991, in collaboration with Yuri Paskevich and Alexander Levich))
  • Akim Volynsky ((1861/1863 - 1926) literary pseudonym, real surname - Flexer; literary critic and art critic; ballet expert. One of the early ideologues of Russian modernism, known at first under the name of "decadence", which later took place in the school of impressionism and symbolism.)
  • Akim Tamirov ((1899 - 1972) American actor of Armenian descent, winner of the Golden Globe Award in the Best Supporting Actor category; his star is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame)
  • Akim Metyashkin (according to other sources - Mityashkin) ((1897 - 1944) participant of the Great Patriotic War, gunner of the 1st rifle battalion of the 1281st regiment of the 60th Sevskaya rifle division of the 5th shock army, private; Hero of the Soviet Union (1943), Red Army soldier)
  • Akim Beresten ((1877 - 1926) Belarusian politician, delegate to the VI Congress of the RSDLP (b) from the Vitebsk organization of the RSDLP (b). Streets in many settlements of Belarus are named after Beresten. In 1973, Okruzhnaya Street in Vitebsk was renamed into Berestenya Street and a memorial plaque in his honor is installed on one of the houses.)
  • Akim Zolotarev ((1853 - 1912) Russian general, professor at the Nikolaev Academy of the General Staff, senator, military writer; Deputy Chairman of the Russian Assembly)
  • Akim (Ekim, Yakim) Espeho ((1792 - 1847) Major General, Imereti Governor, Kutaisi Military and Civil Governor; Emperor Nicholas I signed a decree awarding Espeho the Order of St. George 4th degree for impeccable service (No. 7731 by cavalry list of Grigorovich-Stepanov), but Espeho himself did not manage to receive the order, since he had already died)
  • Akim Karpov ((1767 - 1837) Russian commander of the era of the Napoleonic wars, Lieutenant General)
  • Akim Kozlov ((1908 - 1992) Russian Soviet trombonist and music teacher; soloist of the ZKR Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Philharmonic, professor of the Leningrad and Petorozavodsk Conservatories, as well as the Leningrad Institute of Culture named after N.K. Krupskaya, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Akim Atmachidi ((born 1937) People's Hero of Kazakhstan, Honored Builder of Kazakhstan, Director of the Semipalatinsk precast concrete production association)
  • Akim Laveretsky ((1805 - 1888) Russian sculptor, freelance artist-foundry; father of sculptors Nikolai Akimovich Laveretsky (1839-1907) and Ivan Akimovich Laveretsky (1840-1911))
  • Akim Salbiev (film director, actor, producer, screenwriter, singer; Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, People's Artist of the Republic of South Ossetia)
  • Akim Arutyunov (famous Russian historian-researcher, writer, publicist and scientist)
  • Akim Nemtinov ((1918 - 1944) participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union, Guard Senior Lieutenant of the 79th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment, 2nd Guards Assault Aviation Division, 16th Air Army, 1st Belorussian Front, assistant commander 79th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment)
  • Akim Grachev ((1914 - 1993) commander of a fire platoon of the 24th corps artillery regiment of the 7th Army of the North-Western Front, junior lieutenant)
  • Akim Gorshkov ((1898 - 1980) chairman of the collective farm "Bolshevik" of the Vladimir region, twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1951, 1973))
  • Akim Khastatov ((1756 - 1809) Major General, participant in the Russian-Turkish War (1787 - 1792), great-uncle of the poet Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov, Adjutant General A.V. Suvorov)
  • Akim Nakhimov ((1782 - 1814/1815) Russian Ukrainian poet, satirist, playwright)
  • Akim Samchenko (Ukrainian Cossack, hetman of Ukraine)
  • Akim Davydov ((died not earlier than 1912) Russian politician, chairman of the Gomel department of the Union of the Russian people)
  • Joachim Pavlovich (Pskov mayor. In 1409 (1410) and 1426 he traveled as an ambassador from Pskov to Vitovt, in 1432 - to Svidrigailo, in 1432 and 1434 - to Novgorod.)
  • Joachim the Korsunian ((died 1030) according to traditional church historiography, the first bishop in Novgorod (992-1030) with the title "Bishop of Novgorod"; the nickname is presumably given by the place of his previous ministry or residence - Korsun)
  • Archbishop Joachim ((1853 - 1921) in the world - Ivan Levitsky or Levitsky; Bishop of the Orthodox Russian Church; from August 13, 1910 Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas; Russian spiritual writer)
  • Bishop Joachim ((1674 - 1742) in the world - Ivan Strukov; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, since 1730 Bishop of Voronezh and Eletsky)
  • Patriarch Joachim V Dau (Bishop of the Orthodox Church of Antioch, Patriarch of Antioch (1581 - 1592). He traveled across the Slavic East in order to collect donations to pay the huge debts of his throne. He was instructed by Patriarch Jeremiah II of Constantinople to investigate the state of the Kiev Metropolis. In 1586 he visited in Lvov, approved the new charter of the Lvov brotherhood, gave it broad rights and powers, limiting the power of the bishop. Joachim was the first with whom the government of Theodore Ioannovich entered into negotiations on the introduction of the Patriarchate in Moscow. He made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Patriarchate in Russia.)
  • Yakim Somko (Joachim Somko) (Colonel of Pereyaslavl, hetman of the Zaporizhzhya Army in the Left-Bank Ukraine from 1660 to 1663)
  • Yakim (Joachim) Ryazanov ((1775 - 1849) Yekaterinburg merchant of the first guild, hereditary honorary citizen, burgomaster (1811-1813) and mayor (in 1814-1817, 1820-1823, 1841-1844) of Yekaterinburg)

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