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Meaning Of The Name Adrian
Meaning Of The Name Adrian

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Short form of the name Adrian. Adrianka, Adriakha, Adriasha, Adrya, Adya, Adrin, Andriyanka, Andriakha, Andriyakha, Aydrinni, Andriyasha, Yasha, Andrya, Andryusha, Eid, Adi, Adi, Addi, Adri, Janus, Yas.

Synonyms for the name Adrian. Adrian, Adrian, Andrian, Andrian, Adrian, Adrian, Arian, Adrian, Adriano, Adorian, Adrianos, Hadrian, Hadrianus, Aryan, Adrian.

The origin of the name Adrian. The name Adrian is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Adrian has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Adrian is a Latin male name derived from the name Hadrianus, derived from the Roman cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Hadrianus, which means "Adriatic", "one who hails from the shores of the Adriatic Sea."

According to another version, the name Adrian is considered one of the variants of the name Andrei. In Russian, the folk forms of this name were used - Adrian, Andrian, Andrian, Andreyan, where the sound "n" was added, therefore the name in Russia is sometimes considered identical to the name Andrey. Although, in fact, these are different names, since both names are present in the Orthodox and Catholic calendar - Adrian and Andrew. But still, as is often the case, with folk and diminutive-affectionate, short forms of names in Russian, these names are used both independently and interchangeably for each other.

The female name Adrian (Andrian) was formed on behalf of Adrian.

Among the Orthodox, the holy martyrs Adrian and Natalia of Nicomedia, who are considered the patrons of a happy marriage, are especially revered. This name was borne by the popes and priests of the Orthodox Church.

Orthodox name days of Adrian - February 16, March 18, April 17, April 30, May 18, May 21, May 30, June 5, September 8, November 14, December 2. The rest of the dates indicated are Catholic name days.

The owner of the name Adrian is a strong personality. Altruism and philanthropy are very developed in him. Adrian has a high sensitivity combined with great intuition. He lives with ideas, to make the world better than what it really is. He will direct all his efforts to fight against injustice and help the disadvantaged. This is not always expressed in direct actions, sometimes his struggle and help are of an informational nature.

Adrian is not afraid of difficulties. He is quite dependent and easily inspiring, he has a strong spirit of self-sacrifice. His friends and relatives should take into account these features of Adrian's character, help him not to become a puppet in someone's hands, find himself and his place in life.

As a child, Adrian is a charming and sweet boy, everyone wants to please him. If disagreements arise in the family, it becomes very difficult for him. Adrian is sensitive and receptive, can become emotionally unstable due to heavy loads and many experiences. Over time, he will try to become more independent, and his desire to be free can sometimes be expressed in reckless behavior in his youth. With age, Adrian becomes more down-to-earth, cautious and closer to reality.

Adrian has high concepts of beauty and perfection, he is looking for the ideal everywhere. He is interested in the social and humanitarian areas of human activity, if you do not look after him, then he may even become a follower of a certain idea. He is willing to interact with others, with the honesty and conscientiousness that characterize him. This conviction and commitment to ideas is worth putting into the work of Adrian.

In love, Adrian is a real idealist, and he will extol his beloved, no matter what her mistakes are. This weakness of Adrian is sometimes used, but nevertheless, the wife of the owner of this name should not do this, because then you can lose his love and his respect.

Professions related to psychology, work with people (teacher, psychologist, sociologist, politician), or creative professions (artist, musician) are most suitable for Adrian. He is very close to religious, philosophical, charitable or humanitarian directions, where he can successfully express himself.

Adrian's birthday

Adrian celebrates his name day on January 9, February 16, March 1, March 4, March 5, March 18, March 19, April 17, April 30, May 18, May 21, May 30, June 5, July 8, September 8, November 14, December 2nd.

