The Meaning Of The Name Agapit

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The Meaning Of The Name Agapit
The Meaning Of The Name Agapit

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The short form of the name Agapit. Agapitka, Agapka, Gapa, Aga, Agania, Ganya, Agasha, Gasha.

Synonyms for the name Agapit. Agapey, Agap, Gapon, Agapius.

The origin of the name Agapit. The name Agapit is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Agapit is a derivative of the name Agapius, which comes from the Greek “agape”, which means “love” in translation. Therefore, the name Agapit is often translated as “beloved”. The female version is Agapia.

In Greek, "agape" (sometimes also "agape", "agapi") means one of the four types of love. Four ancient Greek words - eros, filia, storge, agape - are all "love". The ancient Greeks with this word denoted love for one's neighbor, sacrificial, gentle, selfless. It arises not as love for a beloved (beloved person), but as a manifestation of love for a person as a whole.

The name Agapit has related male names Agathon (Agafonik, Agapon, Gapon) and Agap, as well as female names Agatha and Agafya. Folk forms of the name Agapit - Agapey, Agap. The name Agap is both a short form of the name Agapius and a related name for Agapit and Agapius.

In Russian, the diminutive forms of the name Agapit are used: Agapitka, Agapka, Gapa, Aga, Aganya, Ganya, Agasha, Gasha.

For the name Agapit, the name day of Agapit will be indicated, for the name Agap - the name day of Agapius, for Agathon - the name day of Agapit.

Agapit is often quite authoritarian, direct and outspoken person. It can look impressive and give off a certain magnetism. In general, he is incredulous, he needs proof of the commission completely. Nevertheless, Agapit is curious, loves to take risks and willingly do something new, he is pleased with the path of novelty and change.

There are two contradictory tendencies in Agapit's character. The first leads him to seek security, protection and gives preference to stability. As for the second, this leads him to a desire to surpass himself: he will have to seek the answer until he finds it. And these two tendencies will alternate in his attitude to life. Agapit will show unremitting effort, perseverance and follow the path until the moment when monotony becomes unbearable, and the desire for novelty begins to prevail. It should be noted, this is the same alternation with money: it can accumulate, the place of their economy to grow for months, for all expenses, at a time when you least expect it.

Agapit is sociable, charming, open. At the same time, he is thoughtful, courageous and warlike, knows his own worth. He is usually a materialist. The holder of this name must work for self-affirmation and do something in order not to remain inactive. Agapit is stubborn, inclined to think that what he is doing, others can also do it. This can cause conflict with his family and friends.

As a boy, Agapit is not easy and difficult to accept as he is. Agapit may show a spirit of contradiction, but he can definitely be trusted, because he is direct and sincere.

He is ambitious, sensitive to power and money. For him, business and practical meaning are very important concepts in life. He believes that his friends should fulfill his wishes.

In professional terms, Agapit most often chooses professions where it is required to achieve results. Most often it is sports, work in the police, army, professions in the field of finance, management, on the stock exchange, in a bank. Another aspect of the application of his skills and talents is the work of a scientific specialty or technically difficult (minerals, oil, space projects).

Agapit is emotional, but it also attracts to him. He may be jealous. Agapit will not be able to understand the intricacies of the female soul. For him, life is simple, there are few complications. The owner of this name is straightforward, not at all romantic, not sentimental.

Agapit's birthday

Agapit celebrates name day on March 3, March 16, March 24, April 22, April 28, April 30, June 3, June 14, July 18, August 6, August 18, August 23, September 19, September 20, October 11, November 20 …

Famous people named Agapit

  • Agapit the Deacon, Agapit (author of Agapit's "Teachings" ("Ecthesis"), one of the Byzantine "Mirror" (instructions to the ruler), the translations of which were widespread in Western Europe, Ancient Russia and the southern Slavs. The work addressed to Emperor Justinian I includes the main The idea of ​​the ideal Christian emperor, expressed in finely engraved language, was the most popular textbook on the art of government in the Middle Ages.)
  • The Monk Agapit of the Caves ((died 1095) is a free doctor, monk of the Kiev Caves Monastery. Agapit, considered the first healer (doctor) of Kiev Rus, became famous for his gratuitous help to the sick, gained great fame for healing the seriously ill through prayer and a potion that he took and gave According to his life, he healed the prince of Chernigov - Vladimir Monomakh. The Armenian doctor who had great practice and was at enmity with Agapit could not recognize the potions given by Agapit, but after seeing many healings through prayer, he converted to Orthodoxy and took monasticism. The relics of Agapit rest in Antonievs.) in the caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.)
  • Agapito Colonna ((died 1380) Italian cardinal)
  • Agapito Mosca ((1678 - 1760) Italian cardinal)
  • Agapito Casas Abarca ((1860 - 1917) Spanish landscape painter)
  • Agapito Gomez ((born 1963) Spanish boxer)
  • Agapitus I ((d. ​​536) Pope from 535 to 536)
  • Agapit II ((died 955) Pope from 946 to 955. Roman by origin, called on the German king Otto I the Great for help against Berengar II of Hebrew, who proclaimed himself king of Italy. He took care of the spread of Christianity, especially in northern Europe.)
  • Bishop Agapit ((1793 - 1854) in the world - Semen Voznesensky; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Tomsk and Yenisei)
  • Archbishop Agapit ((born 1965) in the world - Ivan Bevtsik; Bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), Archbishop of Severodonetsk and Starobelsk)
  • Archimandrite Agapit ((1799 - 1877) in the world - Pyotr Vvedensky; Archimandrite of the Novo-Spassky Monastery in Moscow and a member of the Moscow Synodal Office)
  • Bishop Agapit ((born 1955) in the world - Alexander Gorachek; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, since 2001 Bishop of Stuttgart, Vicar of the Berlin-German Diocese)

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