The Meaning Of The Name Abram

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The Meaning Of The Name Abram
The Meaning Of The Name Abram

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Short form of the name Abram. Abrasha, Abramchik, Abramka, Abrakha.

Synonyms for the name Abram. Abraham, Abram, Abram, Abraan, Abraham, Abram, Abramy, Abramy, Abraham.

The origin of the name Abram. The name Abram is Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic.

The name Abram is one of the variants of pronunciation of the Hebrew biblical name Abraham, which means "the father is exalted", "the father of many nations." The name Abram is often used as a diminutive reference to the more complete names Abraham, Abraham, which are also variants of the name Abraham.

Abraham is the ancestor of the Jewish people. Initially, he bore the name Abram (Abram), but later God ordered him to take the name Abraham (Abraham).

As it may seem, the name Abram is widespread among Muslims, as it is one of the variants of the name Ibrahim (Ibrahim) - the Islamic version of the name Abraham. But the name Abram is also an independent name, used regardless of the full variants, and is widespread in Europe. For example, in countries such as England, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, and in some countries it sounds like Abram, Abraan, Abraham, Abram.

In Russia, the name Abram is used among the Old Believers, since it is the biblical name that Abraham originally bore. This name was widespread among Russian merchants. Also Abram is the folk form of the baptismal name Abraham. Forms are also recorded in Russian sources: Abramy, Avram, Avramy, Abraham, Abraham. In various forms, this name entered all the languages ​​of the countries whose population professes Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

For the name Abram, the Catholic name days of Abraham (Abraham) will be indicated. Orthodox name days of Abram - see the name Abraham.

Description of the meaning of the name Abram - see the names Ibrahim, Aram, Abraham.

Abram's birthday

Abram celebrates his name day on March 16, June 15, October 9.

Famous people named Abram

  • Abraham, Abram (biblical character, the ancestor of many nations. He is the first of the three Biblical patriarchs of the post-Flood era. According to the book of Genesis, the first Jew and the ancestor of the entire Jewish people. Descendant of Eber (Eber), great-grandson of Shem (Shem), the first son of Noah.)
  • Abram Hannibal (real name - Ibrahim Hannibal, "Arap of Peter the Great"; Russian military and statesman, great-grandfather (by mother) of the poet Alexander Pushkin)
  • Abram Arkhipov ((1862 - 1930) Russian painter, itinerant)
  • Abram Gukasov (Ghukasyants) ((1872 - 1969) Russian oil industrialist, Doctor of Natural Sciences (geology), Doctor of Philosophy (1878), philanthropist, publisher and public figure)
  • Abram Besikovich ((1891 - 1970) Russian mathematician of Jewish origin, laureate of the Sylvester medal (1952) "for outstanding work on almost periodic functions, on the theory of measure and integration, and in many other areas of function theory")
  • Abraham (Abram) Melnikov ((1784 - 1854) Russian architect, representative of late classicism, academician of the Petersburg Academy of Arts (1812))
  • Abram Bakhchagulyan ((born 1977) Armenian statesman and public figure)
  • Abram Alikhanov ((1904 - 1970) an outstanding Armenian Soviet physicist. One of the founders of nuclear physics in the USSR. One of the creators of the first Soviet atomic bomb. Founder of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. Corresponding Member (1939), Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1943), three times winner of the Stalin Prize.)
  • Abram Kryuchkov ((1910 - 1941) rifleman of the 4th company of the 2nd battalion of the 1075th rifle regiment of the 316th rifle division of the 16th army of the Western Front, private, Hero of the Soviet Union. Awarded the Order of Lenin.)
  • Abram Dragomirov ((1868 - 1955) Russian cavalry general, participant of the First World War and the Civil War on the side of the White movement)
  • Abram Dangulov ((1900 - 1967) Soviet footballer, coach, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1948))
  • Abram Lipskerov ((1851 - 1910) Russian publisher and editor)
  • Abram Vinberg ((1908 - 1989) Soviet criminal lawyer, Doctor of Law, Professor (1949), Honored Scientist of the RSFSR (1967), State Counselor of Justice of the 3rd class (1960))
  • Abram Vulis ((1928 - 1993) Soviet writer and literary critic, Member of the Union of Writers of the USSR (1960), author of the first works about the writer Mikhail Bulgakov)
  • Abram Gordon ((1838 -?) Russian lawyer, published in the "Judicial Bulletin", "Journal of the Ministry of Justice", "Journal of Civil and Criminal Law")
  • Abram Dukhan ((1924 - 1979) architect)
  • Abram Deborin ((1881 - 1963) real name - Ioffe; Russian and Soviet philosopher-Marxist, one of the founders of the Institute of Philosophy of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1929))
  • Abram Room ((1894 - 1976) Soviet film director, screenwriter, actor, winner of the Stalin Prize (1946, 1949), People's Artist of the RSFSR (1965))
  • Abram Khavin ((1914 - 1974) Ukrainian chess player, master of sports of the USSR (1940). Journalist, editor of chess departments in a number of Ukrainian newspapers. Participant of many Ukrainian championships, best result in 1954 - 1st place.)
  • Abram Freidin ((1917 - 1982) worker of Soviet cinema, production designer, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1974))
  • Abram Joiner ((1901 - 1938) Soviet statesman and party leader)
  • Abram Gozenpud ((1908 - 2004) Soviet and Russian literary critic and musicologist, doctor of art history; candidate of art history (1946) - dissertation "Shakespeare and Music." Doctor of Philology (1963) - dissertation "Musical theater in Russia". Author of about five hundred different studies in the field of music and literature, including the classic seven-volume history of the Russian opera theater.)
  • Abram Blass ((1895 -?) Israeli, formerly Polish, chess player)
  • Abram Probst ((1903 - 1976) Soviet economist, author of works on territorial planning and the theory of production location)

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