The Meaning Of The Name Aaron

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The Meaning Of The Name Aaron
The Meaning Of The Name Aaron

Short form of the name Aaron. Arn, Ern, Arnie, Ron, Ronnie.

Synonyms for the name Aaron. Aron, Eiron, Eron, Aron, Erron, Arron, Arrone, Aaro, Harun.

The origin of the name Aaron. The name Aaron is Hebrew, Jewish, Egyptian.

The name Aaron is mentioned in the Old Testament, this name was borne by the brother of Moses - one of the first Jewish high priests. The origin of the biblical name is uncertain, but the ancient Egyptian origin may indicate "aha rw", which means "lion warrior". Or this name originated from Egyptian mythology, where Aaru (in Russian transcription - Iaru, Ialu) meant paradise, the field of Ialu, where the righteous gained eternal life and bliss after the judgment of Osiris.

According to various other theories, the name can be derived from different Hebrew roots, which means "high mountain", "mountain of power", "sublime" or "enlightened". Also, the name Aaron may itself be a variant of the name Aran (Haran, Harran, Garan). This was the name of the elder brother Abraham in the book of Genesis, the father of the righteous Lot.

This name was used by Jews and early Christians, and then became exclusively Jewish in the Middle Ages. The name Aaron became popular in the late 20th century. In the United States, the name Aaron has appeared since the beginning of the 21st century, occupying positions 41-46. In England, by the beginning of the 21st century, it reached the 30th position, appeared in the ranking of names in 1985, and is currently in the 100th ranking among male names. The name Aaron is the highest in the ranking - 28th in the United States in 1994, when the name reached 28th line. Also "Aaron" is a Jewish surname.

The name Aaron may also sound slightly different. In England there are pronunciation options - Eiron, Eron, Aron, Erron, Arron, in Italy - Arron, among the Finns - Aaro, but the most often used are Aron and Aaron. In Arabic, the name sounds like Harun.

There is a version that the name Arina is the female form of the name Aaron.

Aaron's Orthodox name days are August 2, the rest of the dates indicated are Catholic name days.

The owner of the name Aaron is a courageous man who can be somewhat harsh and harsh in speeches, show an imperious attitude, but this all hides his rather sensitive character. He needs physical activity, any movement, mobility and change are an integral part of his life.

He is a reflective and fairly level-headed man. He organizes himself well and disciplines himself, not expecting outside influence, but in general Aaron is more introvert. To take risks, he is prompted by feelings that lie deep inside, and in order not to have a relationship with them, not to feel resentment and a desire to explode, he has to control himself everywhere and in everything. But it can explode when you least expect it. His anger is like lightning, sudden and shocking, but short-lived.

Exactly the same behavior can be observed in his financial activities. Aaron is known for shaking at every percentage, patiently watching his bank account grow, and then suddenly spending lavishly without being stingy or calculating the loss. In a company, he can be extremely talkative when the subject interests him, or almost completely silent, if the opposite is true.

Aaron is a man with passion, he is either bitterly indignant or very adored. If one of these two passions cannot be manifested, he usually ignores what is happening with icy coldness. For the parents of such a boy, life may seem quite difficult, so they should direct the young man's activities to maximum physical activity, which will direct his excess energy. Communication is usually not his greatest strength, so encourage him to talk. Aaron will benefit from training, if taught to share, he can be quite greedy and jealous with his siblings. Teach him early to manage his pocket money and it will make him grow in his own eyes.

The owner of the name Aaron loves power, money, love and property, as well as travel, adventure and conquest. He is not the most sophisticated of gentlemen, he often does not understand women, their logic and consistency, and he hates complications. More often than not, Aaron wants to be master and demands to be admired and even honored. Freedom is important to him, but when it comes to his partner, he is not so liberal.

If he is the master of his life, he will want to rise to the upper echelons and achieve power. Working on a large scale, both materially and socially, is no exception for him. He is most likely attracted to professions that allow him to exercise some kind of power (political career, law enforcement, military affairs) related to the business sphere (finance, management, banking, accounting, economics). It is possible that his job will be in a large national or international firm related to change, innovation, travel.

Aaron's birthday

Aaron celebrates his name day on June 22, July 1, August 2.

Famous people named Aaron

  • Aaron II (ruler of the Khazar Kaganate in the 900-930s)
  • Aharon Vanandetsi ((IX / X / XI century) Armenian writer-historian, author of "History of the Cross of Nina")
  • Aaron the Elder ha-Rofe ben Yosef ((1260-1320) Karaite scholar, traveler, writer and poet. Also a religious philosopher, practitioner of theology, lawyer and physician.)
  • Aaron Katzir (Kachalsky) ((1914-1972) Israeli scientist, physicist-chemist and biologist, laureate of the Israel Prize in Biology for 1961)
  • Aaron Funk, better known as Venetian Snares ((born 1975) Canadian electronic musician (genre - breakcore))
  • Aaron Terence Downs ((born 1985) Australian footballer)
  • Aaron Staton ((born 1980) American actor)
  • Sir Aaron Klug OM ((born 1926) English and South African biochemist. Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1982.)
  • Aaron Gate ((born 1990) New Zealand track and road cyclist, was a medalist at the 2012 Summer Olympics)
  • Aaron Zvi Propes ((1904-1978) Israeli public and cultural activist)
  • Aaron Spelling ((1923-2006) American producer and director, under his leadership more than seventy television series, one hundred and forty films and theatrical performances have been created. Holder of two Guinness records - as "the most productive producer of all times and peoples" and as "the owner of the largest houses in the world”- it has 123 rooms, and its area is 3390 m².)
  • Aaron Director ((1901-2004) American economist)
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson ((born 1990) English actor)
  • Aaron Paul Stertevant ((born 1979) American actor, won three Emmy Awards)
  • Elvis Aron Presley ((1935-1977) American singer and actor, American “king of rock and roll.” He combined country and blues, creating a new direction - rockabilly. Reached world popularity not only in the song field, but also in the film industry. in 31 films, and two dozen of its soundtracks, for the most part, are judged by critics as extremely weak. Actively engaged in concert activities, returned a passion for performing. Elvis Presley, winner of three Grammy, one of the first musicians, in 1986, was included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His work continues to be in demand to this day - the latest editions of his recordings are on sale.)
  • Aaron Kaufman ((born 1982) American auto maker, designer of unique cars. Worked as a mechanic in Gas Monkey Garage. TV person of American television.)

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