Famous people named Adrian

  • Adrian I ((700 - 795) Pope since 772, Roman from the family of the consul and Duke Theodatus. Loyal ally of the King of the Franks Charlemagne.)
  • Adrian III ((died 885) Pope since 884. He was quite tough in relation to his rivals, but was widely revered among the people. He led a conciliatory policy towards the Church of Constantinople and Patriarch Photius.)
  • Adrian IV ((about 1115 - 1159) in the world - Nicholas Breakespeare; Pope since 1154, the only Englishman on the papal throne)
  • Adrian V ((about 1205 - 1276) in the world - Ottobona Fieschi; Count of Lavagni, Pope from July 11 to August 18, 1276. Presumably, he was poisoned by the decision of the cardinals. He was not ordained either a bishop or even a priest, therefore, formally he was not a bishop of Rome; nevertheless, he is considered a legitimate pope.)
  • Adrian VI ((1459 - 1523) in the world - Adrian Florenzoon Buyens van Utrecht; Pope from 1522)
  • Patriarch Adrian ((1637/1627 - 1700) in the world - Andrey; 10th, last in the pre-synodal period, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia since 1690. Full title: His Holiness Cyrus Adrian, Archbishop of Moscow and All Russia and all Northern countries Patriarch.)
  • Bishop Adrian ((born 1951) in the world - Alexander Ulyanov; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Rzhev and Toropetsky)
  • Metropolitan Andrian ((1951 - 2005) in the world - Alexander Chetvergov; Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old Believers Church (RPSTs; 2004-2005) with the title Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia)
  • Adrian ((about 760 - 821) Earl of Orleans, son of Gerold I, Earl of Winzgau and Emma of Alemanni, daughter of Duke Alemannia Godfried)
  • Adriano Celentano ((born 1938) is an Italian actor, pop singer, composer, director, public figure and TV presenter. In Italy he was nicknamed "Molleggiato" (Italian for "springs") - for his manner of moving on stage. Celentano is one of the the most successful performers in Italy - in his entire career, he released forty-one studio albums with a total circulation of 150 million, and also starred in more than forty films. He is very popular with Russian viewers thanks to the comedy films "The Taming of the Shrew" (1980), "Bluff" (1976) and Bingo-Bongo (1982) Winner of two David di Donatello awards for Best Actor in Bluff (1976) and Velvet Hands (1980) In 1989 he was awarded the highest award of the City of Milan - "Ambrogino d'oro" ("Golden Ambrose").In 2007 he topped the list of "100 Brightest Movie Stars" according to the magazine "Time Out". In honor of Adriano Celentano, asteroid No. 6697, discovered on April 24, 1987, is named.)
  • Andrian Fadeev ((born 1977) Russian ballet dancer, choreographer. Soloist of the Mariinsky Theater. Artistic director of the St. Petersburg State Ballet Theater named after L.V. Yakobson (since 2011). Honored Artist of Russia (2008).)
  • Publius Elius Traian Hadrian, better known as Hadrian ((76 - 138) Roman emperor in 117 - 138 years. He received Tribune power 22 times. He was proclaimed emperor twice, was consul three times. Full title at the time of death: Emperor Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus, Great Pontiff, endowed with the power of the tribune of the people 22 times, Emperor 2 times, Consul 3 times, Father of the Fatherland.)
  • Adrian Kokorev ((1810 - 1877) Russian architect, chief architect of Gatchina from 1854 (according to other sources - from 1850, from 1852, from 1855) to 1870 (according to other sources - to 1877). characteristic features of eclecticism.)
  • Adrian Mutu ((born 1979) Romanian footballer, striker)
  • Adrian Cristea ((born 1983) Romanian footballer, midfielder)
  • Adrian Piotrovsky ((1898 - 1937) Russian and Soviet translator, philologist, playwright, literary critic, theater critic, film critic, artistic director of the Lenfilm film studio. Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR (1935).)
  • Adrian (Andrian, Andrey) Divov ((1749 - 1814) Privy Councilor, Senator, Hero of the Battle of Chesme)
  • Adrian Delano Dentley ((born 1956) is an American professional basketball player who played for the National Basketball Association for 15 seasons. Duntley was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008. Since 2010, he has been acting head coach of the Denver Nuggets.)
  • Adrian Villart ((circa 1490 - 1562) Flemish composer and teacher, worked in Italy. Representative of the Franco-Flemish (Dutch) polyphonic school, founder of the Venetian school.)
  • Adrian Browver ((1605/1606 - 1638) South Netherlandish (Flemish) artist)
  • Sir Adrian Boult ((1889 - 1983) English conductor)
  • Adrian Vandenberg, Adier van den Berg ((born 1954) Dutch guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter, artist. Best known for his work in the group "Whitesnake" in 1987-1991, 1994, 1997-1998.)
