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Meaning Of The Name Augustine
Meaning Of The Name Augustine

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Short form of the name Augustine. August, Ava, Aha, Gust, Gusti, Gusta, Gustik, Gusta, Gutya, Goose, Tino, Stein, Steen, Thain, Agghe.

Synonyms for the name Augustine. Austin, Osten, Augustin, Agustin, Agostino, Augustinos.

The origin of the name Augustine. The name Augustine is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Augustine comes from the Roman imperial title "augustus", which later became the Roman cognomen of Augustinus, from which another name also came - Augustus. Translated from Latin, this name is translated as "noble", "majestic", "full of dignity", "awe inspiring." The stress in the name Augustine can be both on the first and on the last syllables.

The name Augustine has many analogues in Europe. In England it is Austin or Austen, in France - Augustin, in Germany, the Czech Republic - Agustin, in Italy - Agostino, in Greece - Augustinos. The male names August and Augustine are related names. From the name of Augustine, the female name of Augustine (Agustina, Agostina, Yagustina) was formed, and from the name of August - August (Augusta, Augusta, Agosta).

The name Augustine was used mainly in aristocratic circles and among the clergy. The dates of the Orthodox name days of Augustine are June 28 and November 23. The rest of the dates indicated are Augustine's Catholic name days.

Augustine is characterized by dynamism, impulsiveness, he is not worried about restrictions, freedom is very dear to him. He is adaptable and curious. Moves through life with skill and ease, not missing the opportunities that life offers, grabbing them with both hands, but not always fully aware of the potential dangers of such a lifestyle.

This is an inquisitive man, although he himself remains secretive and restrained, sometimes even cynical and mocking, preferring to hide his true identity and cultivate an atmosphere of mystery. He has a great need for action and motivation. This can be expressed in various aspects, like constant movement, frequent change of activities, and maintaining a high level of nervous tension or love of sports. Augustine intends to win the game with life, preferring not to waste it on vegetation.

The owner of this name is rather undisciplined, sometimes even impudent, despite his rather shy nature from birth. Augustine thus shows his weaknesses: impatience, instability, emotional outbursts, aggression, and sometimes lack of insight or subtlety. He rejects established frameworks and laws other than his own, and his views can be somewhat radical. The life path of this man will be winding, changing direction several times. Augustine hates monotony and routine. Fortunately, luck will be on his side if he is able to recognize its possibility.

Little Augustine is a very restless boy who cannot sit still. To allow him to let off steam, measures should be taken, his life should be organized in an active manner, he needs sports activities, ideally in the fresh air. Better to climb trees than plunge into any intellectual activity. He is very touchy and the boy's outbursts of anger can be frequent. Parents, be gentle, create eye contact with your child from birth, understand his needs, explain and love.

Augustin loves movement, travel, adventure, conquest and risk - the main sources of pleasure for a man, receiving them, he is full of life and ready for anything. He loves change and action, seeking to diversify his interests, which can lead to a certain instability. His passionate love, can often be stormy, should always receive new nourishment and impressions. He can become dizzy with love in the blink of an eye, but he can also quickly lose interest in her. Love can bore him, so he needs to constantly surprise, charm and charm him. Augustine can be unusually generous and at the time, self-centered and self-centered, he is very independent.

Augustine is partial to activities that allow him to maintain his autonomy, or does not charge them with the obligation to accept instructions from a superior superior. He strives for movement and change, so he is suitable for the professions related to travel, sales, advertising, marketing and commerce. He can find himself in sports.

Name days of Augustine

Augustine celebrates name days on February 28, April 24, May 1, May 4, May 7, May 19, May 25, May 27, May 28, June 12, June 28, July 9, July 22, August 3, August 28, September 6, 25 September, 28 September, 16 October, 25 October, 23 November, 24 November, 19 December.

Famous people named Augustine

  • Blessed Augustine ((354-430) Christian theologian, is the ancestor of the Christian philosophy of history. Honored as a saint.)
  • Augustine of Canterbury ((d. ​​604) Benedictine monk, founded the Church of England)
  • Bishop Augustine ((1838-1892) in the world - Andrei Gulyanitsky; Orthodox bishop, theologian and spiritual writer)
  • Augustine de Bettencourt and Molina ((1758-1824) Spanish, then Russian statesman and scientist, organized the transport system of the Russian Empire, was an architect, builder)
  • Augustin Voloshin ((1874-1945) Ukrainian political and religious leader of Transcarpathia, was a Greek Catholic priest)
  • Augustine Keller ((1805-1883) Swiss statesman)
  • Augustin Kazotic, Augustin of Zagreb ((about 1260-1323) Croatian bishop, Dominican monk, was bishop of Zagreb for almost 20 years)
  • Augustine Schöffler ((1822-1851 saint of the Roman Catholic Church, martyr)
  • Augustine Ross Edwards ((1844-1926) Chilean politician, diplomat and banker)
  • Augustine (Augustine) Azuka "JJ" Okocha, Mohammed Yavuz ((born 1973) formerly Nigerian, then Turkish footballer, role - attacking midfielder)
  • Agustin Pagola Gomez ((1922-1975) Soviet footballer (Spaniard by birth), center and left back, later a coach, became the Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in 1952)
  • Avgustin Milovanov ((born 1937) Soviet actor, starred in the films "All the Royal Men", "Kingfisher", "Bronze Bird", "State Border", "Notes of a Young Doctor", "Socrates" and others)
  • Agustin I, Agustin de Iturbide, Agustin de Iturbide-i-Aramburu ((1783-1824) Mexican military man, also statesman, was the emperor of Mexico for one year)
  • Augustine Beah ((1881-1968) German curial cardinal, Jesuit, interpreter of biblical texts, organizer of the ecumenical movement in the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Augustine von Meyerberg (Mayerberg), Augustine de Meyern ((1622-1688) Austrian diplomat, traveler. During his diplomatic visit to Russia, he described in detail the pictures of Russian life of that time, which were published on his return to Austria. His works were supplemented by drawings made by the author, which at present are of enormous importance as historical material on the purpose of Russian objects, since the captions to the drawings explain in detail their purpose.)
  • Augustin Piramus Decandol, Augustin Pyramus de Candol, Augustin Piramus Decandol Sr. ((1778-1841) Swiss and French botanist, it was he who gave the names of more than 16 600 plants on Earth, invented the very first plant taxonomy, therefore he is considered one of the most famous botanists of all times.)
  • Augustin Thierry, ((1795-1856) French historian, considered one of the founders of French historiography)
  • Augustin Pageout ((1730-1809) French sculptor)
  • Augustin Joseph Caron ((1774-1822) French soldier)
  • Augustin Jean Fresnel ((1788-1827) French physicist, was engaged in the wave theory of light)
  • Augustin Chantrell ((1906-1956) French footballer, participated in the 1928 Olympics)
  • Augustin Louis Cauchy ((1789-1857) French mathematician and mechanic. Made a huge contribution to the development of mathematics (analysis, algebra, mathematical analysis), therefore his name is placed on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower, as one of the greatest scientists in France.)
  • Agostino Carracci ((1557-1602) Italian painter and printmaker. He worked in St. Petersburg, his works adorn the Mikhailovsky and Gatchina castles, the Imperial Public Library and the Winter Palace. He made copies of famous Italian sculptures for Russia.)
  • Agostin (Agustin) Goiburu Jimenez ((died 1977) Paraguayan politician)
  • Agostino Depretis ((1813-1887) Italian statesman, three times was the head of the Italian cabinet)

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