The Meaning Of The Name Agate

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The Meaning Of The Name Agate
The Meaning Of The Name Agate

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Agate
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Synonyms for the name Agat. Ahad, Agathon.

The origin of the name Agate. The name Agat is Muslim, Greek.

The name Agat is a male name that has two versions of origin. According to the first of them, the name Agat is a variant of the pronunciation of the name Agathon (Agathon), derived from the Greek “agathos”, which means “good” in translation, in other interpretations - “good”, “good”. It is possible that the name comes from the name of a semi-precious stone, because agate was credited with the ability to give health, prosperity and longevity. The female form is Agatha.

Related male names formed from the same semantic root - Agap, Agapit, Agapius, Agafonik. Among the female names - Agafya, Agapia.

Agathon's name day will be indicated for the name Agath.

According to the second version of the origin, the name Agat is a Muslim name, it is a variant of the Arabic name Ahad (Ahat), meaning "only".

The owner of the name Agat is a self-confident man, and this knowledge allows him to be happy and cheerful. He gives those around him warmth and joy, shows friendliness, easily adapts to different companies, feels comfortable everywhere and always looks for society. Outgoing and talkative, Agate has some powers of eloquence and persuasion, and can sometimes even imitate the voices of other people.

He is a very shrewd and observant man. Curious about everything, but not always getting to the point. Sometimes he is superficial, depends too much on his capabilities and does not like to wait for the result to appear, especially if you wait for a long time. Agate can take full advantage of his strengths that he is endowed with if used wisely and positively. With such opportunities, for Agatha the risk of error and the opportunity to win become equal.

As a child, he is a cheerful boy, he loves to laugh and play games more than to study. Therefore, it is necessary to be especially careful about his school work, which he easily overshadowed. Rather, a chaotic, even disorganized, fantasy drives him. He can hover in the clouds and be pleased that this is how he spends his time.

Agate will be most successful in areas where contact with people is needed. This is the legal sector, medicine, creative professions of various kinds (writer, actor, circus artist), as well as social activities, politics.

Birthday Agatha

Agate celebrates name days on January 10, February 4, February 14, March 5, March 15, April 8, July 5, September 2, September 10, December 7.

Famous people named Agate

  • Ahad ha-am (Ahad-Haam) ((1856-1927) real name - Usher Ginsberg; Jewish writer-publicist, also a philosopher)
  • Ahad Abiyev ((born 1958) Azerbaijani politician)
  • Akhad Yakubov ((1908-1979) Soviet Azerbaijani geologist, volcanologist, oilman, investigated mud volcanoes. He was awarded the Stalin Prize of the first degree twice in 1942 and 1951.)
  • Akhat Khusainov ((born 1946) Soviet theater actor, writer (humorous stories))
  • Akhat Gubaidullin ((1919-1993) Soviet oil industry worker, drilling foreman, production leader. Holder of the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Also engaged in social activities.)
  • Akhat Akhmetyanov ((1918-1976) Soviet teacher, participant of the Great Patriotic War, sniper. He was considered one of the best snipers of the Leningrad Front. He had 502 enemies on his account, trained 25 snipers. He was awarded orders and medals. Akhat Akhmetyanov became the prototype of the hero of the story night ", which was included in the 12-volume anthology of fiction about the Great Patriotic War" Wreath of Glory "(1983). In 2013, a memorial plaque was installed in honor of Akhat Akhmetyanov on the house in the village of Makarovo, where he lived.)