  • Adrian Belew ((born 1949) real name Robert Stephen Belew; American guitarist and vocalist (sometimes also drummer, pianist and bass player). Best known for his participation in the prog rock band "King Crimson", which he joined in 1981 He has also released several solo albums and worked with many other musicians (David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Jean Michel Jarre, Frank Zappa). In 2005, he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Performance in the Instrumental Rock Genre.)
  • Adrian Kryukov ((1849 - 1908) Russian doctor, ophthalmologist. While still a student at the Faculty of Medicine of Moscow University, A.A. Kryukov published his first scientific work "On the question of determining the relative strength of the external rectus muscles of the eye." In 1872 he graduated from the university; in 1873 he became a doctor of medicine for the dissertation "Objective color perception on the peripheral parts of the retina"; in 1874 he went abroad, where he worked for 2 years mainly in Göttingen with Professor Leber (with whom he jointly published an article "On the penetration of fluids through the cornea"), in Heidelberg with Professor Becker, as well as in Paris and Berlin.In 1886 he was elected assistant professor, and in 1892 - professor and director of the Novo-Catherine Hospital in Moscow, in 1895, after the death of A.N.Maklakov became an extraordinary professor of eye diseases at Moscow University. In 1896, A.A. Kryukov established that glaucoma is a bilateral process, since in most cases both eyes are affected. He was the first in Russia to use cocaine in eye surgery, proposed a new method of operative approaches to the posterior pole of the eye and during surgery for a tumor of the iris, and developed a technique for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). He was known as an excellent practitioner: the private clinic for eye diseases, transferred to him by Dr. M. M. Voinov, of which he was in charge, was widely known. He edited the 2nd volume of the textbook of Professor V. Shokalsky "The doctrine of eye diseases". He published for the first time Russian "Fonts and tables for the study of vision" (1882), his "Course of eye diseases" (1892).Since 1899, he headed the Society of Moscow Eye Physicians, founded by M.I. Averbakh; in 1904-1908 he was the editor of the journal "Bulletin of Ophthalmology".)
  • Adrian Lambla ((1884 - 1955) birth name - Adrienne Rene Albert Lambla; Russian poet-translator of Swiss origin, author of the most complete translation of the Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire)
  • Adrian Frankovsky ((1888 - 1942) Russian translator. Translated by J. Swift, G. Fielding, L. Stern, D. Defoe, D. Diderot, R. Rolland, André Gide, M. Proust. Best known as a translator of the works of Marcel Proust In the late 1920s, the first part of the epic "In Search of Lost Time" was published in the translation of Frankovsky. The entire epic was published already in the 1930s in the "Academy" edition, with the participation of Frankovsky as a translator and editor. knowledge in the field of culture of the countries translated by the authors.)
  • Adriano Visconti ((1915 - 1945) the most productive Italian ace pilot of the Second World War and the most famous pilot of the National Republican Aviation of Italy. Visconti has 10 confirmed victories over Allied aircraft.)
  • Adriano Emperado (Chief of the five martial artists who developed kajiukenbo - a self-defense system. Contemporary kajiukenbo uses its inheritance, but it cares for its reputation as an art that has been prepared for any street fighting. For a life oriented towards contributions to martial arts, Black Belt Magazine named Adriano Emperado its Instructor of the Year 1991.)
  • Adrian Valles ((born 1986) Spanish race car driver)
  • Adrin Gald (Slovak astronomer and discoverer of asteroids who works at the Modras Observatory. Between 1995 and 2004, together with other Slovak astronomers, he discovered a total of 78 asteroids.)
  • Adrian Dietworst (Dutch director and screenwriter. His film "Paranoia" was included in the program of the International Berlin Film Festival.)
  • Adrien Henri Laurent de Jussieu ((1797 - 1853) French botanist)
  • Adrian Campos Sunier ((born 1960) Spanish race car driver, participant of the Formula 1 World Championship)
  • Adrian Mannarino ((born 1988) French professional tennis player, winner of nine ATP Challenger and ITF Futures tournaments)
  • Adrian Moreau ((1843 - 1906) French genre and history painter, graphic artist and sculptor)
  • Adrian Aucoin ((born 1973) Canadian ice hockey player, defender)
  • Adrian Paunescu ((1943 - 2010) Romanian poet)
  • Adrian Eschbacher ((1912 - 2002) Swiss pianist. Son of choirmaster Karl Eschbacher, brother of conductor Niklaus Eschbacher and pianist Rudolf Eschbacher. He gave concerts in Europe and America since 1934, gaining fame as a performer of Beethoven, Schubert, Schubert, Schubert. music of the 18th century (including the harpsichord), works of contemporary composers. In 1965-1977 Professor of the Piano Department of the Saar High School of Music.)
  • Adrian Stefan Enescu ((born 1987) Romanian footballer, midfielder)
  • Adrian Zaug ((born 1986) South African race car driver)
