The Meaning Of The Name Adam

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The Meaning Of The Name Adam
The Meaning Of The Name Adam

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Short form of the name Adam. Adamushka, Adya, Ada, Adasha, Ed, Eddy, Adamas, Adash, Adamus, Adas, Adaska, Adamka, Dameyka, Adamchyk, Adamets, Adzik, Aduk, Dame, Adi.

Synonyms for the name Adam. Edam, Adan, Adamo, Adem, Adam, Eden.

The origin of the name Adam. The name Adam is Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish.

The name Adam is a Hebrew name that literally means "made of red clay", later this name became a household name and began to mean "man". It was this name that the very first man created by God from clay bore. In Islam, Adam is revered as the father of all mankind and the first prophet of Allah, in the Tanakh - the progenitor of mankind. According to the concepts of Kabbalah, Adam Rishon is a common, aggregate creation created by the Creator and is the prototype of man in the material world.

Adam is not a god or a demigod, a hero (as in ancient mythology). Adam was created “in the image” of God and is called “the son of God”, therefore he is typologically compared with Christ. In the Orthodox and Catholic traditions, Adam the First Man is revered on an equal basis with the saints as the ancestor of humanity. Also among the Catholics, Adam is the patron saint of gardeners and gardeners and tailors. The Orthodox remember Adam on January 27.

There are variants of the name - Edam, Adem, Adan, as well as translation variations - "earthy", "red". In the name Adam, stress can be placed on both the first and the last syllable.

In childhood, Adam is very mentally vulnerable, stubborn, very emotional, sometimes unbalanced. Outwardly, the boy does not look like his parents. The boy is always surrounded by a large number of friends. He loves to play sports. Especially from "winter" Adam a good athlete can grow.

As he matures, he becomes more calm. As a specialty, a man most often chooses such professions as a veterinarian, sports coach, programmer, artist, writer.

The family life of men named Adam is not always successful. They cannot find rapport with their mother and wife. At the same time, Adam makes a wonderful, caring father. He treats animals very well, loves outdoor recreation. In his youth, Adam is often fond of women and for a long time decides to tie the knot. In relation to his wife, Adam is very jealous, does not give the opportunity to lead himself. Adam is stubborn and patient. He often helps his wife with the housework.

In the "winter" Adam, the talents of an artist or musician are often revealed. They achieve success in life through decisive action. "Autumn" Adam is careful with conclusions, compliant, but at the same time calculating. Career for him is not the main thing in life. He approaches the choice of work very deliberately and prudently.

Adam's birthday

Adam celebrates his name day on January 27, May 16, June 3, September 8, December 24.

