The Meaning Of The Name Aziz

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The Meaning Of The Name Aziz
The Meaning Of The Name Aziz

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Synonyms for the name Aziz. Azis, Azizi.

The origin of the name Aziz. The name Aziz is Muslim.

The name Aziz is a Muslim male name, translated as “powerful”, “strong”, “respected”. Also, the name is translated as "cute", "dear" in the meaning of "valuable", "rare", "beloved". In combination, Al-Aziz, the name is mentioned in the Quran.

The name Aziz is found in two-part names, both male and female (Al-Aziz, Abdul-Aziz, Azizgul, Azizzhan, Azizbek, Azizali). The paired female name is Aziza.

The owner of the name Aziz is a rather emotional and sensual man who is more interested in the creative part of life than the material one. Openness of relations, friendliness, self-control distinguish him among many, and his ability to be tactful and diplomatic make him indispensable in large companies.

Intuition and the ability to understand the desires of people help him to help those who really need help. Aziz is a humane person, loves animals, shows altruism, does not like excesses.

As a child, Aziz is a quiet, shy boy who loves his family. Comfort within the family is very important to him, his insight allows him to smooth out sharp corners in time. He knows how to see deception and unravel secrets and secrets. In addition, Aziz has a deep sense of justice, and any violation of the law inevitably irritates him.

Since childhood, Aziz loves to listen to stories, legends and myths, appreciates music very much. Therefore, it would be advisable to encourage him to participate in artistic activities. He is able to take responsibility, especially in a family context, protects older brothers and sisters.

In communication, he prefers to wait for others to approach him, and not vice versa, and therefore work in a team, in group lessons is an important part of his activity from a very young age. Through these activities in adulthood, it can lead him to the ability to cooperate, listen and follow advice. He should learn to overcome the tendency to passivity and self-denial.

Aziz is full of lofty ideals, the search for truth, and he can be possessed by utopian aspirations. Material circumstances and sometimes harsh life realities can greatly disappoint this man. In matters of the heart, Aziz shows sensuality and good nature, but he is looking for a girl like him, who understands his deep essence, and not every minute needs.

The owner of the name Aziz is attracted by original or avant-garde pursuits. He can find himself in technical fields (broadcasting, information technology, electronics). Or, more likely, he will turn to social sciences and professions related to communication (psychology, sociology, medicine, history, advertising, marketing, jurisprudence, hospitality). Aziz could equally enjoy work in connection with travel (tourism, transport industry).

Aziz's birthday

Aziz does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Aziz

  • Aziz Nesin ((1915-1995) real name - Mehmet Nusret; Turkish writer. Main direction - satire. Winner of many literary awards. More than 8 million copies of his works have been published - novels, stories, plays.)
  • Aziz Sidki ((1920-2008) Egyptian politician, economist. He was a minister, developed Egyptian industry, for which he was nicknamed "the father of Egyptian industry.")
  • Aziz Sanjar ((born 1946) Turkish and American biochemist. Winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for research in the field of DNA repair, along with two other scientists.)
  • Aziz Mirza ((born 1947) Indian director. Started his career as an actor, then continued as a screenwriter and producer.)
  • Aziz Bebitov ((born 1993) Turkmen boxer, bronze winner of the 2014 Asian Games)
  • Aziz Muzafarov ((born 1950) Soviet and Russian chemist (macromolecular compounds). Author of more than 200 works, holder of 30 patents.)
  • Muhammad Aziz Lahbaby ((1922-1993) Moroccan philosopher. As a writer was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1987, and his works have been published in many countries.)
  • Aziz Imingagayev ((1892-1944) Dargin writer and poet, one of the founders of Dargin literature in the USSR)
  • Aziz Sheikh ((XIV century) Khan of the Golden Horde in 1365-1367. The main opponent of Mamai during the period of intense internecine struggle for power in the Horde.)
  • Aziz Ali (Kurban-Ali) oglu Sharif ((1895-1988) real name - Sharifzade; Azerbaijani Soviet literary critic, critic. Translated Azerbaijani literature into Russian, as well as many Russian works into his native language. More than 40 years lectured at Moscow State University on the history of literature of the peoples of Transcaucasia.)
  • Aziz Zakari ((born 1976) Ghanaian athlete (running 100 meters). Participant of several Olympiads.)
  • Aziz Muradilaev (Russian actor)
  • Aziz Beishenaliev ((born 1971) Uzbek actor)
  • Azis (singing pseudonym; real name - Vasil Troyanov Boyanov; Bulgarian pop-folk singer)

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