The Meaning Of The Name Akaki

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The Meaning Of The Name Akaki
The Meaning Of The Name Akaki

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Akaki
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The short form of the name Akaki. Akakha, Akasha.

Synonyms for the name Akaki. Akakios, Akasio, Akasiu.

The origin of the name Akaki. The name Akaki is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek, Georgian.

The meaning of the name Akaki - the name Akaki is of Greek origin, formed from two semantic parts. The first part is negation, i.e. "Not", and the second - "evil", "spiteful". Therefore, the name Akaki is translated as “one who does not do evil,” “does not do evil,” “not evil”. The names Akakios, Akasio and Akasiu will be analogous to this name.

This name is not considered common in modern times, although it is found in everyday life, most often in Georgia. It is used both among Orthodox Christians and Catholics. The dates for the Catholic name days of Akaki are April 9, April 28, July 28 and November 27. The rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name days of Akaki.

The owner of the name Akaki has a certain charisma. He is a sociable, caring and sociable person, an extrovert. He is sensitive to harmony and is an adherent of justice, therefore he is ready to make great efforts to achieve peace.

Akaki is a rather creative person; many would call him a jack of all trades. He loves to practice in everything, drawing is one of his favorite hobbies.

As a child, this is a kind and attentive boy who quickly became independent and responsible. He has a strongly developed paternal instinct, so Akaki always takes care of his younger brothers and sisters. It also helps him to find a common language with many people, develops his ability to communicate, he is able to express himself beautifully and convincingly. Very curious.

Akaki loves communication, discussion and search for answers to various mysteries, puzzles and crosswords. He is most likely to do well in commerce and economics, loves to discuss these topics, demonstrating remarkable linguistic ability. Akaki is perfectly able to adapt to the people around him, as if he were a chameleon. He has a good ear, which helps him learn foreign languages easily and quickly.

One of Akaki's shortcomings will be his excessive love of communication, sometimes leading to empty chatter, he can exaggerate and exaggerate some things. The most important thing for him is to be admired and given the attention he deserves.

Akaki loves entertainment, enjoys trying different and new types of both mental and physical games. Having a fun dinner with family or friends, to which he has had his own hand, will probably be a special moment for him. However, Akaki should be careful not to become hostage to his own feelings and desires!

Akaki is not afraid of difficulties, he is ready to study many questions on his own in order to achieve the desired result. He has a well-developed sense of responsibility, therefore, professionally, Akaki can become a leader in various fields, not excluding politics: everything depends on his ambitions. His love for speaking, literature and languages, naturally, can lead him to professions where this talent is in demand - translator, representative, journalist, guide, lawyer, teacher.

Name day Akaki

Akaki celebrates name day on March 17, March 22, April 9, April 13, April 25, April 28, April 30, May 14, May 20, June 1, July 20, July 28, August 10, September 12, September 28, October 13, November 6, November 27, December 12.

Famous people named Akaki

  • Akaki ((5th century) politician of Ancient Rome)
  • Akaki Zirnbirnstein ((born 1964) stage name, real name - Alexander Minaev; Russian rock musician, founded the Time-Out group, also a radio host)
  • Akaki Khorava ((1895-1972) Georgian Soviet actor and director. Winner of several Stalin Prizes and other awards.)
  • Akaki Tsereteli ((1840-1915) Georgian poet and writer, philosopher, thinker, public figure. A fighter for national and social liberation, an opponent of serfdom, until the end of his days fought against tsarism. Known as the author of the words to the song "Suliko", which became a popular Georgian song. Author of hundreds of poems, stories and novels.)
  • Akaki Chkhenkeli ((1874-1959) Georgian politician, diplomat)
  • Akaki Beliashvili ((1904 / 1903-1961) Georgian Soviet writer, considered a classic of Georgian literature)
  • Akaki Shanidze ((1887-1987) Georgian philologist, linguist, researcher of Kartvelian languages. Georgian folklorist, literary historian. One of the founders of Tbilisi University.)
  • Akaki Kibordzalidze ((born 1963) Soviet judoka, winner of the USSR Championship in 1987, as well as medalist of the European and World Championships)
  • Acasio Cordeiro Barreto ((born 1959) former Brazilian footballer (goalkeeper), currently coach)
  • Acasio Casimiro ((born 1949) Portuguese footballer, now retired)
  • Acasio da Silva Mora ((born 1961) former Portuguese cyclist)
  • Jose Acasio de Barros ((born 1967) Brazilian-American physicist and philosopher, contributed to the development of quantum mechanics, quantum cosmology)
  • Akaki Bashmachkin (fictional character in Nikolai Gogol's story "The Overcoat")