  • Adrian Heights ((born 1973) musician, owner of the music label Accession Records. Best known for his project Diary of Dreams.)
  • Adrian Sutil ((born 1983) German driver of Uruguayan origin in the Formula 1 series as part of the Force India team. Sutil made his Formula 1 debut at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix.)
  • Adrian Prakhov ((1846 - 1916) Russian art historian, archaeologist and art critic)
  • Adrian Gunnall ((born 1972) English professional snooker player)
  • Adrian (Andrian) Nepenin ((1871 - 1917) Vice Admiral, last commander of the Imperial Baltic Fleet, Knight of St. George, founder of the naval intelligence and communications service)
  • Adrian Conan Doyle ((1910 - 1970) English writer, son of the famous English writer Arthur Conan Doyle. In collaboration with John Carr, and also independently, Adrian Conan Doyle wrote a number of sequel stories with Sherlock Holmes as the main character. mentions of the affairs of Sherlock Holmes in the works of his father, but not described by himself. These stories were written in 1952-1953, but published only in 1954 under the title "The exploits of Sherlock Holmes." He also wrote a biography of his father "The True Conan Doyle" (1945).)
  • Adrian Pukanych ((born 1983) Ukrainian footballer, midfielder)
  • Adrian Frederick Smith ((born 1957) British rock guitarist, artist, songwriter, producer, best known as one of the three guitarists of the popular heavy metal band Iron Maiden)
  • Edward Adrian Wilson (British polar explorer, zoologist, ornithologist and physiologist, artist. Participant of two Antarctic expeditions of Robert Scott. His illustrations for Hamilton's work "A History of British Mammals" are considered classic.)
  • Adrian Jesús Bastia ((born 1978) Argentine footballer, midfielder)
  • Adrian Hernan Gonzalez ((born 1976) Argentine footballer)
  • Adrian de Vries ((1545 - 1626) Dutch sculptor, whose favorite material was bronze. One of the greatest masters of northern Mannerism, worked far beyond his homeland, in particular, he decorated Wallenstein Palace in Prague with statues that the Swedish invaders took to Drottningholm.)
  • Adrian van de Velde ((1636 - 1672) Dutch painter and printmaker, belongs to the famous Dutch family of artists van de Velde, is the son of Willem van de Velde the Elder and brother of Willem van de Velde the Younger)
  • Adrian Schonebeck (Schonebeck) ((1661 - 1705) Dutch engraver. The first of the engravers invited by Peter I to work in Russia. The Baroque style of Schonebeck's work had a great influence on the development of the Russian school of engraving.)
  • Adrian José Hernandez Acosta, better known as Polio ((born 1983) Spanish footballer, midfielder)
  • Andrian Denisov ((1763 - 1841) Russian military leader, lieutenant general (1813), military chieftain of the Don Army (1818))
  • Andrian Mazaraki ((1835 - 1906) musician, philanthropist. Grandson of I. N. Deboltsev, grandfather of the famous singer N. Obukhova.)
  • Andrian Vladimirsky ((1875 - 1932) Ukrainian psychiatrist and psychologist)
  • Andrian Cucovei ((born 1982) Moldovan footballer, defender)
  • Andrian Nikanorov ((1898 - 1982) Soviet manager and statesman, director of the Yaroslavl Automobile Plant (YaAZ) in 1940-1945)
  • Adrian de Groot ((1914 - 2006) Dutch chess player and psychologist who conducted classical chess experiments in the 1940s and 60s. In 1946 he wrote his thesis "The Thinking of a Chess Player", which was translated into English in 1965 and published under the title "Thought and Choice in Chess.")
  • Andrian Elemesov ((born 1963) Kazakh statesman, diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan)
  • Andrian Pishchulin ((1903 - 1943) commander of a motorized rifle battalion, guard senior lieutenant, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Adrian (Andreyan) Zakharov ((1761 - 1811) Russian architect, representative of the Empire style. Creator of the complex of buildings of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg.)
  • Adrian Kashchenko ((1858 - 1921) Ukrainian writer)
  • Adrian Smirnov ((1908 - 1992) Soviet theoretical physicist)
  • Adrian Carmack ((born 1969) one of the founders of id Software, a computer game development company)
  • Adrian "Aid" Edmondson (English film actor, director, writer and musician)
  • Adrienne-Marie Legendre ((1752 - 1833) French mathematician)
  • Adrien Gallo ((born 1989) French actor and singer, lead singer of the rock band "BB Brunes")
  • Adrian Caceres ((born 1982) Argentine footballer)
  • Adriano Correia de Oliveira ((1942 - 1982) Portuguese singer and musician)
  • Adrian Ludwig Richter ((1803 - 1884) German artist)
  • Adrian Knoop (Swiss footballer)
  • Adrian Szekeres (Hungarian footballer)
  • Adrian Bjurman ((1884 - 1972) Swedish film director)
  • Adrian Gomulsky ((born 1987) Polish race car driver)
  • Jadranko Topić ((born 1949) Yugoslav footballer)
  • Atro Kahiluoto ((born 1959) Finnish theater director)
  • Ari Helenius ((born 1944) Finnish biochemist)

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