The Meaning Of The Name Azat

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The Meaning Of The Name Azat
The Meaning Of The Name Azat

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The short form of the name Azat. Aza.

Synonyms for the name Azat. Azad, Asat.

The origin of the name Azat. The name Azat is Muslim, Armenian, Kazakh.

The name Azat has several versions of its origin. According to the first, Arabic version, the name Azat is from the pahlavi Yazata (in Arabic phonetics Azat), meaning “free”, “independent”. In the Iranian state, those inhabitants were called so - small feudal lords, a privileged class of soldiers (horsemen), who were exempted from taxes (tax). Later in Iran, they also began to call small landowners - dehkans.

According to the second version, the name Azat appeared in medieval Armenia, most likely it came from the Iranian state. Azats were called middle and small feudal lords, therefore in Armenia the name Azat means something like "landowner".

The name Azat is sometimes pronounced and written as Azad. This name is popular in Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Tatars, Bashkirs and Kazakhs also use this name. The diminutive Aza is also not only an independent male name, but also a female name.

Among Catholics and Orthodox Christians, the martyr Azat of Persia is known. He was a eunuch, but at the same time he held a high position at the royal court and enjoyed special love and respect from the Persian king Sapor II. For his confession of the Christian faith, he was executed along with 1000 other martyrs in 344. Tsar Sapor II was greatly upset by the death of Azat, therefore, after his death, he issued a decree, according to which it was forbidden to put Christians to death, and this decree was carefully executed for some time. The Catholic Memorial Day of Azat the Persian is April 22. The rest of the specified name days are Orthodox.

Azat is a rather mobile and restless child. Winter representatives of this name are emotional. Their behavior is directly dependent on mood and sleep. Azat does not tolerate humiliation. He has good self-esteem, and does not allow anyone to belittle her. The representative of this name should always be given sufficient attention. Feeling underestimated can lead to a storm of emotions and resentment on his part. With age, Azat comes to the ability to rethink his actions. He is stubborn in achieving his goal and, undoubtedly, will achieve his plan.

Azat often begins his career as a simple worker. His abilities will help in time to realize himself as a director, to become a leader.

For quite a long time she decided to tie the knot. He does this only after he becomes a self-sufficient and independent man in all matters. You can always rely on Azat in any business. He brings up his children in severity. Considered a tough father.

Spring Azat is by nature a humanist. He is always purposeful, does not like to conflict. "Summer" is distinguished by kindness and gentleness. Always ready to help others. He is not just given a move from his father's house. He loves to chat and meet new people. Azat is inclined to analyze everything. He is characterized by self-criticism. Sometimes it is overkill. The exact sciences are simply given to him. The owner of such a name approaches everything from a scientific point of view. The profession of engineer, designer or scientific worker is ideal for him.

This person can be characterized as conscientious, stable and reliable. He is always respected by friends and colleagues. You should not expect improvisation from him, or any unexpected actions. Azat is not a creative person. He always tries to follow a predetermined path.

Azat's birthday

Azat celebrates its name day on April 22, April 27, April 30, December 3.

Famous people named Azat

  • Azat Nurgaliev ((born 1986) Kazakhstani footballer, midfielder of FC Ordabasy and the national team of Kazakhstan)
  • Cherukuri Rajkumar, better known as Comrade Azad ((1954 - 2010) Indian revolutionary, member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), responsible for relations of the CPI (Maoist) with the media and social organizations)
  • Azat Abbasov ((1925 - 2006) Tatar opera singer, (lyric and dramatic tenor), People's Artist of the USSR (1977))
  • Azat Sherents ((1913 - 1993) Armenian theater and film actor, was one of the founders of the Armenian cinematic comedy. In 1931 he began his acting career at the Sundukyan Drama Theater in Yerevan. In 1934-1937 he studied at the Armenian Theater Studio in Moscow. In 1937-1968 Sherents played on the stage of the Leninakan Drama Theater. Since 1968 he began working at the "Armenfilm" film studio, where he played the main roles in many films.)
  • Azat Abdullin ((born 1930) Bashkir playwright, writer and publicist)
  • Azat Arshakyan ((born 1950) former deputy of the Armenian parliament)
  • Azat Bayryev ((born 1989) Russian footballer, defender and midfielder of Alania)
  • Azat Mashurov ((1940-2000) was a prominent public figure of the Uyghur community in Kazakhstan. Mashurov helped to significantly improve the economy of Alakol, as a result of which Usharal, its administrative center, received city status. He was forced to resign due to the changing political regime in Kazakhstan. In 2005, his wife, Durnyam Mashurova, published a documentary short story "Life Lived Not Wasted", which included her memories and true facts from his difficult life.)
  • Azat Martirosyan ((born 1955) Armenian diplomat)
  • Azat Gasparyan ((born 1943) Soviet and Armenian theater and film actor)
  • Azat Mukhadov ((born 1981) Turkmen footballer, midfielder of the Balkan club)
  • Azad Khalil oglu Mirzajanzade ((born 1928) Azerbaijani scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)
  • Azad-bek Abbas oglu Amirov ((1883 - 1939) Azerbaijani doctor, teacher, one of the first physiologists of Azerbaijan)
  • Azad Ziyad oglu Abyshev (Russian chemist of Azerbaijani origin, doctor of chemical sciences, professor)
  • Azad-bek Mirza Hamid-bek oglu Vezirov ((1869 - 1921) Russian and Azerbaijani military leader, colonel. Father of the Soviet statesman, organizer of the oil industry, Hero of Socialist Labor Suleiman Vezirov.)

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