Famous people named Adam

  • Adam (first human, biblical character)
  • Adam of Bremen ((d. ​​After 1081) North German chronicler, canon and scholastic)
  • Adam Galsky ((1240 - 1282) Old French poet and composer, also known as le bossu d'Arras)
  • Adam Lindsay Gordon ((1833 - 1870) Australian poet and politician)
  • Adam de Fulda (monk from Franconia, musician and counterpointist of the 15th century, who wrote a treatise on music stored in the Strasbourg library, published in the book of Abbot Herbert "Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra", in 3 volumes)
  • Adam Chernigovsky (Adam Zernikav) (proselyte of the Orthodox Church, from Lutheran, who lived at the end of the 17th century)
  • Adam Mickiewicz ((1798 - 1855) Polish poet)
  • Adam Weishaupt ((1748 - 1830/1811) founder of the Illuminati Order, a secret society that set itself educational and republican goals, professor of natural and canon law at the University of Ingolstadt (Bavaria). A well-known opponent of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.)
  • Adam Jerzy (Yuri) Czartoryski (alternative Russian transcriptions Czartoryski, Czartoryski are also used) ((1770 - 1861) Polish and Russian statesman, writer, philanthropist; Trustee of Vilnius University and Vilnius educational district)
  • Adam Smith ((1723 - 1790) Scottish economist, philosopher-ethicist; one of the founders of modern economic theory)
  • Adam Romer ((1566 - 1616) Polish writer; was a priest and professor in Krakow)
  • Adam Olearius, Adam Olschlegel ((c. 1603 - 1671) famous German traveler and scientist. As the secretary of the embassy sent by the Schleswig-Holstein duke Frederick III to the Persian shah, he wrote down and published his notes collected during the trip.)
  • Adam Elsheimer ((1578 - 1610) German painter)
  • Adam Dietrich ((1866 - 1933) Russian architect)
  • Adam Kokoschka ((born 1986) Polish footballer)
  • Adam Falkenhagen ((1697 - 1754) German lute player and composer)
  • Adam Kazimierz Czartoryski ((1734 - 1823) Polish statesman)
  • Adam Albert von Neupperg ((1775 - 1829) Austrian Field Marshal Lieutenant)
  • Adamo Marcori ((1763 - 1808) Italian composer)
  • Adam Afzelius ((1750 - 1837) Swedish botanist)
  • Adam Opel ((1837 - 1895) founder of "Adam Opel GmbH")
  • Adan Martin ((born 1943) Spanish politician)
  • Adam (Edam) Baldwin ((born 1962) American film actor)
  • Adam (Edam) Clayton ((born 1960) bassist for the rock band "U2")
  • Adam Musyal ((born 1948) former Polish footballer, defender, football coach)
  • Adam Mitchell Lambert (American singer, songwriter and actor from San Diego, California. In May 2009, he became a finalist for the eighth season of the reality television show American Idol. He is the first famous pop artist to openly declare his homosexuality early in his career) started it off with a major label in America.)
  • Adam Rzhevusky ((1801 - 1888) Russian general, participant in the Crimean War)
  • Adam Beatty Gunn ((1872 - 1934) American track and field athlete, silver medalist at the 1904 Summer Olympics)
  • Adam Vishnevetsky ((1566 - 1622) Polish nobleman and magnate. Supported False Dmitry I during the Time of Troubles, known for having discovered False Dmitry I together with Konstantin Vishnevetsky (1564-1641).)
  • Adam Verchech ((born 1980) Polish fencer, epee fencer, Olympic silver medalist)
  • Adam Greenberg ((born 1939) cinematographer. He worked in Israel and the USA. His most famous work is Terminator 2: Judgment Day, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. He was also a cinematographer for many films with the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His first notable work became “The Terminator.” It is through his skill that we see the world through the eyes of cyborgs (T-800). He specializes in fantasy and suspense genre.)
  • Adam Butcher (Canadian actor)
  • Adam David Anderson (musician of the famous British duo "Hurts")
  • Adam Melchior ((1575 - 1622) biographer of the 17th century, literary critic, lecturer at the University of Heidelberg. A famous biographer of German scientists, mainly theologians. He published biographies of German scientists from 1500 to 1618, under the title "Vitae Germanor. Philosophorum, theologorum, jurisconsultorum, medicorum,”additions were made to this edition in 1618 and 1620. This collection is considered precious for the history of the Reformation.)
  • Adam Michnik (Polish public figure, dissident, journalist, one of the most active representatives of the political opposition in 1968-1989. Editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza.)
  • Adam John Morrison (American professional basketball player for the Washington Wizards National Basketball Association)
  • Adan Nunes Dornelles ((1923 - 1991) better known by the name - Adanzinho; Brazilian footballer, striker)
  • Adan Adolfo Balbin Silva (Peruvian footballer, defensive midfielder of the Universidad San Martin club and the Peruvian national team, bronze medalist of the 2011 America's Cup)
  • Adamo Boari (Italian architect, author of the Palace of Fine Arts)
  • Adamo Tadolini ((1789 - 1868) Italian sculptor. Of greatest artistic value are his marble statues of mythological content. Among them are "Ganymede with the Eagle of Jupiter" (performed for Prince Esterhazy), "The Rape of Ganymede" (in the Hermitage), "Bacchante" (in Museum Borghese, in Rome), "Jason", etc.)

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